The Club 4: Displayed (MFM)

The Club 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,647
6 Ratings (4.2)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, with F/F and M/M, public exhibition, orgies, HEA]
Kendra Fletcher has a tragic past that she just cannot seem to escape from. She discovered The Club six months ago, and it has become her only sexual outlet.  By displaying then masturbating herself in front of an audience, she can finally achieve an orgasm.
Marc and Gabe Rossi, identical twins, fun loving and full of life, see her perform, and for them it is love at first sight. They know she is the woman for them. But how can they convince such a shy and reclusive woman that they are perfect for her?
Ty and Juliet Palmer decide to help the twins get the woman they love. After all, who better to help than Juliet, who loves being displayed, and her loving husband, who loves to watch her?
So with the help of their friends at The Club, the twins set out to win over Kendra and make her their own.
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Club 4: Displayed (MFM)
6 Ratings (4.2)

The Club 4: Displayed (MFM)

The Club 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,647
6 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Love, love, love this series!
OMG! You made me cry but I forgave the author because she had me laughing on the next page! I would have rated it 5 but the org was just too confusing!



When she went to bed that night she turned over all that had happened, and for the first time in many years, she slept soundly. When she woke, she hugged Bella, happy that she felt rested. Kendra had promised to take Bella for a long run, so she decided she would take her to the local dog park. It was halfway up the mountain, there was a large enclosed flat area with a few benches plus a few walking trails winding through lightly forested areas. If she went early, there would not be many, if any, people there. Dressing quickly, she picked up Bella’s leash, and they headed to the car.

The park was about a fifteen-minute drive, and normally Kendra chose the time to go there very carefully so she would be alone. Today was Saturday, so there was a good chance someone else may be using it. She was relieved when she drove in to find the car park was empty. Kendra picked up water bottles for them both and plastic bags just in case. Bella was excited as they locked up the car, giving a bark of happiness as she raced to sit at the gate of the enclosed area.

Kendra followed her and unlocked the gate, laughing as Bella walked all around the enclosed area, sniffing everything. Kendra wandered to the opposite end where another gate led to the various trails. There were a few wooden benches there, alongside a drinking trough, so she sat and watched Bella playing chasings with a butterfly.

When Bella got bored with the insect, she came over to Kendra and had a drink. They sat for about ten minutes and then Kendra hooked on her leash and unlocked the trail gate. Bella was always excited on the trails, Kendra thought the dog was always hopeful that some animal would not see nor hear her and she could catch it. It was lovely to be out walking. Kendra could put all her fears and worries aside and just relax with her dog.

They had been walking slowly about ten minutes when Bella gave a bark. Kendra stopped and listened. She thought she heard something on the trail ahead so she held Bella back.

Was it an animal or a person?

Just as she was about to turn around and run back toward the car, she remembered what Lynne had said about saying hello to four people. This was a chance. If it was someone with their dog, they would be going in the opposite direction. All Kendra had to do was say hello and keep walking.

Feeling nervous but, at the same time, a little brave, she started to walk again. The voices were getting louder. It was more than one person, and, by the sound of it, they were running. Even better. They would jog past and she would be home free. Bella was getting excited. She loved meeting other dogs, probably because it was something that rarely happened. The track curved in front of Kendra, and Bella’s long leash meant she went around the corner before Kendra. She heard someone exclaim, “Wow, hi there. Aren’t you a beauty?”

As Kendra came around the corner, she got the shock of her life, it was the twins. One was holding the leash on a fat bulldog, keeping him out of Bella’s way, while the other had bent down to show his hand to Bella. Bella was practically wagging her tail off.

If there was a way Kendra could hide she would have. Instead, she had to face the two men in front of her. She felt tongue-tied and very embarrassed. These men had seen her naked, not only naked, but she had masturbated in front of them. She wished the ground would open and swallow her.

“Hi! Fancy seeing you here,” the one holding the dog said. The other looked up from where he had been looking at Bella. He grinned broadly when he saw who it was and spoke.

“Hello. Is this beauty yours?”

Kendra could only nod.

“She is gorgeous. What’s her name?”

She squeaked, “Bella,” then cleared her throat and repeated, “Bella.”

“Hello, Bella.”

That was enough for Bella. She put her front paws on the man in front of her and leaned forward. He fell back onto the track with Bella trying hard to lick his face. Kendra was so mortified. She tried to pull her off him, but the man was laughing and rubbing her face. The other twin spoke quietly to her.

“Does she like other dogs?”

Kendra could feel her face redden as she nodded yes. The man smiled at her. It made her feel funny, as if the smile was just for her. He moved toward his brother and Bella, and his dog decided to sniff Bella all over. Bella then left the twin on the ground to return the doggy investigation. Kendra had no idea what she should do. Bella was a strong dog, and even though she was tugging on her leash, she just would not budge.

The twin on the ground climbed to his feet and grinned over at her. “What breed is she?”

What could she do but answer? Maybe this would count as all six people as far as Lynne was concerned.

“I…the vet said…um…Irish Wolfhound.”

He smiled and held out his hand for her, “I’m Marc, and that’s my brother Gabe,” he said, pointing over to the other twin who had bent down to say hello to Bella. She was saved by the bulldog who wandered over to sniff her feet then it barked at her. She gave a start.

“It’s okay, he just wants you to pat him. His name is Winston.”

