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The Bride's Unexpected Change in Plans (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 25,602
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M elements, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

It was supposed to be her wedding day…

A broken promise shattered Kimberley’s dreams of a new life. Unable to get back to Earth and forbidden to stay without Desconian partners, Kimberley has no choice but to accept Ewin and Dayved’s offer to help.

In a culture so different from her own—where sexual exhibition is considered normal and the joyful exploration of carnal pleasures is actually encouraged—Kimberley finds herself falling for the men who teach her the Desconian lifestyle. A future with them is a wonderful dream, but they weren’t looking for a wife and she knows she needs to move on.

Dayved and Ewin didn’t know what was missing from their relationship until they invited Kimberley into their lives. Seducing the woman turns out to be lots of sexy fun, but convincing her that they actually love her? That could be much harder than they realized.

A Siren Erotic Romance

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I love this author and this series.

- Andi

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Finally after a good ten minutes of contemplating things she knew very little about, Kimberley realized she could hear people talking quietly in a room not far from where she was standing. Uncertain of her welcome, she crept closer to the doorway, hoping that she could hear a little of the conversation before blundering into a situation where she might not be welcome.

“I’ll talk to my father,” a woman’s voice said carefully, “but I can’t promise anything. It’s a very unusual request.”

“Well it’s a very unusual situation,” a male voice said. She was pretty sure it belonged to Ewin, the security guard who’d brought her to his home, but then another male voice spoke up.

“Surely someone has to be held accountable. They left her penniless, Loukie. She has nothing. They’ve left her destitute and they’re just walking away.”

“I know,” the female voice that she assumed was Loukie said in a sad tone. “I’m not happy about what happened either, but we have to go through the proper channels. Not even the kings can go changing laws without due process, and I doubt they can make it retroactive without a major backlash.”

“But they—” Whatever the man was going to say was cut off by Loukie.

“Dayved, I know you’re upset, but I think we have a good chance at changing the law to deal with Desconian couples who treat their mubella or mubellabina so poorly. It won’t help Kimberley, but it should ensure that if it happens again the human woman is treated with respect and given a chance to build a new life without having to return to Earth.”

“Hell, if the law won’t protect Kimberley then I will. Give me the name of her sponsors. I’ll make certain she is compensated for the way they’ve treated her.”

“Dayved,” Ewin said in a voice that sounded almost as upset as the other man’s, “we need to follow the law. You can’t just go intimidating someone because you don’t like something they’ve done.”

“Of course you’d take that attitude,” the other man said in a sad voice. “I just want Kimberley to be looked after.”

She’d heard enough. She wasn’t an abandoned child. She was a grown woman. She could take care of herself.

But as she stepped into the area where four people argued her fate, her confidence faltered.

She was on a planet a very long way from home, surrounded by strangers and left penniless by two people who’d convinced her they’d look after all the details.

“I…um…” Words escaped her as the reality of her situation started to sink in. Holy hell! How had she let herself be put in a position like this in the first place? Nothing had ever gone her way before. What malicious little demon had possessed her to believe it might work out this time? “I…um…I…please don’t upset Juna and Hollank. They just learned they’re having a baby. I don’t want to ruin that for them.”

“But what about you?” the man she hadn’t met demanded. “What about your rights? You were brought here under false pretenses. Why are you even defending them? It’s obvious that they didn’t care for you.”

“Enough,” Ewin growled at the other man. He moved to her side quickly, his arm going around her shoulders as he led her into the room and urged her to take a seat. “This is Loukie and Cindy. I introduced them to you last night. Do you remember?”

Kimberley nodded, suddenly feeling very shy.

“And the guy over there,” he said, tilting his head toward the other man in the room, “is my husband, Dayved.”

She looked over at him and nodded, but she couldn’t quite keep the tears from her eyes. Hell, was there something in this planet’s air that messed with her emotions? She hadn’t cried this much since her first day of kindergarten. She forced herself to smile at the man who loved the man she’d latched onto. It was obvious that he wasn’t happy. The last thing she wanted was to come between a happy couple.

“I’m sorry to be a bother. I can…um…” But again the hopelessness of her situation struck her. She very literally had no place to go.

“Oh, hell, sweetheart,” Dayved said as he rushed to sit beside her and put an arm around her shoulders, “you’re not a bother. Ewin and I both want you to stay with us, unless you…” He hesitated, glanced at the others, and then started to say something else that he didn’t finish. Finally he swallowed heavily and managed to get the words out. “Unless staying with us makes you uncomfortable. I mean we’ve already discussed moving one of the beds into a different room so that you can have some privacy. That’s what humans prefer, isn’t it? I mean, I’m not an expert on humans or anything, but I think… Well I was led to believe… Isn’t that the way you prefer it?”

Ewin smiled at the man indulgently and then moved to squat in front of the sofa where they both sat. He took one of Kimberley’s hands in his and placed the other on his husband’s knee. His hand skimmed over and over the same spot as if he was trying to soothe his husband’s agitation.

“Honey, I think you might have gotten the wrong impression when you first came in. Dayved is trying to get the kings to help you. He wants you here as much as I do. You’re very welcome to stay in our home for as long as you like.”

