Surrender to Chance (MFM)

King's Bluff, Wyoming 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 114,256
18 Ratings (4.6)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
After a painful divorce, a determined Olivia Fletcher returns to her hometown of King’s Bluff, Wyoming, to rebuild her life. She finds a public relations job at a new, exclusive lodge. But the owners of the lodge—and the on-site BDSM club—are powerful Dominants who are as fascinating as they are unsettling.
Alex and Kane MacKenzie share everything from their international construction business to their home. The two Doms had hoped to find a woman to share as well, but Alex’s past has taught the remote alpha that women are incapable of caring for anyone but themselves. To his surprise, their new PR consultant shows a loyalty that pulls at his heart. Kane, the rebel, is committed to learning the spirited redhead’s dreams and fears. When they discover her suppressed interest in BDSM, the former SEALs set out to convince Olivia that surrendering to them doesn’t mean losing her identity.
But strong men draw formidable enemies. One has targeted the brothers’ weak spot—Olivia—and Alex’s deepest fear—betrayal.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Surrender to Chance (MFM)
18 Ratings (4.6)

Surrender to Chance (MFM)

King's Bluff, Wyoming 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 114,256
18 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
OMG Fiona was trying to make me loose my mind! She definitely made sure I lost my panties and my heart! Fiona gets better and better with her writing. (Her writing was already good in book one, don't get me wrong here!) Great characters and great story! I also love catching up with former characters and see how they continue in their lifes.

I've re-read the first two books in anticipation of this release and have to say Fiona gets also meaner with every book! LOL
The things she puts her heroines through *huffs* poor Olivia. Also the man have to come to terms with their past. But in doing so they never loose anything from their alpha male status. It makes them vulnerable and stronger at the same time. And it makes you fall for them even harder.

It's so so good. Fun and hot and geez, burning panties faster than anything! I love her seriousness and yet humor in the BDSM scenes. It fits and nothing is forced, so flowing! *sighs* She describes the scenes in all their beauty, sensuality and also sitenotes about possible dangers. These are so subtle and also fit into the whole scene without appearing like a big fat warning sign.

I loved the twisted sense of humour overall!
The characters are awesome. Someone you can relate to as a reader. See things of yourself in them, you can understand their fears and where they come from!

Please Fiona, keep doing what you do the way you do it. It's amazing.
Oh and I need them damn coordinates for King's Bluff! I need to move there asap!!!!!
Another great book!




“Red, look at me,” he ordered, his tone low, unyielding.

With a sigh, she opened her eyes.

“Never apologize for asking a valid question. This weekend is all about learning.” His arm rubbed against her back as he gripped her shoulder. “Before I answer, I’ll ask you a question. Would you prefer a Dom to make all the decisions, including on things that have nothing to do with what happens inside the bedroom or playroom?”


“Why?” Kane asked.

She glanced from Alex to him. “I’m not like that. I think for myself.”

Alex’s thumb stroked over the curve of her shoulder. “Some subs prefer all decisions to be at the discretion of the Dom. That’s not how Kane and I roll. We want a woman who knows her own mind and acts on it. We’ll always be in charge in the bedroom, when playing, or if it’s a matter of safety, but apart from that, everything is up for discussion. That’s not to say we won’t be arrogant bastards and sometimes want to get our own way, but it’s not a given.”

“Just because a guy’s a Dom doesn’t give him a license to be an ass.” Kane tapped his finger against his near empty bottle. “You have friends in the lifestyle. Reagan and Chloe?”

“Yes,” she said.

“They seem like women who can make up their own minds,” Kane said.

“Absolutely. No question of that.”

So was Suzie. And she’d seen her best friend with Gabe, arguing about everyday stuff. As far as Olivia could remember, Gabe had never been over-the-top bossy in front of her. Maybe she shouldn’t have been so surprised by Alex’s willingness to let her decide earlier in the day.

“So it’s not all about having control, at least not for both of you?” Her gaze bounced from Kane to his brother.

Alex’s gaze narrowed. “Hanging on to your independence is a big thing for you, Red.”

“It is.” She wouldn’t deny it. “I gave away my independence to a man not worthy of it, and I’m not prepared to hand it over again.”

Kane cocked his head. “And now you guard your self-determination as if it’s something we’d steal from you?”

“No.” Yes.

Alex didn’t let up. “You think all men are like your ex? That we’re all about what we want and your wishes don’t count?”

“No, of course not.” She stiffened and sat up straighter.

“Sure about that?” Kane asked, cocking a brow.

