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Taydelaan (FFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 21,130
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[Ménage and More: Erotic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, F/F/M]

Kayla has been hurt before so it feels very safe to secretly fall a little in love with her best friend and her best friend’s husband.

Jessica and David have a few secrets of their own, and the fact that they’ve both fallen in love with Kayla is probably the least shocking of them. They’ve been searching for their Taydelaan, or third, the one who completes them, but they found Kayla instead, and no matter how sensible it should be to walk away, neither Jessica nor David wants to. They love Kayla and are willing to alter their plans for the future just to stay with her.

But in an effort not to hurt the woman they love, they’ve left out a few essential details. When Kayla finds out and their world comes crashing down, will they be able to convince her she is exactly where she belongs?

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
I am not a huge sci-fi fan, but anything by Rachel Clark works for me! Kayla's insecurities makes her want to keep her love for David and Jessica a secret. Imagine her shock when she learns their secr...

- Nona Raines

I'm not normally a fan of anything with F/F scenes but the premise of the story caught my attention and I couldn't resist buying the book - and I'm so glad I did. The story is imaginative, intriguin...

- too.many.cats

Professional Reviews

4 CUPS: "I really enjoyed reading Taydelaan! Scifi romance is one of my favorite genres, and Ms. Clark does not disappoint. The storyline is totally believable, and the emotions expressed in this tale are so strong this reader had tears in her eyes through much of it. The sex is explosive and riddled with emotions up and down the scale from sorrow to joy. Ms. Clark definitely has a way with words and I for one am going to be putting her on my autobuy list. You do not want to miss this one folks, it’s out of this world, literally!" -- Regina, Coffee Time Romance


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“I don’t understand.” Kayla stood, hands on hips, shaking her head violently. “It doesn’t make any sense. If you both love me, why were you packed and ready to leave?”

“That was a mistake, baby. We’re not leaving. We’re staying here with you.”

“But you were going to leave me behind.”

Kayla couldn’t quite get her head around the alien thing, so she’d decided to concentrate on the confession they’d made about both loving her. Although, at this moment, the alien thing seemed far more plausible than these two happily married people wanting her in their relationship.

“Kayla,” Jessica began as she wrapped her arms around Kayla’s waist. “We were faced with a tough decision, and we made the wrong one. Please let us make it up to you. We’re not going anywhere, I promise you.”

“But what about your furniture, all of your clothes and…and stuff? You gave it all away. How will you live here now?”

David laughed, the deep rumble tickling against her back as he pulled both women into his embrace. “We can start over. It’s not like we haven’t done it before.”

“Where were you going again?” Okay, this was the hard part, really. Alien was simply not a word she associated with real life. Who would have guessed that all those sci-fi books and movies she’d loved so much would somehow infiltrate her reality?

Oh, hell.

“Am I having a breakdown or something?” She meant for it to sound like a joke, like she had no real belief that it could be true, but her voice came out sounding small and pathetic and very, very worried. Jessica hugged her tighter.

“No, Kayla. This is real. We are real, and what we feel for you is real.”

“Kayla, honey, we come from a planet called Sesturia. It takes approximately six Earth weeks to get there. One day, we’d love for you to visit with us and meet our families.”

“It really is a beautiful planet, and there are quite a few humans among the population these days.” Kayla could feel Jessica’s smile against her neck, and she shivered when the woman kissed the sensitive spot just below her ear. “Say you’ll think about it.” Jessica kissed the same spot, this time nibbling gently with her teeth. “Tell me what you feel right now.”

Giggling a little from the ticklish feeling, Kayla said the words in her heart. “I feel happy and nervous and frightened and curious and pretty much overwhelmed. I’m still kind of wondering if I’m having a delusional breakdown.” She pulled away so she could see both of their faces, smiled to lessen the seriousness of that last confession, and then continued. “But most of all, I feel loved. Are you sure you want to include me in your relationship?”




“Are Sesturians telepathic?”

“Not as a rule. No.” Jessica answered just a little too quickly, and Kayla could’ve sworn she felt David tense even more behind her. Something inside her shied away from looking too closely at that answer, but she was about to ask more when Jessica spoke up and returned them to the other matter at hand.

“Kayla isn’t really sure she wants us staying with her just yet.” 

“Not sure how?” David asked, his voice sounding strained. “You don’t want to live with us, or you don’t want us to live here?”

“Both, I think.” Kayla was really glad she wasn’t facing him at the moment. She could just imagine the hurt he must be feeling. He seemed so eager to move their relationship forward that she almost capitulated, but past experience held her back. “Just for a while. Just until we can be sure this is what we all want. I don’t want to rush into anything and ruin the best friendship I’ve ever had.”

Husband and wife must’ve done that communicating-with-a-look thing again, because David loosened the death grip he had around her waist and nuzzled the back of her neck again. “Okay, you two go to work, and I’ll spend the day tracking down and buying the furniture we gave away yesterday. Except the bed. I’m going to find the biggest, most comfortable bed I can, and tonight Jessica and I are going to do our best to convince you to stay in it with us. Okay?”

She nodded in his arms, smiling slightly as he kissed her neck and pressed his hard cock against her bottom.

“But right now, we have at least an hour before we need to get up. Any ideas on what we could do to fill in the time?” Jessica asked. With an evil-sounding chuckle, David rolled Kayla under him, pressing the hard evidence of his arousal against her mound. He threaded a hand through Jessica’s hair and pulled her closer for a heart-stealing, breathtaking kiss that obviously affected Jessica as much as just watching it did to Kayla.

By the time David lifted his head, they were all panting hard, and Kayla’s pussy was throbbing for his possession. She lifted her hips, rubbing her wet slit against his rock-hard cock. David grinned as he slid unhurriedly into her body.

He fucked her slowly, leisurely, like they had all the time in the world. Jessica ran her tongue around and over Kayla’s stiff nipples lazily before biting down hard. Kayla yelped at the unexpected sting, and David burst into sudden motion, slamming into her over and over. She was about to peak when he suddenly pulled out and moved away. She gasped in surprise, left hanging on the verge of orgasm.

David smiled wickedly, moved over Jessica, lifted her legs over his shoulders and thrust hard and deep. Jessica moaned in obvious pleasure as he roughly pounded into her. Turned on beyond belief, Kayla thrust her fingers into her own pussy, finger-fucking herself as her lovers fucked each other. David saw her movement and growled deep in his throat. Startled, her fingers slid out of her pussy.

“Ours,” he growled as he maneuvered Jessica so that she could reach Kayla’s pussy. Jessica’s slim fingers slid into Kayla’s aching flesh, David’s jolting movements rubbing her wrist against Kayla’s swollen clit. David grinned as he slammed into Jessica over and over. Kayla felt her orgasm build. David’s rhythm grew faster. Jessica cried out as climax took her.

Then he stopped. Lay there on top of Jessica. Holding her tight. Whispering his love as Kayla tried to stifle her moan of frustration. She tried wiggling her hips, trying to get Jessica’s now relaxed fingers deeper into her, but Jessica pulled them away. Kayla’s own hands moved to her pussy, desperation zinging through her at the first touch on her clit.

But David’s hand was there, stilling her movement as he growled low in his throat and moved to lie on top of her. Jessica rolled closer to snuggle against Kayla as David once again slid slowly into her aching slit.

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