“But I thought I had to go home.” She almost shuddered at the word “home.” Earth wasn’t her home any longer. She’d been ridiculed and rejected by her friends for even contemplating moving to Descon. She was unlikely to be able to find employment anywhere when she got back. With everyone knowing almost everything about everyone else thanks to the removal of privacy laws on Earth, her travel to Descon would be one very big black flag against her name. She didn’t even want to consider the type of things that could happen once she was identified as a “fallen woman.”




“We want to see you naked,” he said as he lifted her shirt slowly. The clothing she wore on this planet was far more revealing than anything she could have worn on Earth, but suddenly it felt like she was way overdressed. He was watching her closely, probably waiting for her to freak out. She smiled and lifted her arms so that he could pull the material over her head.

Warm hands touched her softly, sliding over her skin and making her shiver with arousal. Her nipples tightened, her breasts feeling swollen and heavy as both men worshipped her with their hands and eyes.

“You’re very beautiful, Kimberley,” Dayved said as he took a position behind her and slid his hands around her waist. He rested his chin on her shoulder as they both watched Ewin lower himself to his knees. He grinned wickedly before leaning in and licking his tongue over her breast. She gasped in shock, the touch far more amazing than she’d ever expected. Holy heavens. Her knees wobbled as he sucked a nipple into his mouth, his tongue flicking over the taut bud, his other hand smoothing over her stomach and lower, the touch through thin material making her groan with need.

She could feel her pussy lips swelling, the faint fluttering and clenching sensation no longer bringing a feeling of shame. She could feel her juice flowing from her body, coating her pussy and the tops of her thighs, her body preparing her for a very natural and necessary celebration of life with two men she felt very deeply for.

She wrapped her arms around Ewin’s head, holding him to her breast, watching as he feasted on her as if she was the most delicious treat he’d ever been given. She was shivering all over when he moved away, the suction breaking with a loud pop. Her nipples throbbed, the feelings echoed below as she rubbed her thighs together, searching for relief but not knowing where to find it.

She whimpered pathetically.

“Shhh, baby girl,” he said as his hands moved to the waistband of her pants, “Dayved and I will take care of you.”

She nodded, sighing again as Dayved pressed sucking kisses and nibbling bites to her neck and shoulders. The contrast between slight stings and warm caresses was strangely appealing, but she gasped in shocked arousal when he threaded his hands through her hair and tightened his grip. Her pussy clenched, her cream pulsing onto her panties as he turned her head the way he wanted it and started kissing her savagely.

She barely registered Ewin pulling her pants to the floor until he groaned and ran his fingers through the soft curls at the apex of her thighs. She wanted to squeak in embarrassment, but Dayved kept kissing her even as Ewin pushed her legs farther apart and pressed his tongue to an amazingly sensitive spot. She panted into Dayved’s mouth as Ewin licked over the same place again and again and again.

Dayved broke the kiss, leaning over her shoulder to watch what his lover was doing.

“Look down,” he whispered to Kimberley. She was off-balance, only the strength of the two men holding her up. Overwhelmed with sensation, Kimberley tried to do as he asked, glancing down to see Ewin’s tongue slide and wiggle over the flesh normally hidden by her pubic hair. He’d pulled the lips wide with his fingers, his tongue unrelenting as he flicked over the swollen bud of her clit.

Holy heavens. She’s read about the clitoris. She’d had no idea how much pleasure the warm, wet touch of a tongue could have on one little part of her body. He knees wobbled, suddenly unable to hold her up at all. Ewin just growled against her clit, the deep vibration sending shockwaves all over her body. When she shook so hard she couldn’t hold herself up, he palmed her ass, lifting her to his mouth, keeping her suspended between them as he feasted on her pussy.

Ewin still held her around the waist, his strong arms holding her safely, securely, lovingly.

“Come for us,” he whispered against her ear. She nodded, wanting to give them what they wanted, uncertain how to go about it, her mind flashing to the sounds of ecstasy she’d heard on the instructional videos.

But then something incredible happened. Something so amazing that she couldn’t have described it if her life had depended on it. Her entire body began to shake, every muscle quivering, every nerve ending burning, every cell vibrating, her insides clenching, building, climbing, racing to a peak she’d never imagined. And then heat burst over her like lava, the feeling so shocking, so intense, that she cried out. Ewin pushed a finger inside her pussy, her body clamping down on his invasion, her breath catching as a second intense wave of pleasure washed over her, and then another and another and another.

They held her close, her body no longer shaking, her limbs feeling heavy, languid, her need sated but somehow also energized, renewed, expanded.

“Shhh, sweetheart, we’ve got you.”

She didn’t even realize she was crying until they lifted her onto the bed between them. They were both fully clothed, their cocks hard and pressing against the restrictive material. Dayved gentled her with soft touches and soothing strokes. Ewin watched her face, his lips still shiny with her juices, but his concern for her very clear in his eyes.

“Are you okay?” he asked with a soft smile.

“Never better,” she managed to force out between gulping breaths.

“Perfect,” he said and then leaned over to press a kiss to her lips. She was surprised by the tangy flavor. Somehow she’d never considered what her body’s natural lubricant might taste like.

“No fair,” Dayved said as they broke apart. “I guess I’ll just have to go get my taste from the source.”

She laughed at his exaggerated pout, but when he slid down the bed, wedged his shoulders between her thighs and dipped his tongue into her pussy, she gasped for air instead. Ewin stroked his large hands over her stomach, his gaze never leaving hers as his lover thrust his tongue deep into her pussy.

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