Tanner and Shade

Demon Elite 4

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 34,050
3 Ratings (5.0)

Finn made a big mistake once and he’s still paying for it. Not only was the man already married to someone else—it turned out the man was also a psychopath, and he’s still hunting Finn. Finn thinks he’s safe enough at the lakehouse mansion, though. After all, he does live with a group of assassins, and each one would do just about anything to protect him, especially two very special men Finn should not be looking at with dreamy eyes. When his past catches up with him in a local park, it’s Shade and Tanner to his rescue. He doesn’t intend to make the same mistake twice, but intentions go right out the window when it comes to these two Demon Elite members.

Tanner and Shade
3 Ratings (5.0)

Tanner and Shade

Demon Elite 4

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 34,050
3 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Latrisha Waters

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Being the third wheel on his brother’s date was an all-time low for Finn. The park was perfect for having lunch, though. This was actually a good idea, and Finn gave props to Wolf for thinking of it. It would have been romantic but, yeah, the third wheel thing sort of killed that for them.

Still, the sun warmed his skin just enough to provide comfort, and the sky was clear. Minus the damn bee that kept flying around his head, it was perfect. He waved his hand at the bug when it buzzed close to his ear. Fucking bug. When the thing wouldn’t go away, he looked around for something to kill it with. Annoy me and you shall die.

Why Finn turned evil all of a sudden, he didn’t know, but focusing on the bug was better than watching Wolf make out with his brother, which was all kinds of disgusting. Finn untied his shoe, prepared to use it as a weapon of bee destruction. He took it off, holding it in his hand, staying as still as a statue, waiting for the bee to settle somewhere.

It landed on his leg a second later and Finn finally got a good look at the thing. He watched it. The back half of the little guy’s body lifted and then fell again. “Well, aren’t you kinda cute? Plus, there’s no telling where the bottom of my shoe has been. I’m not sticking that thing on my leg. You, little buggy, I don’t mind. But bacteria scare me.”

“This is the beginning of you losing your shit over Mom’s death, isn’t it?”

Finn flipped Liam off, mostly at being reminded of her death in the first place. Couldn’t he have one conversation with a bee without someone thinking he was going mentally insane? So far, not thinking about her was working out good for him. He hadn’t cried, which was a good thing, since he hated doing it.

Wolf kissed Liam on the neck, which was disgusting in a sweet sort of way. It didn’t get any better when Liam giggled. Yes, his spunky bad-ass older brother actually giggled like a high school girl flirting with the jock prom king.

Finn wished he’d brought his own blanket.

Watching his brother in the honeymoon phase of his relationship might be mildly disturbing at times, but Finn liked this version of Liam. The happy, doesn’t-take-life-so-seriously-anymore person Liam had become since meeting Wolf gave Finn hope that life would get better. Once he wasn’t a wanted man anymore, maybe he’d be able to go back to school and finish his degree. Get a place of his own and get his life back again.

Of course, everything would be different now that Mom was gone.

And there he went again, thinking about her. He had a picture in his mind of her hovering over Richard, ready to do his bidding. He never thought he would actually prefer to think of her that way. That had been her natural state of being for most of his childhood.

“Why’d you have to bring it up, Liam?”

“Because you need to process it.”

“Not in the middle of the park with a shit ton of people around, I don’t.”

Speaking of people, there was a man near the small pond off to his left who kept staring at him. He sat at a park bench with a book in his hand. “Hey, do you guys see that man over there? He’d be at like four o’clock for you.”

“Gray shirt and cargo shorts?” Wolf asked.

“Yeah. He’s been staring at me, and I’m getting creeped out.”

Wolf nodded. “Yeah, he’s been there for over an hour and hasn’t turned one page of that book he’s been holding.”

“You are eerily observant, do you know that?” Especially since Finn had just noticed him ten minutes ago.

Wolf grinned. “It’s a job requirement.”

Wolf pulled out his phone, typing away at it. He looked at something over Finn’s shoulder.


“Nothing. Don’t worry about it for now.”

It didn’t even take ten minutes for the Cavalry to show up. He watched as Shade and Tanner crossed the lawn, their wide steps eating up the distance. The two men couldn’t be more different if they tried. At least Finn thought they were opposites, even though they were about the same height and seemed to dress alike sometimes. Tanner had a leaner build then Shade’s, though. Because of that, Finn could always tell when Tanner was wearing one of Shade’s shirts or vice versa. Shade had on a black t-shirt that stretched across his chest, displaying all those delicious muscles. It was a bit too tight for him in the arms, so it probably belonged to Tanner. The black shouldn’t look good on Shade, not with his hair so dark it was almost black, and his brown eyes, but he had a tan that seemed to deepen when he wore dark colors. Tanner had on a deep purple shirt and black jeans that hugged his legs. Both articles of clothing clearly belonged to him. They fit him in all the right places.

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