Teacher's Pet

The G.A. Hauser Collection, LLC

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 57,060
1 Ratings (5.0)

When twenty-two year old Jeremy West decided to take a few art classes in addition to his computer engineering degree, he had no idea that one of his professors would knock him off his feet. Professor Peter Foster, a young handsome and talented thirty-four year old professional artist, put Jeremy into heat every time he sat in his lecture hall or attended his sculpture class.

Soon, Jeremy's good looks caught his teacher's eye. Finding a way to meet with him after class, Jeremy learns that the object of his desire is living with a young woman he married on one drunken night in Reno a year ago.

A relationship becomes inevitable as the two find the physical attraction they share too much to deny. They begin a secret affair together until suspicion is aroused and rumors begin to circulate campus. A relationship between them was inevitable, but will Peter make the changes in his life to open the door for this new love? Or will he be simply just another favored student, the teacher's pet?

Teacher's Pet
1 Ratings (5.0)

Teacher's Pet

The G.A. Hauser Collection, LLC

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 57,060
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Jeremy is a 22 years old college student. From a middle class family, handsome and friendly, he is like thousands of other students. But Jeremy has a secret: he likes men. Born in a conservative family, he has always thought that his being gay is a drama, something he needs to hide to no lose all his friends and the love of his family. Plus, told be truth, his family is not at all the supportive American family you see in television fiction: a spoilt sister, a father who borders on alcoholism and a mother who not loses a chance to make him feeling ungrateful.

But when Jeremy sees his art teacher, Peter, he is taken. Peter is a 34 years old successful artist who accepted a work as college professor to prove to his family that he has a worthy work. Not that like an artist he isn't doing good money, but being an artist is not a "real" work. Plus Peter is a divorced man, newly wedded to a too young bitch: a woman he has married in a drunken night in a fast marriage chapel in Las Vegas.

Both Jeremy or Peter haven't noble reasons to do what they done. Jeremy is a horny young man who has the hots when he sees his professor; when he learns that the object of his desires is married, he feels a bit of pain, but not regret and this little fact means nothing to his intention to seduce the handsome professor. And Peter doesn't think twice to engage in a relationship with a much younger man, one of his student. And the fact that he is married seems not important since the wife is a spoilt bitch who deserves only to be thrown out of his bed.

Reading this you could rightly think that I don't like Jeremy or Peter... and you are wrong! I like them both, cause they are "real", they are not the fake perfect heroes of an usual romance. And also the supporting characters, in their exasperated characterization, are perfect. Everything in this romance is amplified to excess, but it's only a means to underline how the characters are "normal" and "day-to-day": don't miss the family's quarrels of Jeremy, or the jealousy's scenes of Peter's wife.

I like very much G.A. Hauser's style, all her characters are so full of faults: when Jeremy is asked to go home to support his father in a difficult moment, he regrets the lost chance to have a weekend of sex with his lover; when Peter has to face an inequity treatment, not only toward him, but also toward him being gay, he doesn't raise his head in an impetus of rightful indignation, but simple turn his shoulders and go away... Peter and Jeremy are not heroes, they are like the men you cross on the street every day, maybe only a little more handsome!

Reviewer: Elisa Rolle

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Jeremy grabbed some clay and started building it up on the bare wires.

Peter walked to a black board and grabbed a piece of chalk. "Look at the obvious lines!" He drew an X on the board. "Shoulder to hip! Shoulder to hip! See it? Make that gesture drawing out of clay. Come on, we don't have all day!" He dropped the chalk back on the ledge and moved directly behind his favorite student.

Jeremy picked up his pace and smashed handfuls of gooey plasticine against the form, seemingly avoiding looking at the naked woman at all cost.

As Peter's body heat and a scent mingled with Jeremy's from behind, Peter could almost sense Jeremy's skin prickle with chills. Smiling to himself sadly as Jeremy paid absolutely no attention to the poor model and pretended to mold a figure blindly, he asked curiously, "What the hell are you doing?"

"Hmm?" Jeremy jumped in surprise and twisted around to him.

"Are you even looking at her?" Peter shook his head in amazement.


"Where's the gesture? You see her shoulders slanting?"

Jeremy leaned around his work and looked at her finally. "Yes."

"Show me."

He took some clay and started shaping it.

"Better," Peter breathed in his ear softly, then patted his lovely tight bottom.


By the time Jeremy twisted around to acknowledge it, he had moved on to the next student. Grinding his teeth, wanting to feel those hands on him again, he fought with himself to build up the courage he needed to call him. He just had to call him.

During a break for the model, Jeremy made his way closer to Peter as he worked on one of the other student's sculptures. Several others were out in the halls or talking together in class.

"There, that's it. You see?" he asked the girl. She just nodded at him, a dreamy look on her face which Jeremy was beginning to resent.


Once Peter noticed him standing there smiling at him, he smiled back, then nodded for him to move away from the few who were hanging around them. When they had some privacy he asked, "You okay, Jeremy? Or should I say, is your ‘friend' okay?"

"It's me. Not a friend."

"No kidding," he whispered, then smiled sweetly.

"Uh, can I call you later tonight? I mean, it's Friday night and I just thought—"

"You are welcome to call." Peter couldn't hide his enthusiasm.

"Oh. I just thought your wife..."

"You don't worry about it. If you need to talk to me, call." Peter would worry about Linda later.

"What time?"


"No. I mean, so I don't catch you busy, or eating dinner."

Mechanically, Peter checked his watch. "Seven?"


A reassuring wink and a nod, and Peter shouted, "Okay, people! Back to work! Louise, back to posing! Come on, chop, chop!" He clapped his hands.


Jeremy walked over to his easel, a contented smile on his face. Seven, he repeated in his mind. Seven.

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