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Taking the Reins (MMF)

Dark Days Ranch 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 52,803
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, werewolves, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Zara is the future alpha to Triple Z. When she discovers Rogue and Cooper hiding in her barn, she instantly knows they’re meant to be mated. But she’s gone down this road before and miraculously survived the loss. Can she risk her heart to mates, again? Especially one who wants her birthright? Or will Zara do what she does best and push them away?

Triple Z is in need of a new alpha, and Rogue is all too willing to step up and make things safer for Dark Days and the rest of their surrounding territories. But when he realizes one of his mates is the daughter to his enemy, things heat up, fast. Can he step up to the role as Triple Z’s leader, or will his duty to his mate overshadow his obligations to his pack?

A Siren Erotic Romance

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i love the series looking forward to the next book

- marie

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“So what’s the plan now?” Cooper untucked his shirt and went to pull it over it over his head. The muscles flexed in his stomach as the skin became revealed. All Rogue wanted to do was bite his teeth down those washboard abs. Yes. Definitely bite. It was his thing, amongst others. He wasn’t sure why, but feeling, tasting the skin as it settled between his teeth set him over the edge. And he wasn’t talking about barely applying pressure. He wanted bruising. To see the imprint of him marked on what belonged to him. What he owned.

Cooper had no idea what he was getting himself into. The pleasure Rogue could give him wasn’t a question. He’d experience ecstasy, but not before he earned it first.

His mate’s eyes raked over Rogue’s body and he had to clench his jaw. Damn this temptation. If he didn’t stop Cooper now, they were going to be over their heads, fast. That could be dangerous.

“Hey.” Rogue snapped his fingers. “All in due time, cowboy. We have to keep alert. Just because we’re hidden from the view of others doesn’t mean we drop our guard. Now get up and come here. I want to show you something.”

Cooper nodded and walked up, next to him.

“You see that.” Rogue pointed in the direction of the hills in the distance. “The spotters will be making their way to that location within a matter of minutes. We’re taking turns pulling shift. I want to know when they go, when they leave. What they’re doing. How good they actually watch the border. Everything.” He reached down and pulled out the high-surveillance binoculars from his bag. They were amazing. The lenses could reveal a person up to five miles away, and the hills weren’t even half of that. He’d be able to watch every move they made.

Like clockwork, the rumbling of a truck in the distance filled the air. Rogue looked over to Cooper and smiled. “You ready, Coop?”

The cowboy twisted his mouth. “Coop? No,” he said, shaking his head and dragging out the word. “I don’t like that at all.”

“No?” Rogue shrugged. “I do, Coop.”

“Ugh.” He groaned and laughed. “You can call me Coop, and I’ll call you…”

“You’ll call me Rogue,” he said, stern. “Or Sir. But that’ll come in due time.” He turned back to the window, not waiting for Cooper’s response. The sound of the truck grew louder and he froze as it pulled past the barn and in front of the house.

Two men with dark hair got out just as a woman came onto the porch. Rogue narrowed his eyes, and Cooper’s hand gripped his wrist tightly. “Rogue,” he whispered. “Who is that woman?”

Reddish-brown hair hung down to her hips. She was wearing a long, white skirt and a light blue tank top. The shirt showed off a slim waist, and went down to a pair of wide hips. Damn, girl had curves. The swell of her breast sucked Rogue in. Wow. Now those he could enjoy. He forced his eyes to move to her face and he felt like his throat was going to close.

“She belongs to us,” Cooper whispered. “Fuck. I want her.”

Rogue couldn’t have agreed more. “That makes both of us.” So that’s why he’d always had the pull to this place. It made sense.

One of the men’s voice rose. “Dammit, Zara. This has to stop. You’ve been shacked up in this house for a year. You hardly ever leave. Just come out with us. The fresh air will do you good.”

The woman hugged onto her waist. “I get out. I was just about to go for a ride. That should count for something.”

“That’s all you ever do.” The shorter one looked down. “I understand you’re hurting, sis. But enough is enough. You have to start living again. You were our number one, for Christ’s sake. Triple Z was your life. We’re all waiting for you. Please. If you have to bury yourself in something, let it be in work, and not in this hell hole you call home.”

The hit came out of nowhere. Rogue felt his jaw drop as the man who’d been talking to her flew back, off the porch. He landed, hard, on his back. Son of a bitch, that woman had a hell of a swing.

