Tempestuous (MF)

Incessant Passions 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 32,169
5 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA]

Michelle Englehurst finally has her dream job working in a tropical paradise doing what she loves. A routine day at work proves to be more than what it seemed. Her new client Brad Conrad is charming, handsome, and causes a reaction in her like no other man has.

Brad is on a forced vacation by his father, who claims he’s overworked. Begrudgingly, he takes his sabbatical with no intention of enjoying himself. A chance encounter with a woman he can’t get out of his mind changes Brad’s workaholic ways. He finds himself extending his trip and doing everything in his power to spend more time with her.

For days and then weeks the two of them walk a fine line of casual friendship to lascivious intentions. With time working against the two, they are faced with two choices, take a chance or throw caution to the wind and be…tempestuous.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Tempestuous (MF)
5 Ratings (4.8)

Tempestuous (MF)

Incessant Passions 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 32,169
5 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
These are the kinds of books which make me love to read. Excellent work by Nicole Morgan. Definitely won't be my last book by her.
Sensuous Reviews
I read this book before I knew there was a first one, and I never read an erotica romance but loved this one. I'm going to have to buy book 1 right away!



With only a towel to shield him from her vision, Michelle could hear her subconscious screaming at her to reach out and yank the towel away. Her blush grew from her illicit thoughts. She quickly pushed her unprofessional fantasies aside and hoped the blush would only be seen as embarrassment from her clumsiness and nothing more.

“No, it’s okay…I’ve…Ouch!” As they both bent over to pick up some towels, they managed to butt heads. She didn’t know which had stunned her more, the sudden bang against her forehead or looking up to see his face, his lips just a whisper away. For a moment Michelle just stared at him. First his lips, then her gaze went up to his eyes. Their hazel color looked exotic. The mixture of bright green and rich brown reminded her of the feathers of a male peacock. It was nearly enough to hold her in a trance.

“Are you okay? I’m sorry. I hope you don’t get a bump,” Brad said.

He reached over and brushed his thumb across her reddened forehead. The gentle and innocent gesture made her nipples pucker. She wished that his fingers were caressing her breasts and not her face. Her naughty thoughts always got her in deeper with him, so she quickly moved away in an effort to increase the distance between them.

“Oh, I’m fine.”

Her hurried and less than graceful movements only made matters worse. Somehow, she managed to step on a bottle of lotion as she hurriedly picked up something else. The next thing she knew, he was muttering a curse word as she looked up to see a steady stream of white cream shooting in the air like a fountain as it landed right on top of his head. If the scene had been shown on America’s Funniest Home Videos, Michelle was sure she would’ve taken home the grand prize.

With wide eyes she apologized to him. “I’m so sorry, Mr. Conrad. I’m a complete klutz. I’m…”

He grinned, reaching over to place his index finger to her mouth. With a small smile, he said, “You’re human, Michelle. It’s no big deal. And look here, you’ve made the extra towels readily accessible for just such an occasion like this. Granted, I’d rather you had just handed me a towel, but I’ve gotta give you an A for effort.”

Michelle watched as he motioned to the mess on the floor and gave her a polite smile. He was so nice, so kind and understanding, that sometimes she forgot her body craved him. There were times, just like now, where she wondered what it would be like to date someone like him. He was confident, charming, sexy as all get-out, and so compassionate she wanted to reach out and grab on to him just so she could snuggle into his arms.

It took everything she had not to stare at him starry-eyed like he was some sort of movie-star heartthrob as he wiped the lotion from his hair with one of the towels. She could find absolutely no flaws in the man. He exuded sexiness, exhibited masculinity, and was so damn nice she could almost cry. Time and time again he tried to calm her nerves with casual chat. If only he knew what he did to her, there would probably be a giant, Mr. Conrad-shaped hole in the door as he ran for his life.

“Thank you. I’m normally not such a klutz.”

He shrugged. “No worries. Now, how about my massage?”

“Of course.” Michelle smiled, motioning toward the table.

She turned away to give him privacy. Although to be honest, she had to admit that it was as much for her self-restraint as anything else. If she caught a delightful peek at his ass once more or even a teasing glimpse of his cock, she might forget all her ability to walk and talk and turn into a drooling cave woman only able to make unintelligible sounds for communication.

