Still the One (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 11,447
0 Ratings (0.0)

Sequel to The Best Gift

Best friends Malcolm and Dusty have been together as a happy couple for five years. But now Malcolm’s budding career as a stage actor has taken an exciting turn, sending him across the country to Broadway, just as Dustin’s dream of being named Head Chef at the restaurant where he works is coming true.

As the distance tests their relationship, can their love and friendship survive? Can Malcolm find a way to prove to Dusty he’s still the one?

Still the One (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Still the One (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 11,447
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

Malcolm didn't make it home from his breakfast with the other three until nearly one o'clock. On the drive home, he was trying to decide how to break the news of him going to New York to Dusty.

He knew Dusty would never stop him from doing something he truly wanted. But that didn't mean his lover would be glad or even okay with the separation. He'd thought long and hard about it, though, and Malcolm realized he did want the opportunity.

"Dust? You home?" he asked as soon as he stepped through the front door.

"In the kitchen," Dusty yelled.

The sight of his lover bent over looking into the fridge, his jeans stretched tight and low over his ass, with just a hint of his white cotton briefs visible, made his mouth water and his cock jumped to attention, too.


Malcolm could not resist walking up behind him and giving that ass a playful swat.

Dusty chuckled and straightened, pulling Malcolm into a hug and kissing him thoroughly. "Hey, there, how was your breakfast?"

"It was fine. And now I want dessert."

Dusty raised an eyebrow. "Dessert after breakfast?"

He grinned. "Yeah, cause you're my dessert."

His lover laughed. "I see."

Malcolm curved a hand over Dusty's right cheek and dipped inside to stroke his fingers along the bare flesh. "Let me get the lube."

He kissed Dusty and then, with a flick of his head, indicated the dining room table. He winked and went down the hall for the lube.

When he came back to the dining room Dusty had already removed his tight jeans and the briefs and lay on the table with his legs spread and his bare ass on the edge.

"Oh, yeah, babe." Malcolm almost swallowed his tongue. Telling Dusty about Broadway could definitely wait. He unzipped his jeans and dropped them to his feet.

Squirting a generous amount of lube, he slid his fingers between Dusty's cheeks and inside, spreading his lover open.

Dusty gasped. "Damn, that stuff is cold," he said, laughing.

"Tell me about it." He slicked some on his erection. When first they'd gotten together, Malcolm had been content to let Dustin take the active role, as he had with his prior boyfriend, but curiosity and Dustin's willingness to experiment had gotten the better of him, and Malcolm now thoroughly enjoyed fucking his lover as much as he liked being fucked himself.

He pushed just the tip of his cock inside Dusty. "Ready?"

"Yes. Fuck me." Dusty hooked his hands under his legs and lifted them to angle his ass to take Malcolm deeper.

Malcolm slipped in balls-deep. Dusty's passage closed around his cock and he closed his eyes on a moan. He began to move, slow and deep, wanting to take his time. For the next couple of weeks he'd want to savor every moment, every second, every kiss with Dusty. It might have to last them for a while.

Dusty moved one hand off his leg to close around his dick, stroking it in rhythm to Malcolm's thrusts. He loved the way his lover's pale skin flushed when he was excited.

Malcolm looked down at Dusty's hand working on his reddened cock. He ran his tongue along his lips. He decided he wanted Dusty to come in his mouth. He eased out.

"What?" Dusty asked, his eyes wide with shock.

"Shhh." One hand under Dusty's ass, he lifted his legs around his shoulders, and sucked Dusty's cock into his mouth.

"Oh, God." Dusty shook beneath him, pushing in deeper.

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