Sweet Affliction (MF)

Sweet Awakenings 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 76,232
9 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA]

After spending years serving his country as a Navy SEAL, Commander Nick Slater is ready for retirement. Mercenaries hired to kill him ambush him, and his plans take a drastic turn. AJ Harwood is facing one of the most difficult times of her life. A chance encounter with Nick Slater is the last thing she wants, yet she is thrust into his world and trapped in its surroundings. AJ is Nick's only hope as he tries to find out who is out to kill him. With each passing day, more secrets are uncovered, and the reason behind the attack is revealed. Nick joins forces with his former teammates to find the person behind the high-priced hit put on all of their heads. As precious time ticks away, Nick and AJ are faced with the possibility that after finding each other, they may lose everything in an instant.

Note: 10% of the author royalties on this book will benefit nonprofit organizations dedicated to providing educational assistance and support grants to families of wounded and fallen United States Navy SEALs.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Sweet Affliction (MF)
9 Ratings (4.4)

Sweet Affliction (MF)

Sweet Awakenings 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 76,232
9 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
First book I have read by this author and she did not disappoint. Nothing better than hot alpha military men! While there was steamy sex there was also a whole lot of action and suspense! Will be reading the rest of the series and adding this author to my reading list!
Fantastic book! Nicole Morgan grabbed me by the throat in the first chapter and didn't let me go until the very very end.

I cannot recommend this entire series enough. This was the first book I've read in the series.... and I immediately went and purchased the other three. THAT good.

I don't write big pretty reviews and I'm sorry. Nor do I rehash plot lines (I hate spoilers). But I do gush... quite well.. and I can't gush enough over this one!
Professional Reviews

4.5 STARS: "Sweet Affliction, the 4th book in the Sweet Awakenings series by the talented Ms. Morgan, is definitely my pick for the best book of the bunch. Although this could be read as a stand-alone, it prominently features characters from the previous books. I was absolutely captivated from page one, especially with Nick's unique mix of vulnerability and strength. It was refreshing to read about an Alpha male who definitely wasn't at the top of his game. AJ could have easily come off as whiny and timid, but instead she is portrayed as a normal woman dealing with great pain and a huge change in her regular everyday existence. There was excellent chemistry between the couple, but very little, very vanilla sex. That said, given the situation the couple is in, a lot of hardcore sex would have been completely inappropriate. The action elements were great, and the suspense throughout the bulk of the book truly kept me on the edge of my seat. All in all, except for a few spelling and grammatical errors sprinkled throughout, Sweet Affliction is an excellent book if you're looking for a suspenseful, sweet and sexy story to cuddle up with this winter." -- Silla Beaumont, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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It surprised her when his name came across her lips in a whisper. Her subconscious had betrayed her by saying aloud what her mind was thinking.

He took her single word as an invitation. His lips slid across her mouth and pressed against hers. It was impossible and pointless to try and fight something she wanted and felt so good. He surprised her this time. He didn’t slide his tongue inside her mouth and explore her mouth with urgency. Instead he kissed her with a tender patience. It reminded her of the kind of kiss a girl would get on her first date when she was sixteen years old, sweet and full of emotion.

The kiss lasted for maybe a minute, but even when finished he didn’t pull away from her. He dropped his forehead to rest against hers. She opened her eyes and was surprised to see his closed. Seeing him like this, so gentle and compassionate, so considerate of her feelings, was such an incredible contradiction. Just yesterday he was bold and aggressive with his actions, yet now he seemed like he would do anything to make her feel at ease. It was like he actually cared for her.

She tried to erase the thought from her mind. The notion that Commander Nick Slater, US Navy SEAL, could have feelings of that nature for her was ludicrous. Oh, but it would be so easy to lose herself in him, just for a day or two, and forget about all the pain she was feeling. She recollected her thoughts, refusing to get caught up in the moment. Just losing her father was enough. She couldn’t allow herself to fall for him and get hurt when he walked away from her. Losing two men she loved was too much, way more than even she could handle.

Her eyes widened, and she pulled away from him. Love him? What?

“AJ, what’s wrong?”

Why did he have to look so concerned about her? That wasn’t helping her rational train of thought.

“Nothing. I just…” Think, AJ. Distract him and change the subject. “Did you find the phone I bought?”

“Yes I did. You shouldn’t be worrying about that though. Let me fix you something to eat. Lie down while I…”

“No.” She scooted across the bed as fast as she could away from him, needing to break the feeling of safety he gave her.

“Where are you going?”

“I’ll make something to eat for us. You were on the computer before. Finish whatever it was you were doing, and I’ll let you know when it’s ready.”

She didn’t wait for his answer and all but ran from the room. A quick stop in the bathroom to freshen up was what she needed. She would wash up, brush her hair and teeth, and snap out of whatever she felt whenever he was too close to her.

She washed her face with first warm and then cold water, hoping to shock herself back to reality. Her hair was a tangled mess. After finally ridding it of the snarls, she wet the brush and smoothed out the bedhead look she was sporting. She ran her fingers under each eye. They were both puffy and red. If she had cried any more she might’ve looked like a prize fighter. The dark rings only added to her haggard appearance. Once her teeth were brushed she felt a bit better. At least she was more awake and ready to face Nick without feeling completely helpless to his touch.

