Star Struck

ManLoveRomance Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 28,000
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Rock and roll guitarist Nigel Starr has everything...fame, fortune and good looks, but he lacks the skills needed to write a hit song. Enter Kelly Remick, geek extraordinaire, who applies for a job as Nigel's housekeeper and chef. He's into video games, manga and has a talent for writing kick-ass lyrics. Her also makes a perfect body pillow which Nigel discovers during a bout of insomnia. The two of them are as different as night and day, but they click rhythmically and romantically as Kelly pens the tunes for Star Struck biggest selling album yet.

Kelly Remick has mastered many skills. Not only is he good at cleaning and cooking, but he's also one of the smartest young men on the planet. With dreams of being a scientist, Kelly spends his free time keeping up with his favorite rock and roll group, Star Struck, while trying to graduate from college.

Star Struck
0 Ratings (0.0)

Star Struck

ManLoveRomance Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 28,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Chapter One

"Ooh, I'm going to be late," Kelly Remick said aloud as he drove his car up the winding driveway to the stairs outside the palatial mansion where his interview was to take place. Kelly checked his watch again after he parked. The man named David St. Germaine told him to be there at eight. He was right on time. Kelly got out with his folder containing his credentials and references and then walked up to the front door. He rang the bell. No one answered. He rang it again. Moments later a car drove up and a man in a good-looking suit got out. Kelly automatically noticed the rings on his fingers, the bracelets on his wrists and the chain around his neck.

"Sorry, I'm late, Kelly."

The door opened. Kelly turned to the sound. A very tall guy with lots of wild blond hair stood there looking down at him. The guy was bare-chested and footed and only had on a pair of white pajama pants. Kelly ran his tongue over his bottom lip as his desire soared.

The guy standing before him leaned forward and actually sniffed him.

"Nigel Starr, this is Kelly Remick. He's applying for the housekeeping position," David explained.

Nigel Starr! The rocker! Kelly was one of the guy's biggest fans. Kelly should have recognized him by all that long blond hair, but he was too busy checking out the other guy's assets. "It's nice to meet you." He ran his gaze over Nigel's body again. Kelly gulped. He has an erection. Kelly's heart started beating rapidly in his chest and he couldn't take his eyes off it. He unconsciously ran his tongue over his bottom lip again. Nigel Starr was beauty personified, tall, godlike and totally masculine. There was something about Nigel's muscular frame that just stole Kelly's breath away.

"Ah, why don't you go back to bed, Nigel," David said. "I can handle this."

Nigel turned and walked away from the front door. His hair hung down his back and his pajama pants clung to his narrow waist and shapely ass.

Kelly vigorously waved his hand in front of his face to fan himself before he fainted. He shuddered. He'd never seen anyone so sexy in his life.

"Come on in, Kelly," David said. "You'll have to excuse him. Nigel suffers from insomnia and then when he gets to sleep he doesn't like to be disturbed." He closed the door.

"Perfectly understandable," Kelly said as he followed David through the rock god's foyer to an amazing living room. There were huge pieces of furniture, and everything was done in white and gold brocade. A large mirror decorated one of the walls, and a portrait of Nigel hung over the fireplace. Kelly recognized the outfit. It was from one of last year's videos, ‘Where the Boys Are.' Kelly had all of Star Struck's records and had been following them since he was in middle school. His nose told him that the room needed to be dusted and that was why he was here.

David offered Kelly a seat. Kelly handed him his folder before he sat down in a chair. David sat across from him on the sofa.

Kelly got a good look at David as he leafed through the paperwork. David appeared to be in his late forties or early fifties. There was just a sprinkle of gray at the temple of his dark brown hair. He had brown eyes too. He wondered what David's relationship was to Nigel.

"Everything seems to be in order," David said as he closed the folder. The man also had a British accent, which made sense since Star Struck was a British rock group.

"As you can see, this is a pretty big house and it contains lots of antiques."

"Yes, sir. I would be careful."

"Would you like a tour?" David asked.

Kelly nodded. "Yes."

They left the living room and traveled through the downstairs first.

"The house has six bedrooms and six and a half baths. The master bedroom is the last one on the second floor. That is Mr. Starr's room. You are not to enter if he is still asleep."

"Yes, sir."

They entered a huge kitchen. "Your resume says that you can cook. You will be given a household budget and you will have to shop for groceries. The list has already been prepared. Mr. Starr is an ovo-vegetarian. He eats egg whites."

"Me too," Kelly replied. He opened the refrigerator. It was almost empty. He checked out some of the cabinets. Those were bare too. There was a dinette set in the kitchen and a larger one in the formal dining room. The bath and half were located on the bottom floor. It contained a sink and a toilet.

"This is the bottom floor linen closet. Mr. Starr often entertains and has overnight guests. Please make sure that all the beds have clean sheets and the en suites are stocked with toiletries."

