The Commander's Conquest

ManLoveRomance Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 72,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

Saving her sister should be simple, so what could go wrong?

When Wren's sister is kidnapped off a Luna base station little does she expect her rescue to cause so many complications? It's supposed to be simple. Steal ship, find Larkin and bring her home.

What is so difficult?

First there's the charismatic Garrus whose ship she's taken over. They crash land on the planet of Esconus, known as a melting pot of evil. Evil they soon discover, although the fact that Garrus admits he's a dragon shifter makes Wren feel safer. Unfortunately Wren finds herself falling for the irritable male. However Garrus makes it clear she's an easy lay. A statement that doesn't go down well. Captured by the Solarians they are put into the arena, a deadly fighting ground where there's only one winner. Yet circumstances tear them apart.

They struggle for survival, on a planet neither has known the like of before.

The Commander's Conquest
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Commander's Conquest

ManLoveRomance Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 72,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Chapter One

Garrus blinked in disbelief at the tiny woman who'd somehow managed to get the edge on him.

Flexing his arm he yanked at the chain that snaked around him, then released a hiss at the silver burning against his skin.

That bitch, he decided was going to be so sorry when he escaped.

He closed his eyes briefly as he thought of the ribbing he'd receive if either Kovac or Korchek found out about his capture. It was a situation he'd never found himself in before as he lay on the deck of his shuttle.

Garrus turned his full attention to the black-haired female who appeared engrossed in the screen before her. "Who the frack are you and how did you get on board?"

When she muttered, "Shut up," with a flap of her hand.

He strained against the chains. The scent of seared flesh filled the air.

Garrus glared at her. "Woman, answer me."

Her finger came up in a single salute.

Taking deep breaths he tried to remain calm.

Frack he wanted to murder the little brat. Garrus also realized the female didn't appear to have a clue what she was doing.

A frown crossed her face as she concentrated on the panel before her, sporadically stabbing at buttons. She was not right in the head he decided. Who in all the stars appeared intent on stealing a shuttle they couldn't fly?

When the craft shot forward on a burst of speed he cursed beneath his breath.

"Knock the thrusters off…"

His words choked to a halt when she rose giving a flying back kick that hit him in the face. A flare of pain exploded in his cheek. What the hell? His dragon grumbled and a wisp of smoke blew out of his mouth.

However Garrus couldn't afford to change cooped up in this small space. He'd bide his time, and then interrogate the bitch.

Before throttling her.

Garrus came to the belated conclusion the deranged imp might be tiny, but she was a lethal package of insanity.

Not bothering to spare him a second glance she spun and resumed her interest on the monitor. The words were tossed over her shoulder. "Now do me a favor and shut the hell up, I'm concentrating."

"You don't know what you're doing." Garrus never experienced fear; however, that odd emotion swept over him as the shuttle disengaged from its planned destination in the female's incapable hands. At her triumphant whoop he winced. Especially when the shuttle tilted dangerously to the side before dipping then dropping.

Frack he needed to escape these chains. Leaning forward Garrus breathed in the pain from the silver scalding him. Nudging his commuter on his wrist whispered. "Interception needed, Ravana, the shuttle has been taken over, intercept without damage that's an order."

"Affirmative, Commander. Will send out a stealth seeker."

Garrus breathed a sigh of relief that he'd managed to contact the mother ship. "Bring us under the gravitation field."

"Yes, Commander."

This farce would soon be at an end. The Ravana was only small, manned by a skeleton staff, but one seeker would see them pulled back into his ship's shield.

His stomach somersaulted when the shuttle shot up into the stratosphere leaving a plume of white smoke behind it. Eventually it settled into a rocketing ride. One that made Garrus want to throw up, shit she didn't have a clue.

An alarm light flashed on the panel, and Garrus knew it had to come from Carson contained in his cell. He was the evil monster being returned to Rhaegos for trial after collaborating in the trade of women.

Garrus was surprised when she answered. Even more so as he listened into the conversation between them. Both ways open to signals.

"Who is this?"

Why the frack her voice did odd things to him he didn't have a clue. Except his cock hardened at the sultry tone.

"I'm head of PIO and I need to know what's happening."

"What the hell for?"

"Because I'm being transported?"

She shrugged. "So? What's that to do with me?"

