[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Gibson Martin has always loved two things, to cook and to sing. One of them he excels at, the other, well, his motto is if you don’t like it, leave. When he meets Alpha Talon Ramirez, who happens to be his mate, he’s overjoyed the man doesn’t grumble about his voice, which others compare to an animal dying.
Talon Ramirez thinks his mate’s off-key singing is adorable. He especially likes the way Gibson loses himself to the music while shaking his ass and singing his heart out while cooking the best food Talon has ever tasted. Now he just needs to find a way to keep his mate safe while the rebels plan an attack against Juarez that will devastate the city. Will they be able to overcome the danger in store for them? Will Gibson’s singing get any better? Or will Talon’s men need to buy earplugs?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Talon's Prey (MM)
12 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Great book part touching part heartbreak.




Pulling into the drive of the Alpha manor, his mouth dropped open at the monstrous house. Standing at the door, he took a deep breath before ringing the bell. When the door opened, an overly muscled man who practically snarled at Gibson for daring to interrupt stood there in a soldier’s uniform. Gibson didn’t consider it a good sign that a soldier needed to answer the door, especially when he had one hand on his holstered gun.

Quickly scanning the man from head to toe, Gibson counted two more guns and two knives that he could see. Fuck, these guys take their security seriously. “What?” the man demanded more than asked.

With a snarl of his own he said, “I’m here to see Alpha Talon Ramirez.” He may be five feet nine, but Gibson wasn’t a pushover.

“He’s not seeing visitors,” the man said as he started to close the door in Gibson’s face.

Refusing to be sent away, Gibson managed to shove one of his suitcases in the doorway before it could close. Soldier boy didn’t appreciate it and growled at him as he tried to kick the suitcase out of the way.

Not backing down, Gibson shoved against the door, which much to his chagrin, didn’t move. Realizing he wasn’t going to be able to open the door further, Gibson climbed over his suitcase to sneak through the door. Stumbling when his back foot got caught on the bag, he just barely avoided landing in a heap on the floor.

“Look, I told you Alpha Talon isn’t receiving guests at the moment.” The soldier looked like he was ready to toss Gibson out on his ear.

Stepping out of reach, Gibson put his hands on his hips. “I’m not a guest. Alpha Talon is expecting me.”

The man actually huffed in exasperation. “No he’s not. If he were expecting anyone, he would have told me.”

“I’m not leaving until you tell him I’m here,” Gibson told the man. He would kill Zeke if he hadn’t cleared this job with the new Alpha.

When the soldier snorted his derision at Gibson’s threat, Gibson just about lost it, especially when the man said, “It won’t be hard to make you leave.”

Infuriated at being treated like this, Gibson clenched his hands. He was ready to beat the guy with his own muscle-bound arms. “Look, I’m telling you Alpha Talon is expecting me. Instead of arguing with me, why don’t you go ask him?”

“And just who are you?” A deep rich voice floated across the room, sending a shiver of need through Gibson.

Gibson whirled to where the sexy voice came from. When his gaze landed on a man that screamed “Alpha,” Gibson knew this had to be Talon Ramirez, Alpha of the Latin Territory. “Gibson Martin, your new chef.”

Eyes the color of warm chocolate practically devoured Gibson, causing his cock to fill. The tight-fitting T-shirt the man wore showcased his muscles perfectly. There was no doubt in Gibson’s mind the Adonis before him would star in his jerk-off fantasies for a long time to come.

Several men who’d flanked Talon started to step forward at Gibson’s introduction but a growl reverberated through the foyer, stopping everyone in their tracks before they all stepped back. It wasn’t a surprise when all the men tilted their heads in submission to Talon, for the warning had been clear. Stay away.

What Gibson didn’t understand was the reason for the warning. Gibson wasn’t a threat, so why couldn’t the men greet him? And why did that growl make him want to get on his knees before the man but for a whole different reason?


* * *


“Out.” Talon only spoke the one word, but everyone except Gibson scrambled to obey.

When it was just the two of them, Talon started forward. His steps were measured, predatory. Talon was a hawk shifter, Gibson, a ferret shifter, his prey. Hazel eyes widened as Gibson watched Talon move toward him. When the man realized what Talon was doing, Gibson took a step back for every one Talon took forward.

His pulse raced in excitement as Talon hunted down his mate. The sweet scent of cinnamon rolls had filled his lungs as soon as Talon had entered the foyer. For a few brief seconds, he’d been elated to find his mate, but then the reality of the situation crashed into him. They were at war with an unknown faction. Someone was trying to kill them and they, other than some educated guesses, had no idea who their enemy was.

To have his mate in danger had his hawk ready to tear out the throats of anyone who dared to threaten Gibson. But fate, being the bitch she was, had decided to give him his mate now, when Talon wasn’t sure he could keep the man safe. Not that he didn’t appreciate finding his mate, but the timing sucked.

