Suite Seduction (MF)

Immortal Paradise 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 28,658
4 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Allure: Erotic Fantasy Romance]

Julietta LaSalle begrudgingly lets her almost-ex badger her into a weekend getaway at an exclusive Bahamas resort. Sexy personal trainer Collier Blair books a romantic package at the same resort, hoping to determine once and for all whether a future exists for him and his on-again, off-again date mate.

Thanks to a hotel room foul-up, Collier and Julietta wind up having the sex of their lives—in each other’s arms. Neither realizes the shocking sex-with-a-stranger “mix up” was no accident. Supernatural strings are pulled behind the scenes by the gods Love and Lust. In the immortals’ contest to prove whose powers are greater, how will Julietta and Collier come to terms with their budding feelings—and the relationship fallout from their “accidental” passion?

Note: Married heroine having an affair.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Suite Seduction (MF)
4 Ratings (4.0)

Suite Seduction (MF)

Immortal Paradise 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 28,658
4 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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4 CHERRIES: "Many couples go on romantic getaways, but not all for the same reason. Sometimes these getaways are used as a last resort to reignite the spark that seems to have fizzled out of a relationship or to find out if the person they thought they knew is still that same person. It’s a time for focusing on your partner without any other distractions or complications, but what happens when outside forces decide to wager in on your relationship? It starts with something as simple as a room mix-up, which leads to plenty of distraction and even more complications. Temptation Island hosted by demigods Lust and Love... let the games begin! Julietta and her husband Craig are on the verge of divorce. The circumstances surrounding their fallout leaves little doubt as to where the fault lies, but perhaps going away together will give them both some perspective before any final decisions are made. With the hotel's special accommodations, Craig paid for the opportunity to reconnect with Julietta in an exciting new way, but will it be enough? Collier and Deena have been in an off and on relationship now for a while. Collier wants to know once and for all if Deena is ready to start a monogamous relationship with him, so a little one-on-one time is in order. With the resort's exclusivity, Collier and Deena must face their compatibility issues without interference and decide the future of their relationship. Demigods Lust and Love have made a bet that includes these two couples, unbeknownst to them of course. Which is more powerful, the carnality of lust or the emotionally strong bonds of love? This is my first read by J. Rose Allister and one in which I thoroughly enjoyed! She managed to write incredible circumstances set in the beautiful scenery that is the Bahamas and made it feel very real with the use of actual relationship issues. The character personalities and dialogue also felt very genuine without lacking humor, guilt, regret, and many other emotional behaviors that the reader would expect given the various situations. After I finished reading, it left me thinking about how much uncertainty actually goes on within in a relationship and if resorting to what is familiar or comfortable is better than actually taking a risk on something new. Regardless, no one is immune to the charms of either lust or love and there are scenes of both in this story. I’m still quite surprised about the turn of events that lead to the ending and will be looking forward to reading the next installment to the series." -- Honeysuckle, Whipped Cream Reviews

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Love and Lust stood in the hallway, watching with the front desk clerk while the door to room 516 closed behind Julietta.

The sarcasm in Lust's tone dripped with sensual overtones. “Game, set, and match.”

Love’s eyes rolled. “Not so fast.”

“Oh, I think that was a personal record for fast.” Lust’s liquid smoke gaze darkened with heat while the males watched a bikini-clad beauty with fiery hair saunter out of the elevator. “For a human coupling, anyway.”

They heard the woman’s breath catch when she came into contact with their presence, only in part because two of the three men were almost impossibly attractive. Love’s eyes were the pale blue of shimmering sea glass, and his hair the pale blond of sun-baked corn. Lust’s hair resembled waves of polished ebony, and his eyes like volcanic obsidian that was heated by a mysterious inner fire. Both had sculpted features like a pair of Greek statues, and their fitted black linen attire drew attention to finely honed muscles. Nevertheless, the woman’s gasp was a likely response to the palpable, potent sensation emanating from the pair’s unique energies. Respecting personal space bubbles took on a whole new meaning around demigods.

The beings turned to the mortal man in their company. “Excellent work,” Lust said. “I’m impressed.”

The desk clerk gave a grim nod, his expression as starched as his white hotel uniform. The lack of conviction in the part he'd just played in the destiny of four people seemed clear. His clouded brown eyes slid with caution to the gods and blinked, probably because of the aberrant aura shimmering around their powerful bodies. Air rippled over Love and Lust's skin like the caress of a desert mirage.

Lust favored the man with a smile that lit only one side of his impeccably angled face. The effect painted him with a heightened sense of danger. The games of demigods were not to be taken lightly. He clapped a hand on the clerk’s shoulder, and both gods sensed the shudders of desire coursing through the other male’s body and the warm knot of need curled around his midsection. They sensed that although he was a solid and unwavering heterosexual, one inconsequential touch had flared a spike of supernatural yearning. They saw a flicker of disbelief in his eyes while he tried to discreetly adjust the thickening bulk in his trousers.

The young man licked his lips, and a slight quiver was evident in his tone. “Will that be all, then?”

For a moment Lust's eyes raked over him. The god’s knowing smile stirred more confusing and complicated sensations coming from the clerk, and a bead of sweat broke out on his forehead. Then Love stepped in front of him. His hair and eyes were as pale and reassuring as Lust’s were dangerous and dark. “You’ve done well, Travis,” Love said. “But you feel what you did was wrong.”

“At any other hotel, a man would lose his job for this,” Travis said.

Lust's grin found sensitive nerve endings in Travis’s groin, and the god’s already-erect cock twitched in response. “Ah, but this isn’t any other hotel, is it?”