"There appears to be turbulence, is there a problem?"

"Nope, but there will be if you don't leave me alone to get on with flying this contraption."

"Have you taken over the shuttle?"

"Yep, reckon you could say that."

"Then I demand you release me, I've been kidnapped by the asshole of a Commander."

Garrus was about to respond but stopped at her reply.

"I've only got your word for that, and for the record I'm not on any do good mission, I'm here to save my sister."

"Then I can help you."


"Let me loose and I'll explain."

She let free a burst of laughter, one that hurt Garrus's ears. Her soft sexy voice had evaporated. Now it was loud and shrill, sounding eerily like an animal in pain. "Hey, moron, I've been raised in a ghetto and you expect me to believe that shit?"

"I'm telling you the truth."

"Whatever now shut the hell up because I think we've got incoming."

Garrus groaned and again yanked at the chains. How the hell did she know to contain him in silver? He prayed incoming was his seeker about to round them up.

When she moved to the turret his gut twisted. Please no. She couldn't possibly know what she was doing. The female appeared rabid, gripping the firing stick she screamed with delight, whilst bouncing on her toes. Garrus was certain she'd injured his inner ear drums.

When she engaged the energy weapon releasing a ray of white light he cringed as she blasted the seeker. His only relief, it was unmanned even though she missed.

Unfortunately, the seeker was also activated to respond when under attack.

Which it did.

Somehow she veered the shuttle to the side with a loud expletive. He wouldn't have believed someone looking like her had such a potty mouth. Garrus thought back to his Queen, Fran, hell even she didn't swear to that extent.

When a shudder rocketed the side, the shuttle dropped down. He knew they'd been hit. Even more so at her yell of ‘fuck you' and she continued firing from the turret, the shuttle locked on course.

The crazy bitch resembled a space age version of Boadicea on speed as Garrus recalled some of Earth's history he'd read about.

Her victorious scream ripped through him with a painful screech as she punched the air. "Yes take that you prick. Way to go!"

Garrus peered at the monitor as the seeker exploded spraying in a multitude of orange and silver against the bleak darkness.

When the ship shook and shuddered he knew they were in deep shit.

More so when the idiot continued on instead of returning to Earth. The shuttle was a short term ship. One that didn't carry much fuel and had basic weapons. Somehow the female was treating the vessel as if it were a power hungry fighter.

"Turn this around," he yelled.

"Fuck off, I'm heading out to save my sister."

"We won't make it, now turn around."

"Shut the hell up," she shouted back.

Garrus said a mental prayer as the shuttle struggled to power through the black void they were now in.

When the engines failed he wasn't surprised. They hiccoughed and shuddered, stalling to a halt. Silence crawled around the small space. Until the female began swearing.


She hit every button and finally slammed her hands on the console. "For fuck's sake what is wrong with this piece of shit?"

Garrus couldn't remain silent. "It's sustained damage due to your interaction with the seeker."

"Well where did it come from?"

"I activated the mother ship, we were supposed to have been drawn into her gravitational pull. However…"

Finally she turned to him. With hands on her hips, her green eyes crackled over him. "So this is your fucking fault?"

"No, yours for stealing my shuttle. Anything else you'd like to say?" drawled Garrus unable to help admiring her body. It was tiny, but hell she filled all the curves in just the right places. Although why he was thinking sexual thoughts as they were about to crash he didn't know.

"Oh damnation."

"Let me go so I can steer and guide this shuttle," pleaded Garrus

"No mother fucking way. There's a planet showing up on the screen, we'll head for that."

Garrus shook his head and cursed the restraints holding him back. Yanking forward he swore at the unrelenting chains which held.

Without power they coasted towards their destination. Garrus didn't want to think at what speed they'd hit it. He reckoned estimated time of arrival five minutes from death.

When they passed through the energy field the shuttle shook hard and Garrus closed his eyes ready for the impact.

He wasn't a coward, but he didn't want to be driven to death by a fool female.

When the engines kicked back in he blinked in shock. Somehow they were coming in to land, albeit fast and out of control. However they weren't smashing into the ground instead had a rocky hit. Spinning several times the shuttle rolled before eventually coming to a halt. It was a vast improvement on the alternative.

An explosive touchdown.

One that sent his thoughts into another dimension.

Before Garrus blacked out.


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