Taking Ryan

The G.A. Hauser Collection, LLC

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 84,344
2 Ratings (5.0)

Seventeen year old Ryan Davis had a dream. Hitchhiking from Alliance, Nebraska to Los Angeles, California, Ryan dreamed of being a star. His high school drama teacher had told Ryan he had what it took. That was all Ryan needed to hear. Ambitious and not afraid to work hard for his goals, Ryan thumbed a ride from an older gentleman who turned into a benefactor and best friend. It was at that moment that Ryan's luck began to change for the better. Finding a job as a busboy at a Mexican Restaurant on Santa Monica Boulevard, and a room to rent nearby, Ryan never gave up hope that if he tried hard enough he would succeed. And as far as his chance for a career in show business, he was on the right track. But when it came to love, Ryan hit a wall. Smitten with the rough tattooed biker god, Sam Lockwood, who worked at Down and Dirty Harry's Tats, Ryan grew enamored with the big brawny stud at first glance. But it wasn't meant to be. Even though things were looking bright for his potential career, Ryan felt lost and alone after being rejected, yearning for a man to call his own. Miserable over being hurt by Sam, Ryan was struggling emotionally from the roller coaster ride of his emotions. Until he met the love of his life. There was only one man who was Taking Ryan... Taking him hard and sweeping him off his feet.

As a special treat to my fans, may I introduce a previously unpublished writer who is making his debut appearance in this novel. I would like you all to meet Joey Jameson. Please enjoy his short story, ‘Roll It’.

Taking Ryan
2 Ratings (5.0)

Taking Ryan

The G.A. Hauser Collection, LLC

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 84,344
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Dennis Dean
Another fabulous book from G.A. Houser! This is a longer book that covers only a couple weeks of Ryan's life. I loved it!
Professional Reviews

Small town boy does good... April 30, 2012

Sweet small town boy Ryan, barely 18, having hitched his way from Nebraska has the good luck of being picked up by an older man in Las Vegas on his way to LA. Starting off his lucky streak he finds a place to crash with a sweet older gay couple, and has a pretty smooth way of it from the get go.

The only thing not going for Ryan is his choice in men, a particular one in fact, Sam Lockwood, who we were introduced to in "Down and Dirty" and again with his own story, "The Last Hard Man" (timeline runs in conjunction with this novel).

After being rejected by Sam, Ryan finds himself meeting a drool inducing LAPD cop, sparks fly and soon the two are dating. Insecurity and doubt play on our cop as he deals with the implications of dating a truly beautiful boy-man. I can hardly wait for the angst! With this in mind It reads like a beginning of a longer series (I hope) with Ryan making his way with a new relationship and celeb status in Hollywood.

Cameos from Ms. Hauser's universe appear including the Richfield men, Sam Lockwood has a major role and of course Adam Lewis is our boy's agent. As always the men are hot and the action with said men are even steamier. Mmmmm.

PS. Amazon would not pick up "The Last Hard Man" due to uh, issues, you can find it on several other e-readers sites for sale, one of Ms. Hauser's hottest books by far.

