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The Ambassador's Accidental Marriage (FFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 21,726
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[Ménage and More: Erotic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, F/F/M, public exhibition, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

As an intergalactic ambassador representing Earth, Cindy Richards trained to deal with unusual situations, but being the bridesmaid to an unknown bride on a planet far away is definitely a new one.

Right from the start, things go wrong, but the realization that she is expected to join the couple in their marriage bed convinces Cindy something was definitely lost in translation.

Eric of Riley, firstborn son of King Adekai, and Loukie-riana of Ezra, firstborn daughter of King Gordenak, always knew that their union would involve a third person. Having their respective fathers collude and organize their third, their mubellabina, without them was disconcerting, yet once they meet the adorable human woman, they realize she is a perfect choice.

But when the error in translation is discovered, convincing Cindy they want her to stay proves quite difficult.

Seducing her just might be the answer.

They are married, after all…

A Siren Erotic Romance

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Adult Excerpt


They stopped near an outdoor setting, the huge recliner chairs larger than the average daybed on Earth. Loukie sat on the edge, and Cindy snuggled into her lover’s embrace. But strong arms lifted her away, pushing her onto her knees beside the bed. She smiled up at Eric, uncertain what he had planned, but enjoying the unexpected domination. Loukie moved off the lounge and knelt behind her, pressing against Cindy, helping her to balance as Eric stepped in front of her, his engorged cock just inches from her mouth. He ran his hand over her face, watching her expression as Loukie’s fingers found her pussy, pushing into her. Eric grabbed the back of her neck, guiding her lips to his cock, pushing into her mouth slowly.

“That’s it, mubellabina,” he groaned, “suck me deep into your beautiful throat.” She whimpered as Loukie’s other hand slid around her stomach, lifting the gossamer-like material of her dress, then diving lower to find her clit, flicking the nub while holding her upright, Eric’s cock pushing further into her.

Fireworks exploded in her belly as Eric groaned and pumped into her mouth, pushing harder, faster, heat rushing through her, her cream spreading down her legs, her muscles coiling even tighter. She suctioned onto him, loving the feel of him on her tongue, wanting to give him the same pleasure that he and Loukie gave her over and over. He caressed her face, the affection he felt for her obvious in his expression.

But then Loukie did something, pressed something against her pussy, the unexpected vibration making her gasp in surprise. Eric smiled and slid deeper down her throat, his groan of desire making their connection feel somehow more intimate. She was pleasing him, and put very simply, that pleased her. When Loukie increased the vibrations against her clit and lifted a hand to pinch her nipple through the material of her clothing, Cindy shook all over.

Eric pulled out of her mouth, pushing her face against the taut muscles of his thigh, as her orgasm began. He held her tighter as her entire body bucked against Loukie’s intimate touch. Every muscle quivered with release. Heat rolled through her, down her body, her blood pulsing loudly in her ears. Her heart pounded as she tried to regain her breath. She finally wrapped her arms around Eric’s legs, trying to hold herself up even as Loukie pushed her into another violent orgasm.

Breathless, shaking in reaction, Cindy gratefully leaned against Eric as Loukie held her up.

“On the recliner, mubellabina,” Eric ordered as Loukie nibbled on her ear. “Now.”

Eric helped her onto the chair large enough to be a bed, positioning her on her hands and knees. Loukie climbed onto the padded surface and stretched out in front of Cindy. Obviously impatient, Loukie dragged her dress straight up, exposing her pussy to Cindy’s hungry gaze.

Eric groaned, placed a large hand at the back of Cindy’s head, and pushed her face into Loukie’s dripping pussy.

“Taste her,” he ordered as he knelt behind her and positioned his cock at her dripping entrance, “while I fuck you.” His cock pushed straight into her, the muscles stretching around him, molding to his shape.

He held still, rammed to the hilt in her pussy, as Cindy desperately tried to concentrate enough to push a finger into Loukie’s dripping pussy and then lowered her head to lick her lover’s sweet juices. A long sweep of her tongue found Loukie’s clit, and she sucked the hard nub into her mouth.

Loukie squirmed beneath her, her excitement high, her need obvious. Cindy thrust her fingers in and out of Loukie’s pussy, feeling the muscles jump and pulse, convulsing around her. She flicked Loukie’s hard clit with her tongue, over and over. Loukie writhed mindlessly, moaning as her body begged for release.

Eric began pounding into Cindy, gripping her hips, demanding her response He pulled her hard onto his big cock, his balls slapping against her ass, his growls of desire filling the open garden. His hand found her clit, pulling, rubbing, flicking. Her body hummed, shaking her against Loukie, pushing her excitement impossibly higher.

Loukie’s release hit her hard, her body bucking wildly on the padded surface. Eric grabbed Cindy’s hips, pulling her harder toward him, grinding his groin against her ass, squeezing her clit, growling as he ordered her to come.

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