“Oh.” She bent down and patted the dog, who immediately rolled onto his back for a belly rub. She grinned to herself as she rubbed him then straightened up.

“Okay, Winston, that’s it. Come on, we still have to finish our run,” said Marc. He called to his brother, who stood and came over to Kendra, Bella trailing behind.

“It was great to meet you. Maybe we could give the dogs a play date one time.”

“Um… thanks.” Kendra was not sure what she should say but the men did not seem at all worried by her lack of conversation.

Marc grinned at her and said, “Hope we can catch up again soon. Take care.”

“Yes, see you again. Come on, Winston.”




“Who’s that?” Gabe asked, as he watched her rush past.

“That’s Kendra,” Lisa said. “I wish she would talk to us.”

“What do you mean?” Marc asked. “She’s gorgeous.”

Paul answered him, “She has been coming to the Club for about six months, never speaks to anyone. We never know when she will come. She performs on stage, masturbates in front of everyone then grabs her clothes and leaves immediately.”

Lisa spoke. “It is amazing to watch. She enters a subspace and it is so voyeuristic, so erotic.”

Paul nodded in agreement. “She’s right, and it is such a turn-on. However, as soon as she orgasms, she runs.”

“Richard and Fleur have both tried to talk to her but she just says ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye’ and that’s it.”

“That’s strange. You would think after six months she would have made a few friends,” Juliet said. “She looked really pretty, too; at least from the quick glimpse I had, she did.”

“She is beautiful,” Paul answered. “I know Richard is concerned about her. He spoke to Lynne, and she has been trying to make friends with her. It’s as if she needs an audience to get off on but does not want to get close to anyone.”

“So does she come alone?” Marc asked, intrigued.

“Yes, no one has ever seen her with anyone. She doesn’t wear any jewellery, not as if that means she is unattached. But it would be really weird if she had a partner and came here alone to display herself to strangers.”

“So that’s why she is here now? To perform?” Gabe asked.

“Imagine so. She is never here for any other reason.” The twins looked at each other, then at Ty. He shrugged his shoulders and stood.

“Where to?” Ty asked Paul.

“Probably the upstairs far stage area, she tends to prefer that one because she can leave down the back stairs.”

They all followed Paul up the stairs and walked down to the far stage area. There were already a few people there, she had a following and people tended to sit centre front if they could. There was an air of anticipation as the six of them stood at the back and waited.

Suddenly all conversation stopped as Kendra walked on stage. Paul had been right, she was gorgeous. She looked to be about five seven or eight and maybe in her late thirties. Her dark hair was cut short and had a few streaks of colour in it—bright pink and purple. Her figure was a knockout—full breasts, wide hips. She had beautiful curves in all the right places. The twins looked at each other.

She was dressed in a blouse and skirt, and she had very high heels on but no stockings. She did not speak, she just moved a chair closer to the audience and stood quietly, with her back to the audience for a few moments as if centering herself. You could hear a pin drop as everyone watched and waited.


* * * *


Kendra turned and faced her audience. Soft music was playing in the background of the Club, k.d. lang’s “Sexuality,” and she was swaying slightly in time with it. Then slowly, she undid the buttons on her blouse, she moved it apart, and then let the sides drop over her arms before the shirt dropped to the floor. Rubbing her hands across her breasts, her nipples hardened and became visible through the thin fabric of her brassiere. She reached behind to unclasp it, then, holding it in place with one hand, she dropped the straps off her shoulders.

She saw the faces watching her but not truly seeing them, and she wondered what they thought of her. Very slowly, she let her bra drop to the ground. Licking her lips, she ran her hands across her breasts, allowing them to linger on each nipple. Rubbing them gently with her fingers, Kendra teased them even harder. Licking the fingers of one hand, she rolled one nipple between them. The audience heard her moan a little, deep in her throat.

One hand dropped to her skirt and began to undo the zipper, while her other hand fondled her tits and nipples. She could heard her audience breathing and looked out past them, not really seeing their faces until her eye caught two men standing at the back. She faltered a little as she felt their gaze, then she dragged her eyes past them.

Marc grabbed Gabe’s arm. “My god, look at her!”

Slowly, Kendra let her skirt fall to the ground revealing her tiny panties. She stood a moment, both hands twisting and pulling her nipples. She ran her hand down her body, pushing between her panties and her skin before slowly slipping them off. Moving to the chair onstage, she sat on the edge, close to her audience, and spread her legs apart. She began to rub her pussy. Her eyes glazed as she moved into a trancelike state of detachment from everyone. Kendra ran one finger through her wet cunt juices and then rubbed it across her tits, leaving a silver trail across one nipple. She rubbed the nipple between her fingers again then twisted it until it was red, swollen and very hard.

Gabe was breathing as fast as his brother was.

“We have to have her bro. I mean it, she has to be ours.” He looked at Kendra, and then gave a quick glance at Marc.

Marc refused to take his eyes off Kendra. Instead, he just nodded his agreement.

Kendra lowered one hand again while the other caressed her tits and nipples, pushing her fingers over her clit. Moaning a little with the sensation, she rubbed against the hard nub. Then she lifted one leg higher as she pushed two fingers into a very wet cunt. With eyes half closed with her own pleasure, she began to fuck herself with her hand, panting and moaning softly. Some of the audience began to masturbate themselves in time with Kendra’s hand thrusts, but she was oblivious to them.

The twins were mesmerised by her actions.

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