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Though he should have been thinking of Adam Lewis and getting an agent, all Ryan could think of was Sam.
He knew he'd be early but this time he was heading into that bastion of male testosterone. He was eighteen and getting inked. He belonged.
Though he was over a half hour early, Ryan entered the shop confidently, hearing the electric door chime barely over the loud television program. The young men on the sofa, drinking pop and eating snacks, looked up at him. He smiled as if he were king of the world.
Walking up to Ben, Ryan said, "I have an appointment with Sam."
Ben flipped the pages of the book. "You're early, and he's running a little late."
Trying not to show his disappointment, Ryan asked, "Mind if I hang out."
"Help yourself, dude."
Ryan spun around. Sam was tattooing a man in one of the reclining chairs. Perfect. Ryan walked close to him on the pretext of watching, which others were also doing.
The man was lying downward, facing the chair, resting his cheek on his arms while his upper back was being inked with a large demonic figure with wings, which took nearly the entire width of his back.
Ryan only glanced briefly at the design, then admired Sam.
He also gave Ryan a quick look, refocusing on the design.
You hot motherfucker! I want you!
Ryan's cock went thick under his jeans. He wasn't embarrassed. He actually hoped Sam noticed it.
On the TV was a marathon of a ghost hunting show he had been a fan of back in Nebraska. Ryan divided his attention from Sam, the artwork, the show, and the noise of the young men in the room. Two young men were kissing as they sat on the sofa, one seated across the other's lap. There was no doubt this was a gay friendly environment.
"How you doin', babe?" Sam asked the man he was inking.
"Good, Sam."
Ryan could see the man was already covered in ink, his head shaven, and his arms and back showing off a muscular build. Men like that made Ryan crazy. He wanted a big, tough bull who wouldn't take anyone mocking him. A man who made Ryan feel protected and secure. Someone he could always count on.
Ryan didn't want a needy partner, weak and helpless. That turned him off. He wanted a real macho man. Straight until the lights went out.
A half hour passed and Sam said, "There ya go," to the man on the chair. Sam held up a mirror. "Take a look."
The man held the mirror so he could see his back. "That's outstanding. Sam, you are the bomb."
"All right. Let me cover this beauty up for now."
Ryan's heart quickened. He wanted to be next. It was nearing eleven.
Sam finished up the care of the tattoo and walked with the man to the counter.
Ryan pushed at his stiff cock through his pants. Several young men had noticed him in the room and though they didn't do anything obvious, they did check out his crotch.
Sam called, "Dan?"
Ryan cursed inside his head that Sam was that far behind in time.
"Dan?" Sam called again. He said to Ben, "Do you know who Dan is?"
"No, dude."
Sam tried once more. "Is there a Dan here?"
The young men looked at him but no one came forward.
Ryan jumped and hurried over. Sam gave him a good once over, including his dick. "How old are you?"
"Prove it."
Ryan reached for his wallet and produced his driver's license.
Sam read it and handed it back, not commenting on the fact that it was his birthday or that he was from Nebraska. "Where's the tat going to be?"
Ryan pointed to his groin.
"We got a room open, Ben?"
"I'll check." Ben walked off.
"Do you know what you're getting?"
"Yes." Ryan got lost in Sam's blue eyes, his lips, and his jet black hair. "Ben wrote the design number down." Play it cool. Play it smooth.
Ben returned. "Last one's open."
"Which design did he choose?"
"One of Jean's." Ben opened the catalog and showed Sam.
Sam showed Ryan. "Is this the one?"
"How big?"
Ryan looked at the pattern and his crotch, which showed his erection easily. "How about two inches long?"
"Okay. See that last booth?" Sam touched Ryan's arm.
Ryan closed his eyes at the contact. "Yes."
"Just take off your pants and have a seat. I'll be in as soon as I make the decal."
"Okay." Ryan was on fire. He walked down the hall, hearing the buzzing of machines in each curtained booth. He had no idea how this evening would go, but he was going to seduce this man. That was a certainty. Sam obviously tolerated gay men in his shop, so Ryan doubted he'd insult him. If Sam was in a relationship or not gay, he assumed he'd take it as a compliment, and that would be that.
Only that would not be that. Ryan would be crushed.
He entered the small booth seeing the reclining leather chair, a small few cabinets, and a rolling stool. On the walls were photographs of another man, possibly the shop owner, with celebrities and brawny men showing off their colorful skin. Ryan removed his shoes and tugged his pants down. His excitement had dampened his dark green briefs. He didn't give a shit. Sam was a man and knew how the equipment worked.
Ryan relaxed on the reclined seat, touching his thick dick through the cotton material. He was on fire, literally, hot, bothered, and beginning to sweat from his nerves and the excitement.
Using his T-shirt to wipe his face, Ryan left it hiked up so Sam could see his tight abdomen. The noise outside the room was still loud as the hour closed in on midnight and more men entered the shop.
A slight current passed over Ryan's skin as Sam entered the room, moving the turquoise curtain.
"Look at this. Is this the size you want?"
Ryan leaned up on his elbow. "Yes. Perfect."
"On your groin?" Sam put a pair of rubber gloves on. He was wearing a black sleeveless T-shirt showing off his tats and muscles.
Ryan looked where Sam was holding the design. "Where do you think it should go?" Ryan stared directly into Sam's eyes.
"It's your skin, babe."
Ryan took the design and moved it around his body. He was so horny he couldn't think. "Here?" He placed it on his upper thigh.
"That fucker will look hot on you no matter where you put it."
Ryan met Sam's gaze again. Was that a comment on the tat's appeal or his? "Help me out here, Sam."
Sam took the design and did what Ryan had done. Moved it around to eye it. "I like it here." He placed it on Ryan's upper thigh, close to his pelvis.
"Then that's where it's going to go."
"You sure? I don't need you whining to me I made you get it where you didn't want it."
Ryan laughed. "How often does that happen?"
He got his first smile out of Sam. Ryan was about to lunge for his mouth and kiss him.
"Let me shave you, hot stuff."
"You can shave my whole body, handsome." Ryan put his hands behind his head, trying to maintain his cool.
"Don't tempt me." Sam put the design aside and picked up a bottle of anti-bump shaving gel and a new razor.
I wanna fucking tempt you. Holy shit. I am losing my mind.

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