The Club 3: Waxed (MF)

The Club 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,199
6 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Interracial Consensual BDSM Romance, with M/M and F/F, voyeurism, public exhibition, paddling, caning, flogging, wax play, ice play, orgies, sex toys, HEA]
When Val Miller meets Erin Gale for the first time he is blown away by her.  Not only is she incredibly sexy, but she is gorgeous.  Everything he ever dreamed of—full figured with very long hair, he loves her wonderful lush curves.
Erin is already half way in love with Val but then the incredible sex sends her all the way.  When Val overhears part of a conversation he is sure Erin is just another woman who wants to make her friends jealous with a handsome boyfriend. 
He cannot face another disappointment being thought of as a "valentine present", so he runs.
Can his friends get through to him that he needs to take a risk with the woman he loves or will he turn his back on his chance of happiness?
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Club 3: Waxed (MF)
6 Ratings (4.0)

The Club 3: Waxed (MF)

The Club 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,199
6 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Another outstanding book in this series.




“Guess who is coming back here to the Club?”

Antony and Paul looked puzzled. Fleur already knew, but kept silent as the two men pondered who could be arriving back. Both shook their heads.

“The Valentine.”

“What! You’re joking!” Paul shouted laughingly. “Yahoo!”

“He’s coming back. When?” was Antony’s laughing response. “That’s great!”

Cassie and Lisa looked at each other in confusion until Paul spoke.

“There were seven of us, Antony, Richard, me, Ty, the twins Gabe and Marc, and Val. We were all at school together.” He grinned at the other two men. “We were kind of wild.”

“Ha, that’s putting it mildly,” said Richard.

“Ty, Gabe, Marc and Val all moved away over the years for their respective jobs,” Antony continued. “Val was the first to leave. We called him The Valentine because all the women had a secret crush on him and he was what every woman wanted for a present.”

Fleur spoke up. “They are just jealous. Girls, the man is gorgeous. Tall, forty-seven, dark chocolate skin, amazing body, and with a smile that could have you ripping off your clothes before you could take a breath.”

Richard laughed at his wife and agreed. “All true. In fact half the men in the Club were in love with him, too. Unfortunately, most women only saw him as a gorgeous guy that they could brag about with the friends. In the end, he went overseas because he could not stand the way women saw him as an object and not as a man. He is an engineer and was been working in third-world countries. We all kept in touch, and he came back about six months ago. He has been renovating his home and building up his business so he hasn’t been in contact much or dropped in the Club yet. Still last time we talked, he said he is tired of being alone. He has decided it’s time to try and find a permanent partner.”

Paul and Antony grinned at each other and Paul said, “Slowly, the old gang is getting back together. Anyone heard from Gabe and Marc? Ty rang me a few months back. His contract is up and he said they are coming be back here under a new one.”

Antony shook his head, but Richard spoke. “Last I heard, the twins were down south. Haven’t heard anything from them for a while, but Val has kept in contact with them both.”

Lisa spoke up, “I take it you were all involved in BDSM?”

“Yes.” Richard smiled to himself. “We are all attracted to the lifestyle, and the missing four just as much as we are. We need to find someone for Val.” He grinned at Fleur. “I can see the wheels ticking in my wife’s brain as she goes through all the unattached women in the Club.”

“Won’t he find one for himself?” Lisa asked, but Richard shook his head and the boys all laughed. “No way, that man is so shy! He thinks all women are only interested in him for his looks and 90% of the time he is right.”

“What interest does he have at the Club?” Cassie asked. “Will it be hard to find him someone?”

“He likes wax play, impact play and some bondage, and sometimes he likes to switch. He is also bisexual. We need to find a woman that enjoys some pain/pleasure, with firm, hard limits in place. She can’t be a Domme, either. He is quite definite in his needs and demands the same in his partner. It would not do to give him someone that wants to be tortured either.”

Cassie shuddered and Antony held her a little tighter. “I can’t imagine wanting that. I know what it is like and believe me, there is no pleasure in it.”

“True, it was torture for you, but then, the monster was intent on inflicting pain without any thought of giving you pleasure, and he never gave you any aftercare. Believe me, with the right person it can become pleasurable.”

Cassie nodded, but was unconvinced. She felt Antony kiss her ear.

Fleur spoke up. “So, we need to think about what unattached women are at the Club who would be suited to Val. I am sure I can find someone perfect for him.” Richard burst into laughter and kissed his wife.


* * * *


Five weeks later, the six were talking in the Blue room at the Club. Fleur and Cassie, dressed in corsets and thigh-high boots, were both kneeling in front of their respective partners. Lisa was sitting on Paul’s lap, her kimono loosely opened so he could fondle her breasts while the men talked. Just then, Lisa gasped as a tall, dark-skinned man walked in, scanning the room until he broke into a smile upon seeing the men. This had to be Val. Lisa realised just what Fleur had meant when she said his smile could have you stripping off.