"Yes, sir," Kelly said again. They passed several rooms on the bottom floor toward the back of the house that they did not enter. Usually that meant he was not to go in unless he was told to.

David took him out the patio door. There was another kitchen outside, a swimming pool, a hot tub and a shower. "Mr. Starr and his friends like to barbecue and utilize the pool. Please keep this stocked with clean beach towels and pool supplies. The patio has a built-in ice maker. We only fill the refrigerator if Mr. Starr plans to entertain. The bar must remain stocked and you may be asked to prepare food."

"I understand. Does Mr. Starr have any other employees working here?" Kelly asked.

"No. He does have a personal chauffeur and someone comes in to tend the lawns, but other than that you will be the only employee." They went inside and David took him to the other side of the house. "This is Mr. Starr's man cave." They entered. The place looked trashed. Kelly began picking up things and putting them in place. The den looked just as wiped out. "The fellows must have had a party last night," David said.

"The fellows?" Kelly asked.

"Mr. Starr's friends. They often get together to party or barbeque." He paused. "You're not running away screaming yet."

"I share a dorm with nine other guys and I have cleaned up after parties before."

David showed him where the household supplies and vacuum cleaner was kept and then they went up to the second floor. Most of the beds were unmade, but the rooms weren't as trashed as the den and the man cave. There was also a linen closet for this floor. They didn't go near the last bedroom.

"The job is yours if you want it," David said.

"Yes, I want it." He only had one early morning class at the university and one online, but other than that his schedule was open. He would be graduating next month which would free up his summer.

David gave him a key and the combination to the alarm. Of course, David had done a background check on him too. "You can start tomorrow. I know you're anxious to clean this place up."

Kelly nodded. He wanted to start today, but he didn't want to appear too anxious.

"This is the grocery debit card and the grocery list. Try to go tomorrow before you come here. You can drive your car up to the kitchen door, that way you won't have to tote groceries through the house and disturb Mr. Starr."

"Is he a late sleeper?" Kelly asked.

"He's usually up by ten or eleven. It would be nice if he woke up to a nice home-cooked meal for a change. His idea of breakfast is a can of soda and a bowl of cereal."

Kelly turned up his nose. "I will make sure he has three meals a day."

"One other thing. Mr. Starr is a very private man, so try not to tell your friends that you're working for him. Some fans are very rude. Once they find out where an idol stays there's no getting rid of them."

This was the first time David had mentioned that both of them were working for someone famous. "I understand. I will protect his privacy. Is there anything else I should know about him?"

"He's not a bad guy once you get to know him," David said. They walked to the front of the house again.

Kelly said goodbye to David once they were outside. Kelly's heart didn't stop beating fast until he was in his car and driving away from the mansion. His new employer was simply everything and what a cock. Kelly kept seeing that erection all the way home. He wouldn't have believed it was real had he not seen it with his own eyes. The six-footer had to be rocking one of the longest and stoutest dicks in Malibu. All the way home he fanaticized about being on his knees in the man's bed, being taken from behind and just coming until he shot blanks. Kelly frowned. He bet a guy like that had plenty of women to keep his bed warm. And there was no way a guy like that could be interested in someone like him. He was just a student who lived in a dorm and who earned a living cleaning up behind others.

Kelly parked into his assigned spot at the dorm, grabbed his briefcase out of the backseat and then got out. He entered the dorm. The place still smelled of the lemon polish he'd use on the wood furniture and railings yesterday. He walked up the stairs to the second level where his room was located. He entered. His roommate Gordon Jacobs was on the other side of the room studying at his desk. There was a pizza box on the table next to him. He and Gordon had been roommates since their freshman year. They got along splendidly, but all that was about to come to an end soon once they graduated. They had both applied for graduate schools all around the country and Gordon has elected to take an offer in his hometown. Kelly had decided to stay in Malibu and attend the same graduate school his parents had.

"So how did the interview go?" the handsome blond-haired, brown-eyed roommate asked him.

"I got the job," Kelly said. "I start tomorrow."

"It's not going to interfere with your school work is it?" Gordon asked.

Kelly shook his head. "No. I can still attend my class and then go there afterward." He paused. "Is that pizza?"

Gordon pointed and nodded. "Vegetarian."

"But it's ten o'clock in the morning."

"I found a parlor open twenty-four-seven that delivers. I have a biology test tomorrow and I didn't have time to wait until the resident chef came home to cook breakfast."

That meant him. Kelly cooked for the dorm members when he had some free time. All that was about to come to an end too now that he had a job. Kelly changed out of his suit into some comfortable clothing. He wasn't in the mood for pizza. He went down to the kitchen on the first floor and scrambled egg whites and made toast. He washed the frying pan and then went back upstairs to his room to study. He had an advanced biology test tomorrow and he needed to look over his notes. His mind kept drifting back to the sleepy dude in the door this morning. Most definitely working for the rocker was going to change his life.


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