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The Alpha's Forbidden Mate (MF)

Blood Moon Lynx

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 47,180
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Even though male lynx shifter Arizona Collins knows choosing a human as a mate comes with complications, one look into Gillian Wallis’s eyes and he knows she is his mate. As he and Gillian adjust to mated life in their remote village, it’s not her humanness that gives them grief. It’s one of Arizona’s best friends, Stone, who first pulls away and then disappears.

Gillian knew that taking Arizona as her mate would plunge her into a world law school never prepared her for, but no man ever made her feel the way Arizona does. She loves him with a passion she didn’t know was inside her. But when he and Canyon, another best friend, finally discover where and with whom Stone has been hiding, a threat from a neighboring village comes with it. A threat that has Arizona racing against time to save his mate.

Be Warned: anal sex, spanking, rimming, bondage

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No man had ever captivated Gillian the way this one did. She couldn’t stop staring at his naked body. The human part was all muscle, but not gross, overly-defined muscles. These were sleek and perfect. Tats of a design she couldn’t identify covered his torso and upper arms.

Every few seconds, his face shifted from a human look to a lynx one. At first it had freaked her out, but now that took a back seat to the rest of him. His legs were lean and long, and his cock was swollen, red, and dripping with pre-cum. Gillian swallowed hard as she imagined it inside her. She wanted it to fill her mouth, her pussy, and her ass. She wanted that so badly she could hardly breathe.

This had never happened to her before. This need to be possessed by a man. She didn’t understand it, but it wasn’t a frightening thought. Instead, she realized she’d never been so excited about sex. None of the encounters she’d had before had ever filled her with such obsessive, hot desire.

As her gaze finally roamed back to his face, and those intense dark eyes, she smiled. “I guess it’s safe to say we each find the other desirable.”

A short laugh escaped his throat. Or it could have been a growl. She wasn’t sure. “That’s an understatement. I don’t know where to go first.”

“Same here.”

The air in the room felt charged, as if there was a storm outside. Gillian didn’t need to glance out the window to know there was no storm. The energy she felt—this unbridled lust—came from her and Arizona.

Every fiber of her being ached for his touch. She wasn’t sure if she should make the first move, and as she watched the emotions cross his beautiful face, she realized she wouldn’t have to. The very second Arizona moved toward her, Gillian gasped as a profound change came over him. She finally understood what it meant for him to be an alpha shape shifter.

There was no time to react before Arizona crossed the small space between them and pulled Gillian into a bone-crushing embrace. She sucked in a deep breath, only to have it taken away when he captured her mouth in a kiss so hot, she was certain the entire room would catch fire.

Low growls escaped his throat as he shoved his tongue past hers, but instead of frightening her, the noises sent tiny jolts of electricity straight to her already-throbbing clit. Her pussy walls contracted, and a slow, deep orgasm began that was so powerful yet insidious, that Gillian had to grasp Arizona’s torso with both hands so she wouldn’t crumple to the floor.

The heat from his body was intoxicating. All those hard muscles pressed up against her skin, forcing loud moans from her throat as his mouth ravaged hers. She already knew he could kiss like no one’s business, but this … this was almost unbelievable. The man wasn’t human.

A giggle at her unintentional mental joke rose up amidst the moans, but if he noticed, he gave no indication of it. He dragged his hands through her hair, tugging just hard enough not to cause her actual physical pain, but enough to give her no doubt he intended to possess every inch of her body.

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