“Get the hell off my land. Right now!” She pushed the other man. “Go. Leave me be!”

“We’re your brothers, Zara. We can’t do that.” The taller man helped the other one on the ground up. “We’ll be back tomorrow.”

A scream so agonizing came from Zara’s mouth that Rogue grabbed at Cooper. Pain exploded into his chest. Once again, it wasn’t his own. He knew she’d done it out of frustration, but the pain was evident.

“You will not be back. I said leave me.” She reached for some rain boots on the porch and threw them at her brothers with outstanding force. The men climbed into their truck and headed for the border. Rogue watched as she collapsed to the porch. Sobs shook her body and he couldn’t stand seeing it. But did he go to console her, and blow their cover, or let her go through the pain she was experiencing? As he turned to his mate for his reaction, he wasn’t sure they really had much of a choice.




Delicious heat against her ass had Zara sucking Cooper’s cock with all the passion she felt. The lube was slick between her fingers. She eased one into his ass and felt him relax against her thrust. When she felt he was good, she slid in another.

The sound of the crop had her heart racing. With her eyes either staring straight ahead, or closed, she wasn’t sure if it was going to connect with her or Cooper. So far it’d been Cooper, but she knew her time was coming. Rogue was just waiting until she put her guard down, and then he’d get her good. And she couldn’t wait. It was her favorite thing, and she knew he’d come to realize it. They’d had plenty of talks about this moment, and now that it was here, all of their senses were heightened with eagerness.

“Deeper, darlin’. I want his cock in your throat. And work those fingers faster.” Fire engulfed the right side of her ass. The pain made her clit twitch. She was so fucking wet and ready, she couldn’t wait to be touched.

The thickness of Cooper’s length went to the back of throat. She relaxed the muscles completely, allowing him to enter deeper At the same time, she continued to thrust into his ass.

“That’s a good girl.” Rogue’s hand wrapped in her hand. He began to guide her head. More, he pushed. Cooper made a sound that bordered on ecstasy and desperation.

“Sir.” His hips moved and Zara looked up to his face.

The crop connected against his stomach and Cooper began breathing heavier. “You’re not allowed to come yet, pet. Embrace the need, but do not give into it. Let it build, and I promise you, you’ll experience the best orgasm of your life. And I want you to have it when I’m buried inside of you. Now focus.”

“I can’t,” he said, shaking his head. “It all feels too good.”

“Does it? I’m surprised to hear it. I figured you’d be calling yellow or red by now. I’m glad I was wrong.” Rogue came to the side of her and she saw him smile before she brought her attention back to Cooper. He paused and looked down. She quickly lowered her head, but not fast enough. She was pulled up, and he marched to the chair, sitting down. Hair swirled around her face as he tossed her over his knee.

The first spanking was a lot harder than she had prepared for. Her eyes flew open, and her head lifted. “You had easy orders, Zara. Suck Cooper’s cock and be a good submissive. Both, you were neglecting to do when I looked down.”

Fire raced against her skin again. She closed her eyes and went limp, enjoying the feeling. Rogue’s hand massaged the stinging skin, right before his fingers moved to her pussy. At the wetness he rubbed against her folds, she could feel him harden. He loved her soaking wet, and she was more than that now. Zara was positively drenched, and ready for some sort of penetration.

“You’re going to get one of those toys, and watch Cooper suck my cock. You’re going to fuck yourself with it good, but you, too, are not allowed to come. I will not give you that gift yet. You disobeyed, and for that, you will be punished.” He gave her bottom one last spanking. It was harder than the rest compiled together. It actually brought tears to her eyes. “Now go pick one out and get on the bed.”

She looked toward the large king size. Before Rogue had brought his stuff over, the space had been somewhat empty on the far side. Now the bed fit there, perfectly.

Zara stood and walked over to the toys he had standing along the bedside table. She knew they were all new. Rogue was never in short supply of anything when it came to toys involving sex. The dildos ranged in color and size. Some were thicker, and others were long. But there was only one that was both thick and long, and she grabbed that one. It was a good eight inches, from her guess. The others were only six or so. But this one was most like Rogue’s cock, and that’s exactly what she wanted.

The bed molded to her knees while she climbed onto the mattress. Did he want her on the pillows? More toward the end? Her eyes glanced up, just as Cooper stepped away from the cross. His body was red, whelped, and so arousing.

“Sir, where would you like me?”

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