“It’s my job to help guests, not deceive them.”

Love's smile unleashed a reassuring choir of delight in Travis’s chest. “These guests arrived here deceived, friend. Your efforts will help them discover the truth. You may go now.”

Travis left without hesitation, no doubt eager to escape their unsettling presence. They watched for a moment and exchanged glances.

This latest wager between the two resident servants of Eros and Aphrodite had cost the Amante del Mar’s desk clerk a night’s sleep and more than one headache—not to mention unrelieved erection. No matter. He’d done their bidding as asked, and soon enough they would discover which of them would be declared the victor in a challenge to show which of their powers was greater.

Love heard an inhumanly erotic growl from Lust and turned back to find him studying the sultry redhead. She sashayed down the hall, her ass twitching this way and that in a barely-there black bikini. “The room swap was one of my more brilliant ideas,” Lust said. “If I do say so.”

“You often do,” Love said. The gods felt a spike of need in the woman’s pulse even as she struggled to feign indifference. “But one cannot declare victory while the ball is still in play.”





Oh, god.

Every doubt Julietta had about being here evaporated while she struggled to maintain control. Her instructions were to lie still and let him take them on a “journey,” but her body shivered and writhed of its own accord. After a few minutes of the exquisite torture he was causing by sliding up and down against her, she was ready to rip off the covers and drive him into her pussy with all the restraint of a feline’s first heat. The thought sent a pleasant tickle of shock through her. Their sex had never been this immediate, her need so animal. Craig had been right about this place after all.

About the time the torch he’d lit inside her fanned into an inferno, he stopped to fling back the fur spread and expose her to moist tropical air. Sweat prickled her skin, both chilling and firing her. The absence of sight and words made her other senses spike into sexual overdrive, until she bit down on words she longed to say. She wanted nothing more than to beg him to bite her nipples and fuck her until she screamed. The notion shocked her.

When he pulled away without warning, her skin tingled with neglect, and she whimpered in disappointment. She heard a rattle she couldn’t quite identify, and then she felt him moving over her again. The soft warmth of his flesh against her lips surprised a little gasp out of her. The velvet hardness and male aroma brought sudden knowledge, and her lips parted automatically. Her willing tongue flicked out to taste a salty-sweet drip of fluid from the tip of his cock, which he was rubbing over her lips. He shuddered when her tongue found him and pulled away, replacing the appendage with his mouth. The kiss was gentle but persistent, and his lips and tongue prodded hers until she moaned against them. Licking and nipping her into mindless wonder, she leaned upward into his kiss, determined to deepen it. Again, he pulled away, but her frustrated little yelp was shocked into silence by a sudden moist chill against her lips.

Ice. That explained the rattling sound she’d heard. Her pulse quickened with longing as the cube glided over her lips and tongue. After reveling in the burning freeze for a moment, she opened her mouth wider and let him thrust the chip inside. Her teeth grazed his finger when he did, and with a throaty grunt he let her suck on it for a moment before pulling away.

The rattle came again, and her heart fluttered. She felt her chin being tipped upward, exposing her throat. His cock smoothed a path there, and then his tongue ignited it. He drew an icy trail down her neck next, and she felt trickles of water sliding around to the back of her hair and pooling in the depressed hollow at the base of her throat. Her pussy throbbed with urgency, and she prayed that his attentions would hurry lower.

His shaft slid across her nipples, and she thrust her hips upward, moaning in frustration when she found he was straddled too high up for her pelvis to connect with anything but empty air. Her arms slid up over her head, where she fisted her pillowcase in her hands while his cock traced around the sensitive contours of her breasts. Sweat prickled her forehead as her ragged breathing fell into interspersed moans and near-whimpers.

His mouth didn’t follow its usual docking procedure on her breasts, which meant diving in without warning to swallow her nipple whole. Instead, he let his tongue circle her nipple like a cautious predator before darting in to lick the tip. The sensation was heaven incarnate, and she cried out in delighted shock while her nipple hardened. His lips stole over it, and with a whoosh of inhaled breath he sucked it into his mouth. Her body shook with pleasure. Soon he moved to the other nipple, starting the process over with his mouth while an ice cube found purchase on the first.

A stab of frozen ecstasy shot through her at the chilled sensation. Julietta moaned, her body convulsing with desire while he alternately licked and rubbed ice on both nipples. His touch was electric, sending her soaring far back into a primitive, feral place in her mind. She grabbed the pillow tighter and bit down hard on her lip to stifle a command to give her his cock before she went insane with need. Her clit demanded release, and she pressed her thighs together against the inhuman throb. On the second squeeze of her leg muscles her orgasm ignited, sending a series of shock waves and shameless cries and groans through her. God, he’d just made her come—no, explode—without even having touched her pussy at all. That was a definite first. Hell yes, he’d been right about this place.

Yet her body refused to lie still once she’d reached her peak. Still swollen and convulsing, her pounding sex spurred her to action. She thrust her pelvis at him in desperation. His tongue dipped into her navel, and her hands snaked down from the pillow to take hold of his hair. It was still damp from his shower and she dug her fingers deep through it, forcing him down to where her engorged pussy burned for his possession. First, he let another trail of ice slick down her abdomen, watering her navel and points south until it hovered just above her neatly trimmed thatch. He paused there, stroking ice over pubic bone long enough to drive her to near-angry madness at the combination of proximity and inattention where she wanted it most. Her breath came in ragged moans. Her thighs were trembling while she pushed harder on the top of his head. In disobedience he reared back. Then she felt a gentle pressure from ice-chilled fingers, urging her thighs apart. With a sudden need to thank the god of lust, she spread wide open for him.

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