Once he was lying comfortably on the table with his head down in the face cradle, only a tiny towel covered him. Michelle turned back and stared at him for a moment. His skin was tanned to perfection, and the gentle slope of his back leading down to his ass looked like it had been chiseled from the finest marble.

“I’ve been looking forward to this massage all morning,” he said.

So have I. She was glad that her voice didn’t betray her and say the words aloud.

“I’ll pick up the rest of this later. Just give me a moment to turn on one of the relaxation CDs and I’ll get started. Do you have any particular preference today?”

“Actually, can you leave it off this time? It’s always nice in the background, but I like it better when we just talk.”

“Oh, of course. Whatever pleases you, Mr. Conrad.”

She made an attempt to sound casual but feared that she failed. The thought of actually pleasing him sent liquid heat through her body, starting in her womb and radiating outward in waves of urgency.

Get your head right. She reached for the bottle of coconut oil—his oil of choice—and then applied a generous amount to her palm. She worked it between her hands and realized she needed more. Reaching for the bottle she began squirting more when his words stunned her.

“Are you trying to kill me with anticipation? Put those magical hands to good use and start rubbing already.”




Her soft and sweet voice begging him was his undoing. He should have been slow and gentle. He should have eased himself inside her entrance with care and patience. There were a million things he should have done, but in that moment in time, he failed at them all.

In one thrust, he slid inside her. The tightness he had felt around his finger was nothing compared to the intensity he felt as her pussy clenched around his cock. He shouted in both pleasure and pain as his dick throbbed and his balls drew up tight. His orgasm was just lingering beneath the surface, threatening to come if he dare moved.

Her insides were trembling as the walls of her pussy squeezed onto his cock, pumping him. He was completely lost to the slick vise which held him so intently. She was in control, and he was her prisoner. Nothing else mattered as the outside world as he knew it floated away.

He wasn’t even aware his eyes were shut until he felt the gentle tickle of her fingertips raking his stomach. His vision was blurry when he first blinked and tried to focus his gaze on her. After a few attempts he could see her clearly. Her eyes were swimming and looked like there was a dangerous storm of the richest dark chocolate swirling around inside them.

No longer did she look nervous and uncertain. Now she looked magnificent. Better than magnificent, she looked stunning. Her hair was haphazardly lying around her face and landed in a tangled mess against the pillow under her head.

Her plump and delicious lips that he had kissed only a few times, but already knew so well, were pursed together in a silent moan of pleasure. Her cheeks were flushed, her nipples turgid, and they looked like they could be made of stone, the way they stood at attention just like his cock. He knew how wrong he was, how sweet those rosy-colored nubs tasted while he worked them in his mouth with his tongue and between his teeth.

The thought made him crave to taste her somewhere else, somewhere he was snugly nestled inside. Even though he would probably give up his life’s fortune to taste the sweet juice of her pussy, he wasn’t leaving from where he was. She made his cock feel too damn good with the sweet anguish her tight channel was causing. The pleasure far outweighed the pain of trying to hold back.

She whimpered and flexed her hips, obviously trying to get him to move with her. Fuck, he was barely holding on as it was. If he moved even a little, if he allowed her compact, little pussy to caress his cock, if only for a second, he was a goner. He forced himself to regain control. He hadn’t been this helpless to a woman’s pussy since he was sixteen years old.

Shit, he was pissed at himself. Please her, damn it! Make her feel good! You finally have her, so don’t be a selfish prick and get off before she does.

She continued to move her hips. Her head was moving from side to side against the pillow. Her focus was no longer on him as she tried desperately to work his dick in and out of her.

The slight motion she was able to create was bringing that familiar itch he knew all too well. It crawled through his insides, poking at every nerve ending in his body, screaming to him to fuck her until he no longer felt the agony of holding on.

He refused to give in to it yet. With a shaky hand, he slid his finger through the moist folds of her pussy. Her clit, already swollen, was easy to find, and as he barely touched it, her whole body shook and she screamed.

Her shriek was unlike anything he had ever heard. The way her body bucked under the tiniest, little touch made her look like some sort of mythical creature sent down from the heavens to teach the world how glorious sex could be. His balls cursed him for making them hold on when he was so close.

With increased pressure, he circled her clit once again then flicked his thumb on the center of it, paying special attention to the throb he could feel emanating from it. She was close, so close he forgot about his own agony and focused on her, needing to watch and see her fall under his ministrations.



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