When the others had started to close in on Gibson to greet their new chef, Talon had snapped out of his thoughts enough to order them from the room. There was no way he was allowing them near his mate. Irrational? Maybe, but at that moment, his Hawk was trying to claw his way out to claim their man.

Talon growled low when Gibson’s back hit the wall. With his prey trapped, Talon had to stop himself from pouncing. Instead he kept his steps steady until he was barely an inch away from his mate. Dipping his head into Gibson’s neck, he took a lungful of the man’s scent. His already hard cock twitched at the smell of warm cinnamon and sugar. Needing a taste, he let his tongue lick against heated skin. He groaned when Gibson’s sweetness exploded across his taste buds.

“Wh–What d–do you think you’re doing?” Gibson’s asked in a husky voice.




Gibson flipped all of Talon’s switches. Big expressive eyes that burned with desire just about broke Talon’s resolve to go slow. Only his desire to give to his mate time had Talon able to control himself.

Talon smiled down at his mate. He placed his hand around the nape of Gibson’s neck to draw him closer. “I’m sure you know about mates from Zeke but I need you to understand, once I claim you there will be no turning back. You’ll be mine, body and soul.” He knew his words might scare off Gibson but Talon was a dominate man. Hiding it wouldn’t do either of them any good.

Hazel eyes flashed with fire. “As long as you understand, you’ll belong to me, body and soul, also.”

A huge smile crossed Talon’s face as he realized just how strong his mate was. “Got it, sweetness.”

He leaned down to kiss that lush mouth but Gibson leaned away from him. Gibson stood there with a look of contemplation for several moments. Worried his mate had changed his mind about mating, Talon waited Gibson out.

Finally Gibson said, “I’m not sure I like that nickname, but for now I’ll let it go.” Pushing up on his tiptoes, his mate slammed their mouths together for breath-stealing kiss.

Tongues dueled for dominance until Gibson finally capitulated. The fact that his mate didn’t easily give just inflamed Talon more. When his mate finally did surrender, Talon couldn’t deny the thrill of victory that surged through his veins.

Needing to touch more skin, his hands quickly pulled Gibson’s shirt over his head. Talon lips trailed down his mate’s neck. A gasp of pleasure told him he’d hit a hot spot. He continued to nip the area where he would mark his mate as his.

For several minutes he nipped, licked, and sucked the sensitive area all the while divesting Gibson of his pants. Thankfully Gibson had already kicked off his shoes, for Talon had forgotten to remove them first. If he didn’t find a way to calm down, he’d end up rushing this, but for the life of him, Talon wasn’t sure how to slow down. Gibson was everything he’d ever imagined in a mate and he wanted to bury himself in the man.

His hands roamed over the creamiest skin he’d ever felt. The texture was like pure silk, it was so soft. When his hands reached Gibson’s ass, he couldn’t help kneading those muscular globes as he spread them apart while one finger rubbed against that puckered hole.

His mate’s head rolled back on his shoulders while his ass arched back into Talon’s touch. A deep groan spilled from Gibson’s kiss-swollen lips. Gods, his mate was breathtaking. He pulled Gibson closer once more so their groins were rubbing against each other.

“Oh fuck!” Gibson exclaimed. “That feels so good.”

Talon couldn’t take his eyes off his mate as he started to thrust against him. The friction on his prick was mind blowing. Gibson would thrust forward, then arch back to get more pressure from Talon’s finger against his hole. Talon let him continue his beautiful dance as those hips moved to music only Gibson heard.

As much Talon wanted to see his mate fall apart in his arms, he wanted them naked first. Reluctantly, he pulled his hands from that perfect ass. Gibson’s whimper of denial almost had him changing his mind. Forcing himself to take a step back, Talon sucked in air at the perfection before him.

It was all lean muscle and silky smooth skin with one small exception, nipple rings. Reaching out with one hand, he flicked the one on the right. His mate gasped. “Do you shave?” Talon asked even as he flicked the other ring.

A pretty blush crept up Gibson’s neck going into his cheeks even as his chest arched for more of Talon’s touches. “I had it removed permanently.”

There were laser treatments that would allow someone to never have to shave but he’d never actually met anyone who’d done it. Of course he’d never cared enough to ask anyone before. He had to admit it was sexy as fuck. Licking his lips, he asked, “Everywhere?”

Seeing the lust in Talon’s gaze, Gibson’s lips turned up while his eyes flashed mischief. Instead of a verbal answer, he turned around bent over, showing his hairless rosebud.

Talon groaned loudly. He had to thump his cock hard to stop himself from spurting in his jeans. As it was, they were wet as his cock was dripping a steady stream of pre-cum. No longer able to take this slowly, he ripped his own clothes off his body. When he saw Gibson staring at him with his mouth wide open he gave his mate a wicked smile

“Fuck me,” his mate whispered.

Talon couldn’t deny the rush of pleasure at his mate’s reaction. “That’s the plan,” he told Gibson before picking him up and throwing him on the bed.

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