“Yes, I’m sure.” She rubbed the side of her neck, where her gold necklace now irritated her skin.

Alex’s gaze dropped to her hand at her neck, then shot back to her face.

“Not going to lie, Red. Being in command is one hell of an aphrodisiac. Some guys thrive on responsibility, the adrenaline rush of knowing someone trusts you in any situation. That could be from successfully leading your team through a firefight in the back streets of Kabul to pushing a sub’s boundaries in a playroom in Seattle.” Alex ran his fingertips along the back of her neck, sending a frisson of pleasure over her skin. “But there’s more to the dynamic than what influence you have over people.”

“Tell me.” She needed to know more.

Kane leaned back into his seat. “You only get control once you’ve gained a person’s trust. Take the scenario of the sub in the playroom. Depending on her needs, the Dom wants to challenge and pleasure her as he best sees fit. Guiding a sub through that experience, seeing how it affects her, good and bad, makes the Dom accountable for his actions. That happens right from the start of their time together. He has to give of himself, recognizing her strengths and needs, then putting them first so he can command effectively. The taking isn’t all one way.”

“When that encounter is with a beautiful woman, the drive to conquer increases,” Alex added, claiming her gaze back from his brother. “Add in the fact she’s skittish, and the challenge becomes irresistible.”

Her breath caught somewhere in her throat until it burned, forcing her to let it out in a soft whoosh.

Holy moley, she was in such deep water even a life preserver may not save her. With guys like these, their dominance wasn’t something they turned on and off. It was always there, sometimes as an undercurrent that licked at her feet and, at other times, a raging torrent that could sweep her up and carry her to wherever they wanted.

Alex and Kane chose what level of power was exerted.

The fact they possessed such an awareness of themselves sent a beat of panic up her spine, and yet tantalized her to the point she could taste her excitement.

The arrival of their food gave her some much-needed breathing room.

Kane was right. The burgers were to die for, and by the time she’d consumed hers and the thick cut fries, she could barely move from a mixture of a full tummy and lethargy. She watched as Kane dropped several bills on top of their check, then handed it to the waiter as the young man walked past.

Alex checked the silver watch on his wrist. “It’s nearly two-thirty. You want to walk anymore or maybe head somewhere else?”

More walking? God, she’d just die. “You know, if it’s okay with you, I’m happy to either head back to your place or just go for a drive.”

“Tuckered out, babe?” Kane’s eyes twinkled—if it was even possible to associate such a word as twinkle with a badass like Kane.

“Well, I didn’t get much sleep last night.”

His voice deepened. “And you won’t tonight either.”

Her pulse skittered.

How was she supposed to act nonchalant with that kind of sexy promise-but-sounds-more-like-a-threat statement?

“Let’s get you home.” Kane’s mouth twitched as he stood. “You can sun yourself on the back terrace or maybe take a nap.”

“Mmm, a nap sounds tempting.” She rose. “With all those rooms, I should play Goldilocks and sample different beds.” With a chuckle, she looped the strap of her handbag over her shoulder.

Alex rose to tower over her. “In my bed, Olivia.”

She blinked at him.

“This weekend you sleep in either mine or Kane’s bed. His turn was yesterday. Mine today.” He curled a hand around the back of her neck, kept a firm grip, then dipped his face close. “And, Red, my bed’s a fuck of a lot better than ‘just right.’”




Kane sat beside her, his back against the headboard. He leaned over to cup her breasts, squeezing them firmly, chuckling at her low moan. “Look at these beauties. Flushed from our ropes.” He traced the edge of one areola, grinning as she bit her lip. “But they’re underdressed for my liking.” He reached behind him. “I’m betting they’ve never been clamped?” He lifted a brow.

Clamps? Her tummy clenched. From nerves? No. Well, maybe. “I’ve never done anything like that.”

His gaze turned heated, possessive. “Good.”

He suckled a nipple until it pebbled, then applied one of the tweezer-style clamps so that the bud was held fast between its rubber coated ends.

She hissed at the sharp bite of pressure, wiggling her bottom in silent protest. It hurt for a second or two before a heavy throb took over. He repeated the process with her other nipple, then tugged at the chain, lifting the clamps until they pulled on her skin.

“Ahhhh.” She clenched her butt cheeks. Off. Off. Off. Yet, paradoxically, she didn’t want him to stop. It was wrong and so fucking hot and everything she’d dared fantasize about.

