Blake Perry was as laid back as any man could get, but the first time he meets Roshall Tyson. He has never disliked a woman that instantly in his life. However, he can’t stop fantasizing about her long toned brown legs and killer body. After a while, he finally figured out how to make his nightly fantasies disappear.

Roshall wanted to hate Sheriff Blake Perry, but he always looked so good in his uniform everything their paths crossed. Driving every other rational from her mind until she thinks about doing the worst thing possible…giving in.

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Driving down the long stretch of the dirt road, Sheriff Blake Perry tapped his fingers against the steering wheel as his favorite country song played on the radio. The drive was the best idea he had all day, because he had to get out of his office for a few hours or he was going to lose his mind from all of the paperwork piled up on his desk.

For Market, Colorado to be in such a rural area, it seemed as if some kind of crime was always occurring from vehicle accidents, illegal activity at the gas station or convenient store to a court subpoena needing to be served.

He had worked so many hours this week that he was really looking forward to the dinner request he got invited to last week for tonight. It had been a while since he had a home-cooked meal. For the last two weeks, he had been eating his own meals or something from JB’s local diner.

Sometimes, he wondered if he made a mistake by divorcing Tara after he caught her cheating with the cable guy and taking the job out here to be closer to his family. She had essentially tried blaming her adultery on him.

She even had enough nerve to complain to their court-assigned marriage counselor about their lack of communication because of him constantly working late hours to become a sheriff in the hometown. However, he got a sick feeling his ex-wife had cheated on him with other men during their six-year marriage.

Sadly, he probably would still be married to her if he hadn’t caught her in the act having sex inside their bed and after seeing her naked and rolling around with another man. He knew it wasn’t a vision he would ever be able to get out of his head. He had thought about taking some time off to try working past her cheating, but it wouldn’t have changed anything. Especially how Tara liked telling people she was married to a sheriff but had lovers on the side.

Sighing, Blake pushed the memory of his failed marriage to the back of his head. He hoped that it would stay there for the rest of the day. He knew for a fact Tara wasn’t thinking about him. His sister told him a few months ago that Tara had gotten married to the guy he caught her cheating with, and now they were parents of two-year-old twin girls. She never wanted a family with him but decided to have one with that asshole instead.

Well, so much for taste on her part. He was glad he washed his hands of her and made a break away from her and everything they had “tried” to build together, but failed miserably.

After turning to the left at the fork in the road, Blake continued down the stretch of the area called Devil’s Lane most locals knew to avoid. However, maybe twice a month for some reason a tourist thought they could use it as a shortcut from the main highway and always ended up getting stranded.

One time Blake had found a businessman who had been out there for over eight hours, because he couldn’t get cell phone service and he hadn’t wanted to leave his car. One thing he never understood was why anyone would leave the safety of the highway and travel down a dirt road they knew nothing about in an unfamiliar town.

Thankfully, today he hadn’t come across anyone out here. He might have gotten lucky and every driver stayed on the main freeway following the law like they were supposed to do.

Just as Blake was about to turn his sheriff’s car around, something in the distance caught his attention. It was like a flash of something yellow, and not having a clue what it might be, he decided to investigate it a little further.

* * * * *

The scorching sun beamed down on Roshall Tyson’s bare back, making it harder for her to concentrate on her ridiculous problem. If she hadn’t gotten out of her car in such a hurry to find a signal, none of this would have happened to her. Right now she had to find a way to fix the huge mistake she accidentally made for herself.

Placing her hands against the driver’s side window, she glared at the car keys dangling from the ignition mocking her stupidity. Why in the hell did she decide to take her vacation in a small town without any decent cell phone service?

Her favorite client and best friend, Evangeline Thornheart, sweet talked her into this craziness, and now she regretted it with a passion. Instead of being here kicking herself, she could’ve been on a beach sipping a refreshing drink with a tiny umbrella inside of it.

It seemed as if nothing lately had been going right for her. This trip was supposed to help her get over losing her promotion to her younger twenty-one-year-old assistant. She knew that sneaky bitch, Mia, was up to something, constantly volunteering to work all of those long hours.

Why hadn’t she listened to reason and stayed at work those few times instead of making plans with Walker? She might have caught Mia sneaking into their boss’ office. Roshall didn’t have proof, but every night Mr. Pentagon worked late, her assistant was there. Now, that back-stabbing slut was in her large office sitting behind her desk, looking out at the killer view.

However, here she was locked out of her car on a deserted stretch of road that probably didn’t lead to anywhere.

