Still Standing

The G.A. Hauser Collection, LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 65,800
0 Ratings (0.0)

In Book 34 of the Action! Series we find the boys from LA still battling to feel normal after the upheaval.

Alexander Richfield, Mark’s impetuous son, acts out one last time in rebellion. The fallout from Mark and Steve’s divorce hit the young superstar hard. But…Alexander is finally coming back to himself after a last troubling act of aggression, one aimed at Mark’s new man.

Meanwhile, Steven Jay Miller, the former cop turned CEO continues to power through life, finding love for his new sexy Swedish runway model, Tadzio Andresen. With everything Steve has ever dreamed of now in his grasp, Steve has never been happier.

Sadly, the Chief of Police, Billy Sharpe, cannot say the same. Billy is hit with more grief and accusations when a video shows up of him, broadcasted on a local news station, causing the career law enforcer to reassess his life.

And, then there’s the Top Model Mark Antonious Richfield. As Mark’s dream of being a new father becomes a reality, Mark and his new husband, Stan Charles…Richfield, push through the hate and rage that surrounds them. And Mark’s relationship with his son, Alex, has never been more tenuous.

But, through the chaos, all of the men of the series are still standing; not discouraged and not giving up.

Join the characters you have grown to adore in the Action! Series as they continue to battle for sanity, love, and peace of mind.

Still Standing
0 Ratings (0.0)

Still Standing

The G.A. Hauser Collection, LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 65,800
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Chapter 1

The hellish hot summer in full swing, lifeguards Tanner Cameron and his lover, Josh Elliot, finally had a day off after the Memorial Day weekend. The Fourth of July loomed and not only would he and Josh be working long shifts, so were their best friends; firefighters Blake Hughes and Hunter Rasmussen.
Tanner stayed in bed, being lazy, listening to a neighbor mowing the lawn on his quiet street in Hawthorn, California.
As Tanner thought about eventually having the time to spend with his and Josh’s firefighter friends, Tanner thought about Mark.
Mark Antonious Richfield and Steven Jay Miller.
Their divorce.
What really drove home the severity of it, was his own.
Before Tanner met Josh, the impetuous young hottie at their lifeguard training facility, Tanner had been married to a woman named Anna.
The reason for their split?
Anna wanted children. So much so, she nagged Tanner constantly until they both gave up on their relationship.
It wasn’t as if he hadn’t told her. It wasn’t as if he lied about it. She knew before they exchanged vows how he felt about kids.
But, she thought she could change him.
She couldn’t.
Josh Elliot? He had.
The fiery stud seduced him with so much raw sexuality, Tanner fell. He fell hard for Josh.
The love he had for Anna didn’t hold a candle to the love he felt for Joshua.

Tanner rolled to his side and ran his palm over the cool sheet. Josh had woken up early and was in the kitchen. The scent of coffee permeated the home.