Alex moved between her legs. “It pleases me to see you like this, Red. Restrained. Clamped.” He glided his fingers between her slick folds. “Wet.” He moved over her, resting his elbows on either side of her. His cock nudged at her entrance. “Who do you belong to?”

She swallowed. For this weekend. “You and Kane, Sir.”

“That’s right, sub.” He eased inside her, two, then three inches, the intrusion startling as combined with the plug, he stretched her with the kind of fullness she’d never felt before. With each small thrust he forced his way deeper. She stared up at him, needing reassurance.

His gaze locked with hers. “You’re already squeezing me, Red. Feel how you want this?” In another inch. Her walls contracted, gripping him even as he stretched her further. “That’s it, little one. Your body’s surrendering to me.” Another two inches. He obliterated her fears with a slow, drugging kiss.

She tasted herself on him, glorying in the intimacy of the act. But it wasn’t enough. She wanted more. Opening her legs wider, she wrapped them around him, loving the feel of his hardness against her softness.

“Good girl.” Alex gripped her bottom, then raised himself to his knees, forcing her to accept him fully. He gave no quarter, plunging in and out in a hard, driven pace. His gaze fastened on hers, compelling her to hold his stare as he impaled her, dragging her deeper under his control.

With each jerk of her body, the clamps on her breasts flipped up and down, tugging on her nipples and tearing apart any scrap of control she possessed.

Kane pulled on the chain as he fondled her breasts. Each tiny tug on the hard and swollen flesh felt like a giant clamp squeezing her fullness.

“No, no. Too much. Stop.” She lifted her gaze to his face.

Kane’s eyes sparked with amusement. “Oh, baby, you can’t give orders.”

Alex raised an eyebrow. “Some punishments are easy.” He ground his pelvis over her clit, sending a flutter along her pussy. “Others are harder.” Sliding from her, he switched to short, shallow strokes that barely fed her need for his possession. “I can keep you here for hours, sub. On the edge. Begging.”

God have mercy. He’d do it, too.

“I’m sorry, Sirs.” She flicked her gaze to both men. “Please, I—” She gulped a breath. “I didn’t mean it.” Her eyes watered. She sunk her teeth into her lower lip. This shit was scary but it was real. And exactly what she wanted. To find out what it truly meant to give over full control.

The hard, angular planes of Alex’s face refused to soften. “Be careful, Red. I’m not known for being forgiving.” Sliding out of her until only the tip of his cock remained inside, he paused.

She held her breath. Hoping. Praying.

He slammed back into her, forcing her shoulder blades deep into the bed. Her mouth opened as her body jerked under such force. She tightened her legs around him, desperate to hold him close. With each swift motion, he jarred the plug in her ass. Her mind hazed. Through closed eyes, she felt Kane’s touch on her breasts.

Kane’s low voice rumbled close to her ear. “We’re going to do every dirty, goddamn filthy thing you’ve fantasized about—but on our timeframe. When you’re least ready, when you’re so fucking desperate you don’t remember you own name. Brace, sweetness.”

His dark threat catapulted everything out of her consciousness until all that was left was the coiled spring of need that stretched to the breaking point with Alex’s every thrust.

Sweat stung her eyes. She heard a high, keening sound, so wild and desperate and needy. She wanted it to stop, wanted Alex to go faster.

“Let’s see how you like this.” With both hands, Kane removed the clamps from her nipples.

The hot, burning sensation, and sharp pulse as blood rushed back into her nipples proved too much.

Her muscles locked as her body rocketed to a blinding peak. She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t speak. Everything stood still.

She arched her back as an explosion of rapture blasted through her body. Hot, pulsing spasms raced along her core as the muscles of her vaginal walls clenched around Alex’s cock, milking him in a greedy thirst for pleasure. Her head whipped from side to side against the pillow. She clawed at the chains, gripping them as a whirlwind of sensation threatened to engulf her.

“That’s it, Red,” Alex said, his voice strained as she felt his cock twitch inside her.

Opening her eyes, she watched as the muscles in his throat strained as he threw his head back and roared out his release. His chest heaved as he dragged air into his lungs. He stayed there, on his knees, as the tremors inside her slowly ebbed to whisper-soft flutters.

With a gentleness that belied the thoroughness of how he’d taken her, Alex slipped out of her warmth, then lowered her bottom to the bed. He leaned over, his big hands framing her face as his thumbs brushed over her still-hot cheeks. “Olivia, submission is more than giving over control, trusting and learning new things. Kane and I have much to teach you.” The corner of his mouth kicked up. “It’s going to be one hell of a weekend.”

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