Surf's Up (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 14,002
0 Ratings (0.0)

Native American Raven is a successful architect and businessman. He’s also an accomplished surfer who, out of fear, typically hides his orientation and is extremely discreet about any sexual liaisons. His haircut and clothing are those of a white man, and his employees and friends know nothing of his early life on a northern California Indian reservation.

Now, six years after leaving the rez, a young man named Hunter literally surfs back into Raven’s life. At first Raven doesn’t recognize the guy who, as a boy, was his best friend, and also his first love. When he does finally recognize Hunter -- now penniless, drunk, and a lover of the “glam look” -- he sees him as a loser, an embarrassment, yet their reunion will shake some of Raven’s most closely held beliefs.

But is he up to the challenge? Will he release those stubborn beliefs and open himself to live life more fully and openly?

Surf's Up (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Surf's Up (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 14,002
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

They surfed until late afternoon, and when they headed for the condo, Raven could tell Hunter was still riding a high for what he’d done for Jennifer. After recently seeing him almost despondent, Raven happily responded to his changing mood. But wasn’t this the way it was with feminine gays? The highs and the deep lows?

When he saw Hunter strip off his Hawaiian swimsuit at the condo’s doorstep, he was surprised to feel his damned dick betraying him by stirring. Hunter stepped inside, the door closing behind him. Raven stripped quickly, bending over to gather up their dripping swim things to hide his raging, hungry cock.

He wasn’t fast enough. The door opened again and he froze. There he was, his ass in plain sight, balls swinging, his hard-on pointing at the sky.

Raven couldn’t breathe. He struggled between embarrassment and a powerful desire to turn and claim what he’d been denied this morning.

He straightened as Hunter stepped in close behind him. His breath warmed Raven’s cool neck.

Neither of them spoke.

Hunter smelled of the salty sea as he spread a warm hand over one of Raven’s butt cheeks, his palm caressing its natural dip. He squeezed hard, and Raven enjoyed the slight pain cutting through all his exotic sexual feelings. Hunter’s mouth sought and tasted the sensitive skin below Raven’s ear as the hand on his hip slid around to rub his engorged, aching cock and finger the slit on its tip.

It felt so good that Raven thought his knees would give way. Emotion created a tremor in his voice when he said, “I think we’d better go inside.”

“Drop the damned clothes.”

Raven dropped them. When he turned he saw Hunter still naked,. He silently questioned why he’d come outside again by lifting his palms up.

“I left my money from the lady in my swimsuit pocket.”

Inside the condo, Hunter drew Raven to him. Now his hand, smooth and searching, encircled Raven’s oozing cock. “I think there’s something here that requires immediate relief.”

After pushing apart Raven’s thighs so he would maintain his balance, he knelt and sucked his cock deep into the heat of his wet mouth as he stroked Raven’s inner thighs.

Raven gasped at the swirling pleasure and the momentum building inside. He further steadied himself by placing his hands on Hunter’s head as he rocked his cock and pelvis into Hunter’s face in rhythm to the hot, sucking mouth.

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