The Boy Next Door (MM)

The G.A. Hauser Collection, LLC

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 44,617
2 Ratings (4.5)

Brandon Townsend and Zachary Sherman were best friends and next-door neighbors. Growing up together in a cozy suburban town in New Jersey, they were inseparable and thought nothing could tear them apart. Then one night something happened between them, something that brought them even closer together…

They didn’t anticipate that what began as youthful sexual experimentation would lead them into an affair of the heart that would rock them to the core. Nor did they expect the danger of being discovered and separated by their families. At the time, neither Brandon or Zach realized that life would give them another opportunity.

Now, ten years later, a chance meeting brings them together again. Let best-selling gay fiction author G.A. Hauser take you on an unforgettable journey. A coming of age story about faith, about courage, and about trust…you’ll never forget The Boy Next Door.

The Boy Next Door (MM)
2 Ratings (4.5)

The Boy Next Door (MM)

The G.A. Hauser Collection, LLC

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 44,617
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Finally, Zach moved closer, their legs brushing under the cool water. In Brandon’s ear he breathed, “Remember when we were ten? In my closet, upstairs in my room?”

Instantly, Brandon did. “Oh…that.”

“Yeah…that,” Zach echoed. “I asked you if you knew why it got hard.”

Chuckling to himself, Brandon nodded. “We were such dorks.” Zach gripped Brandon’s hand under the water. Brandon’s eyes sprang wide open when he felt Zach leading it to his body. The minute Brandon felt Zach’s hard-on, he thought he would die inside.

“It’s hard again.”

“You…you…?” Brandon wanted to ask him something to clarify this act. Was this just as innocent as it was seven years ago? Just some experiment? Or was it something more.

“I what?” Zach inched closer, their legs began to interlock as they hovered in the water.

Brandon wanted to release the arm that was keeping him attached to the side of the pool, but they were in deep water and would sink. Before he could ask another question, Zach moved his left hand behind Brandon’s head and drew him to his lips.

At the first touch of Zach’s mouth, Brandon began sucking on the alcohol taste left by the beer and wine. The zinging sensation through his belly when their tongues touched was making him swoon. Parting from that hot mouth reluctantly, Brandon whispered, “Move to where we can stand.”

Even though it was closer to the back of the house, Zach nodded and tread water backwards until their feet felt the firm bottom. The minute Brandon could stand, he wrapped his arms around Zach’s neck and attached to Zach’s mouth again. Under the refreshing water, Brandon felt Zach’s cock, hard, pointing straight out, rubbing against his own. And that kiss. Never had Brandon imagined what a kiss would be like. You could see it a thousand times on television and in the movies, but until you kiss someone yourself, you can’t imagine the thrill. They couldn’t get enough of mashing their lips and tongues together. Brandon could hear Zach’s heavy panting as he, too, couldn’t seem to get enough air. A hand grasped Brandon’s dick. Surprised by the act, Brandon jerked his hips back in reflex, then relaxed as he felt Zachary’s hand moving the way Brandon had done to himself. Zach knew. Zach knew exactly how to do it.

Needing more oxygen before he passed out, Brandon parted from Zach’s mouth. He spread his legs wide as Zach’s hand worked him feverishly causing the water to ripple and splash gently. Unable to stop it, Brandon felt his body erupt with orgasmic chills. “I’m…I’m…” Brandon wanted to warn Zach, but Zach whispered, “Come…spurt…come…” Zach urged, moving his hand even faster.

A cloud of misty sperm ejaculated out of Brandon’s body. In the dim night lights of the pool it swirled around their hips and thighs like smoke.

“Do me…do me…” Zach found both of Brandon’s hands under the water and attached them to his cock.

Still spinning from his first non-self-induced climax, Brandon was gulping the air and his knees felt weak. With two hands he gripped Zach’s cock and instantly felt Zach pumping, thrusting into them. Trying to get his brain to stop feeling woozy and pay attention to what he was doing, Brandon opened his eyes and found a look on Zachary’s face that he couldn’t quite believe.

His head thrown back, his eyes sealed shut, Zach’s teeth were barred in the most lustful expression Brandon had ever seen. He held Zach’s cock tighter, jerking it off like he meant it. As he ogled that incredible boy’s face lit by moonlight and the pool’s ambient glow, Brandon watched the climax wash over Zachary. A burst of hot liquid hit Brandon’s hip, then quickly dispersed. Still holding tight to that pulsing cock, Brandon gazed at Zach’s eyes, waiting for them to open. When they did, Brandon felt like bursting he was so happy. Wrapping around each other, they once again met mouths, sucking and licking at each other’s tongues and teeth. They didn’t say anything. What was there to say?

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