More than once the thought did cross her mind to turn back around and go back the way she had come, but the closest gas station was a few miles back, and that would be one hell of a walk back, especially in her cute sandals.

Moving back from the car, she pulled down her short, yellow skirt, calling herself a fool for the second time today. But, she couldn’t continue to stand out here in this heat and stare at her keys and not do something about it. She had never been a quitter in her life, and she wasn’t about to start giving up now.

Right now, all she could think about was getting back inside of her car and finding Evangeline’s house in the damn woods. This was the first time she had ever made the trip by herself. She should have paid better attention the few times Evangeline picked her up at the airport and drove her there.

She wasn’t admitting the directions Evangeline had given her were probably pretty accurate, and they might have been easier to follow if she had a clue where she was going in the first place.

Roshall walked around the vehicle, idea after idea racing through her head at how to get her damn car keys, but none of them seemed possible without some assistance from another person. Shit! She couldn’t even call OnStar’s service desk and have them do it, because her cell phone didn’t work out here. She fought down the urge to scream and took a deep breath instead.

Damn it to hell! What was she going to do? Roshall was about to give up and start the long hike back to the gas station when her gaze suddenly landed on something lying in the grass a few feet away from her.

Stepping away from the car, she hurried over to the object and picked it up. She tossed the medium-sized rock up and down in her hand as a wild idea raced through her head. She hated the thought of busting out the car window to her ‘76 Corvette Stingray, but she didn’t see any other way of getting her keys out. Unfortunately, she would just have to pay the money to have it repaired.

Taking the short walk back to the side of her dream car, Roshall wished for another solution to fix her problem, but she knew this way was her only option. Yet, she made a promise to herself that the next time she got out of her car, she would make sure to look back to see if her car keys were still there.

“Baby, I’m so sorry to do this to you, but it has to be done,” she apologized, touching the hood. “I swear I’ll get you fixed back up like you were brand new, but I need to get inside of you.”

Blowing out a breath to steady herself, Roshall took a step back, raising the rock above her head, and shielded her eyes with her other arm. Just as she was about to throw the rock, a voice shouted.

“Stop right there! Drop the rock and step back from the vehicle.”

Jumping, Roshall spun around, and her gaze landed on an unbelievably gorgeous man in a sheriff’s uniform standing a few feet from her, wearing a pair of sunglasses. She had been so lost in her dilemma she hadn’t even heard his car coming up behind her.

His thick, black hair gleamed as the sunlight shined down on it, the fabric of his shirt stretched across his muscles showing off his well-defined body. He was almost too good looking to be real. Maybe the sun had finally gotten to her and all of this was a hallucination on her part.

“What’s going on?” she asked, glancing toward the weapon, then back up at him. Roshall was afraid to move an inch. This was the first time in her life that anyone in uniform had held a gun on her.

“Ma’am, put the weapon down and take a step back. I won’t warn you again.”

She dropped the rock, then took several steps back from her car, wondering how in the hell her situation went from bad to worse in the matter of minutes.

Where was this guy when she needed him a half an hour ago?

“Officer, I can explain what I’m doing,” she said, watching as he took a step toward her.

“My name is Sheriff Perry, not ‘Officer,’” he corrected her. “In addition, I don’t need you to tell me what you were doing. I caught up on you in the act. You were about to break into this car that isn’t yours.”

Is he serious?

Roshall couldn’t believe she got stopped by the rent-a-cop from breaking into her own car. It was hotter than hell out here. She finally got the extra help she prayed for, but he wasn’t listening to a word she was trying to tell him.

Why couldn’t he just stop talking for a minute and pay attention to the words coming out of her mouth?

“Sheriff Perry, I wasn’t breaking into this car to steal it. It’s mine. I locked my keys on the inside. I didn’t have any other way to get them out, so I was going to break the window.”

“How do I know you are telling me the truth?” Sheriff Perry demanded. “This could be someone else’s car that you came across out here.”

“There isn’t another person out here for miles. This car is mine, so how about you help me get my keys instead of arguing with me, Sheriff Perry?” Roshall snapped, at the end of her rope. “I have some place that I need to be.”

Getting arrested wasn’t even her concern anymore. Her day was already going downhill; she might as well add a mug shot and a pair of handcuffs into the mix as well.

Sheriff Perry eyed her for a few minutes before he took off his sunglasses and slid them through the front of his uniform shirt. Roshall was taken aback as a pair of ocean blue eyes glared back at her.

God, this guy was getting on her nerves. If she was going to steal this car, how in the hell did she get out here to do it? Furthermore, how would she have even known it was parked here in the first place?

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