Paul deposited her on the chair as the three men stood and embraced Val. The man was too handsome for his own good, Lisa thought. Richard and Antony both released their subs and the three women were included in the greetings.

“We’ve missed you,” Fleur said as she kissed his cheeks. “I am so glad you are back.” They all sat.

He grinned cheekily at her. “Still with this fool, Fleur? Why don’t you let me rescue you?”

“Hands off, she is taken.” Richard laughed. “But I do have a couple of beautiful women just dying to meet you.”

Lisa was amazed to see Val blush before he said, “I’m not coming back here to be some chick’s toy. I want something serious.”

Richard smiled. “Don’t worry. Things have changed a bit since you were here last. The single women that were man-hunters do not come here anymore, and the screening process is much better now. We only have genuine people, men and women, looking for long-time partners and serious interest in the lifestyle. Took a while to get rid of the wannabes but finally, we have a great mix here.”

“That’s great news.” Val grinned at Paul and Antony. “Looks like congratulations are in order for you two. If these pretty women Richard has stashed away are half as beautiful as your lovely ladies then I am one lucky man.”

Paul and Antony could not stop grinning. They were so excited that their friend was back. They were thinking about the games they used to all play together.

Val spoke up. “I am guessing you have everything planned. Do I get any sort of choice in this?”




Looking into his face she said, “You are? Are you sure it isn’t just lust?”

“Oh, hell, there is heaps of lust, but honestly, you are wonderful. I can imagine spending the rest of my life with you. You are interesting, you are beautiful and yes, you excite me no end, but it is deeper than all that.”

She searched his face, nodding when she obviously found what she was looking for. “Fleur gave me your picture a few weeks back and filled me with stories about you. By the time you arrived, I was already halfway in love with you and now, well, let’s just say I am way past the halfway point.”

She blushed as she made her confession but figured it was better to be honest and risk him leaving than pretend. Grinning at her, he lowered his head, captured those sweet lips, and had the satisfaction of feeling her melt into his arms until she wriggled the wrong way and flinched.

“I think I should put some cream on you, just to soothe and cool that cute arse.”

He lifted her from the water and set her on her feet. Turning her around, he saw her bottom was very red, and there were more red marks across the rest of her from his flogging. He carried her into the room and laid her on her stomach, then began rubbing cream on her cheeks. She groaned, half in pain and half in pleasure, as he worked.

“If you behave tomorrow night, I will let you spank me.” He was rewarded with a squirm or two that had nothing to do with his rubbing and everything to do with her imagination.

“How would you like me to get you a drink? But—you have to let me clamp those sweet tits of yours.” The look she gave him over her shoulder said it all, and he rushed to the fridge for juice for them both. He also grabbed some ice in a glass. On the way back, he picked up a set of clamps. He rolled her onto her back, putting a cushion under her bottom. It raised her pussy up and he loved the view. Straddling her, he gave her a mouthful of juice, then put one clamp on a nipple. Once she was comfortable, he gave her another drink and did the other. Gently pulling them until she winced, he tightened them then sat back on his haunches to admire the view: her wet pussy and her clamped nipples.

Grabbing an ice cube, he let it fall between her breasts and loved her little gasp. He left that one to melt and took a second. Slowly, he rubbed it across her slit, watching as she wriggled. Very slowly, he pushed it between her lips and into her cunt. Reaching up, he gave the clamps another tug, satisfied when she moaned. Using his finger, he pushed into her cunt. The heat of it had melted the ice cube, so he pushed in another, and a third he rubbed on her clit. Her body was covered in goose bumps as he continued to drop ice on her tits, clit, and into her cunt. She was moaning loudly and panting, her head thrown back. He tugged on the clamps in rhythm, loving it when she climaxed.

He bent his head to lick her clit and those sweet cum juices. She squirmed as he sucked on her clit, knowing it was sensitive after several orgasms but he loved teasing her.

When he could take it no longer, he held his cock at the entrance. Looking into her eyes, he saw truth and trust. He pushed his dick into her, sliding in and out, revelling in the feel of her tight muscles clamping his cock. While he pumped, he pulled on the clamps, and she gripped his cock even tighter. “I want to come, but I want to come with you,” she gasped.

“I am ready to.” He pounded her cunt hard till he felt her legs start to shake, and she began to shout as her orgasm started. He thrust as deep as he could and filled her hot cunt with his cum, holding his cock deep in her, loving the feel of her muscles clamping it. Finally, he fell to her side, utterly spent.

Reaching across, he released one clamp, sucking on the nipple until she relaxed, then he removed the other nipple clamp. As he did, he licked and sucked it, then rubbed a little ice water on them. They lay wrapped in each other’s arms. Time was unimportant as they shared their growing love.

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