She opened the door from the bathroom, and every thought she just had about reality and snapping out of the warm feelings of comfort he gave her diminished in a second. He stood there in the doorway. His large frame loomed over her as each one of his hands was on either side of the doorframe.

“Nick…I…is everything okay?”

He shook his head at her. “No, everything’s not okay.”

She tried to swallow the lump of nerves that was building in her throat but found it literally impossible.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, not entirely sure she wanted to know the answer.



“Yes, you. Damn it, AJ. I care about you. Please stop running from me every chance you get.”

“I’m not…”

She started to deny it, but the stern look in his eyes told her it would be pointless. This would be an argument she would lose. That and she knew he was right. She had run from him three times in the past two days. It was foolish to even try and claim she had no idea what he was talking about.

She sighed. “I guess I am. I just don’t know what to do.”

“What do you want to do? Right now, what do you want?”

He asked her the easiest question in the world. She didn’t have to think about her answer. She knew what it was. What worried her was what that answer would bring. She struggled with the words, wanting to say them but for some reason afraid of saying them aloud and bringing them to life.

“AJ, please. I’m right here. What do you want?”

His eyes. They were the deepest shade of blue, like the ocean on a moonless night. She could swear she saw the surf in them, calling to her and urging her to give in. How much she wanted to look into those eyes when they didn’t know they were being watched. She wondered what emotions she would find lurking beneath the tough exterior he tried to put on.

“I’ll ask you again. What do you want?”

His patient voice with persistent questions was just another example of the contradiction that was Nick Slater. Maybe that was what drew her to him. He seemed to be one thing but then appeared to be the exact opposite entirely. She wondered why she was even trying to deny the comfort he offered her.

“I want you to hold me.”



“Raise your arms over your head,” he instructed her.

She did as he asked, and he felt his cock twitch at the sight. She looked heavenly. Her womanly curves were always evident under her clothing, but seeing her lying before him, completely naked and exposed to him, he saw a sensuous and erotic side to her that he wondered if she even knew she possessed.

He saw her eyes travel down his body and stop on his midsection. The sweats he was wearing did little to hide his bodily reaction to her. They were the only remaining barrier between them, and he hated them.

Sliding his hands in the band of his pants, he pulled the too-tight fabric down and past his waist. Her eyes widened, and he saw the fire return to them when his dick jutted out almost proudly from the constraining fabric. He knew she’d seen him naked before but certainly not in this state. Although it wouldn’t be that farfetched to believe that even unconscious she aroused such a reaction in him.

He continued to slide them down his thighs and finally his calves until they remained at his ankles. He quickly kicked them off and stood before her. A droplet of pre-cum sat on the tip, and he rubbed it with his thumb, grasping his hardness and stroking it twice.

“This is what you do to me. From the moment I woke up and saw you, I’ve wanted you.”

“Then show me, Nick. Please.”

If he had a genie standing before him and offering him three wishes, none of them would come close to being as magnificent as what lay before him. She was perfection.

He climbed on the bed and pushed her legs apart as he crawled between them. Her gaze was locked on him. Her nipples were pointy and seemed to beckon him to hurry and take her. He positioned himself at her entrance and looked down at her.

“You’re sure? There’s no turning back after this,” he asked her, needing her to be sure, needing to hear that she wanted this as much as he did.

“Yes, I’m sure.”

Slowly, he slid his head past her lips, delving into her wet slit and stretching her opening. Her pussy felt so tight he couldn’t believe it. He nearly stopped for fear he was hurting her, but her eyes closed, her head dropped back, and she arched her entire body into him.

He had to be careful not to put too much weight on his side, so he wrapped his fingers around her waist and pulled her closer to him. The movement drove him deeper inside her. He gritted his teeth and tried to hold on. He was only halfway inside her, and he could already feel himself losing control. She was so tight, like a velvet grip surrounding him with the finest silk.

She whimpered, and he watched in bliss as her hands met with her breasts, cupping and squeezing her nipples. He needed to feel all of her and thrust himself inside her.

“Oh, Nick!”

She screamed his name, and it snapped the small amount of restraint he had left. He drove into her deeper, using his grip on her waist to rock in and out of her hot core. He was lost in the images before him. If he looked up he saw her fondling and pinching her nipples as her head was flailing from side to side. If he looked down he could see his dick, thick and hard and coated with her wetness as he slid in and out of her.

The tight vise she provided him was pure heaven. It was just the right amount of stroking to increase his throbbing. Continuing to glance between her hands teasing her nipples and the sight of him thrusting in and out of her, he quickened his pace.

He was so close but wanted to feel her fall just once more. He wanted to know the feel of her walls spasm around him as she screamed once again. Urgent and hungry for that pleasure, he trailed his right hand down her hip and brought it to her drenched opening. His impatience didn’t allow him to coax her to release. The need was primal to feel her come while he was inside her.

Sliding his thumb against her clit, he rubbed it vigorously. Her body jolted, still sensitive from the last two times he had taken her there. He watched in amazement as her body shook from every flick of his finger.

“Jesus, AJ, come for me, sweetheart.”


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