Mark wanted children. Steve did not.
Tanner knew how Steve felt. In reality, he knew how Mark felt too. That issue. That impasse, it was a deal breaker when it came to marriage. He knew that firsthand.
Now he had to get used to a new arrangement; Steve and Tadzio, that stunning blond Swede, and Mark with Stan, his young boy toy.
Tanner noticed movement near the hall. Josh held a cup of coffee for him. His adorable lover wore a pair of skimpy shorts and a sleeveless T-shirt. Josh sat on the bed and offered Tanner the coffee.
He scooted back, leaning against the headboard, and took it. “Thanks.”
Josh brushed the hair back from his forehead and faced him, his green eyes lined by dark, thick lashes. The sexy young lifeguard let Tanner sip the coffee for a moment, then he touched Tanner’s leg over the sheet.
“Hey. You okay?” Josh asked.
Tanner rested the warm cup on his thigh and rubbed his face as he yawned. “Burned out. The summers are brutal.”
Josh shifted on the bed to lean across Tanner’s legs, facing him. “We finished the home remodeling. Want to have everyone over for dinner?”
Tanner took another sip of coffee and then placed the mug on the nightstand. He caressed Josh’s soft brown hair. “Sure.”
“What is it, Tanner?” Josh appeared concerned.
He hid nothing from Josh. Nothing.
“This shit with Mark and Steve…That fucking New York wedding…” He cupped Josh’s handsome face. “It’s just bringing up some crap I dealt with with Anna.”
Josh nodded, since he knew the reason Tanner had left her.
“Have you heard anything from her?” Josh ran his fingers up Tanner’s leg.
Shaking his head, Tanner hadn’t.
“I feel as if we’re out of the loop when summer hits.” Josh lay across Tanner’s shins. “We don’t see anyone. I don’t know if Mark is moving to Paradise or what. All I know is he and Stan got married last weekend and Jeff said Mark was still in New York with Alex.”
“When Mark’s home, why don’t we invite everyone here? At least we can catch up.”
“Everyone? You mean Stan?” Josh showed his displeasure.
“Josh?” Tanner picked up his cup to sip the aromatic coffee, and said, “Mark wants children. Stan’s going to make sure he gets them.”
“Fuck. I don’t want to be around screaming brats.”
Tanner smiled over his coffee mug. “Yeah. That’s why I got a divorce.”
Josh scooted closer and pressed his face into Tanner’s belly. Tanner placed the mug aside again, and hugged Josh, rubbing his back. The two of them had been friends with Mark and Steve for nearly a decade.
What amazed Tanner the most was Mark’s resilience. That top model had been through hell and back again: an abusive family, his legacy stolen, suicide attempts, sexual assaults…and yet, Mark Richfield was still standing.
Still pushing through the drama. Still battling to attain his dreams.
Tanner leaned down and kissed Josh’s hair. “Let me up so I can wash. We have one goddamn day off, we should do something fun with it.”
Josh moved back, releasing Tanner. Tanner climbed off the bed and entered the bathroom, turning on the light and catching his reflection in the mirror…seeing his frown.
Having just returned from Fort Lauderdale and the funeral for his husband, Jack Larsen’s, dad, Adam was playing catch up.
Talking on the phone, his headset on, Adam Lewis worked in his talent agency office in Los Angeles. Tapping on his computer keyboard, Adam split his attention as he matched talent to roles.
“I got a callback, Adam.”
“That’s great news, Carl.” Adam worried that after Carl Bronson did a lousy CGI action movie, the offers for roles wouldn’t dry up. Carl and his husband Keith O’Leary both had starring roles in a nighttime cable drama, Forever Young. Rumor was, they were on their last season.
Since most shows returned in the fall, Adam had a little breathing room to find the men work before their final show, if…if the rumors were in fact, true.
Carl said, “The script is decent, I just don’t know who they’re casting with me. Any word?”
Adam brought up the audition site for the film on his computer. While he did, he could hear his staff outside his office door. Natalie Cushman and Logan Neveah, both had worked with him since Adam had split from his old agency partner, Turner. An ugly time in his life he’d sooner forget.
“Nothing posted. Sorry. Does it matter? If the script is good, and the production company is good…” Adam was happy Carl was getting work at all. Both he and Keith were out of the closet.
Adam noticed someone standing in his open office door. Tadzio Andresen. He held up his finger letting Tadzio know he should hang on a second.
“Okay. If I hear anything I’ll let you know, Adam. Thanks for finding me the part. I have to admit, I’m surprised I’m getting roles for a straight man. I thought once I came out, it would be like Alex, nothing but gay leads.”
“It’s Alex’s age. He’s still in his twenties. Well, almost thirty, but he looks like a college kid.” Adam glanced up at Tadzio, who was listening, waiting patiently.
“Right? Alex and his father never age. Every year they look more and more like brothers.”
Adam heard Natalie say, “Line two, Adam.”
“Okay, Carl, I have to go. Keep in touch.”
“I will.”
Adam disconnected the line he was talking on, and before he picked up the second call, he stared at Tadzio. The young man’s hair was growing long once more. His blond locks flowed over his shoulders, and Tadzio was also going back to women’s fashion. The Swedish runway model was wearing white Capri pants, a blousy pink top, and strappy sandals. His eyes were lined in black and shadowed with pale blue. He wore lipstick, nail-polish and women’s jewelry, including his engagement ring set. The solitaire had an emerald cut diamond and was traditionally for a woman. But, Tadzio could not be labeled and that was a big reason as to why Adam had a hard time getting him acting roles.
“What’s up?” Adam asked.
“There iz a call for you about a role for Stan.”
“Is it the one Natalie let me know about?” Adam pointed to his blinking phone lines.
“Can you take it for me? Is it just for an audition?” Adam had no patience right now for Stan Charles…Richfield.
“They ask for you.” Tadzio shrugged and walked off.
Adam picked up the line Natalie had answered. “Adam Lewis, can I help you?”
“Adam? Jim Jackson here. I just wanted to let you know Snapped is finally having its premier.”
Adam opened his calendar file on his computer. “When?”
“Saturday night.”
“This Saturday?” Adam asked, “To my knowledge Alex is still shooting the location shots for his new film in New York. Why such short notice?”
“They had some issues in post but now it’s ready for a release, so it’s having a red carpet event this coming weekend.”
“Okay. I’ll let Alex know. But, I have no idea if he’s going to be available.”
“Okay. Thanks.”
Adam disconnected the call and sent Alex a text message, ‘Snapped is finally premiering Saturday night.’
Alex didn’t answer his text, most likely on the set.
Adam noticed the third line on his phone go dark, so whoever was holding for Stan was no longer there. Adam took a second to breathe deeply and then sent Jack a text. ‘Want to go to see Snapped at the premier this Saturday night?’
“Good.” Adam returned his focus to the computer and kept working.

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