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The Company You Keep (MMF)

Ghost Seekers Series, Book Six

Resplendence Publishing, LLC

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 26,000
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Twin brothers Jesse and Josiah Jackmon have been faithful members of the ghost seekers for years. They have also guarded a book written by a warlock in the fifth century meant to use mortal women to bear the warlock children.

Shopkeeper Jesse knows the book has to be kept secret, but lately there has been a great deal of interest in the book, including from two beautiful fairies, Luna and Sebille, who want to take the tome for themselves.

Soon, Jesse realizes that everything isn't always what it seems, and you have to learn to trust people, no matter how long you've known them.

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New Orleans, Louisiana

Jesse stared out the door of his shop, lamenting the lack of tourists in the French Quarter. The earlier downpour had driven many of them back to their hotels, which left his store empty and darkened his mood. He liked to be around people, to tease the female customers and trade jokes with the men.

But no one had entered the store for almost two hours, which meant Jesse had been silent for that long, and it was against his nature. Without checking the time, he pulled out his phone and hit the button for his twin, Josiah, who was on a buying trip in London. His brother’s barked, “What?” made Jesse laugh.

“Am I interrupting something?”

“As a matter of fact, you are,” Josiah said. “It’s late here, but I’ve been given a private showing of a beautiful piece of art. I’m looking at a beautiful statue of a naked fairy that will sell like hotcakes. She has long hair and big tits, and her pussy is nice and plump. Carved out of pure marble. I swear it looks like she will come to life and go down on me at any minute. The only problem is the guy wants thirty thousand pounds for it.”

Jesse coughed. “Did you say pounds?”

“I did. That equals out to about forty thousand dollars.” The phone was silent for a moment. “How’s business?”

“I’m standing in the middle of an empty store. What does that tell you?” Jesse looked around again. The shelves were stocked with magical items and books. October was always busy, so they should make some good money this month. But still, forty thousand dollars?

“Don’t buy it,” Jesse said.

“I can put it on a credit card,” Josiah said.

Jesse groaned. “Since when do we have an account with that sort of limit on it?”

There was a silence before Josiah said, “Several cards, then.”

“Son of a…if you’ve opened a new account, I’m going to beat the crap out of you when you get home,” Jesse said. “We already have plenty of credit cards, and I don’t think we have that sort of limit on any of them, even when they’re added together.”

“This statue is stunning,” Josiah said. “It’s going to sell like hotcakes. We’ll mark it at fifty thou and make a nice little profit.”

Jesse counted to ten before he said, “Did you hear what I said?”

“Gotta go,” Josiah said before the phone went dead. Jesse spat out a few curse words before he hit the button for Josiah again. This time, the phone went straight to voicemail.

“That little prick,” Jesse said as he stuffed the phone into his pocket. Usually, what Josiah bought sold well, but something like this, for this much money? The odds of their regular customers wanting something that expensive were slim. In addition, Jesse didn’t think tourists would go for it either. They would probably ooh and ah over it, and it would sit in the store for a few years, costing them money.

He took out the phone and tried it once more. Voicemail again.

“Crap.” He stuffed it back into his pocket, looked around the empty store, and then glanced at the clock. It was almost five. Time for a dinner break. Usually, he stayed open during at night. But tonight looked to be dead.

And he could use a blowjob; a good, hard one. Maybe Olivia would be at Pepe’s on the edge of the Quarter. She deep-throated like no woman he’d ever met. He’d heard a rumor she now had a long-term lover. If that were the case, he would come home and jack off. Then, in the next few days he would look for a new friend who wanted the friends with benefits relationship Jesse and Olivia enjoyed.

After he locked up, he climbed the stairs to his apartment. The shop was in the bottom floor of the three-story building Jesse owned. His kitchen and two guest rooms were on the second floor. The master bedroom suite was on the third, along with Jesse’s private library, which took up two rooms. From his balcony on the top floor he had a wonderful view of the French Quarter, which he frequently used. It had been a few days since he had checked on Josiah’s house, which was on the edge of the Quarter, and he needed to do that soon. Thinking of his brother made him pull out his phone and try to contact him again. No luck for the third time.

After eating dinner and enjoying a short nap, he took a shower and went back to the shop. One look out the window told him he’d made the right decision. The street was almost deserted, and the rain was coming down again.

He grabbed his umbrella and decided to hoof it the six blocks to Pepe’s. It was easier to walk in the rain than try to find a parking space. He could change his destination and go to Franco’s Grill on Orleans Street to talk with his friends the Ghost Seekers, but he really didn’t want to talk shop tonight. He wanted some down time, one that ended up with someone going down on him.

Of course, he would return the favor. Eating pussy was one of his favorite past times, ranking right behind fucking a beautiful big-busted woman, like Olivia. The thought of taking his friend from behind and slapping her ass while his dick went in and out made him groan.

Or maybe she would let him tie her up tonight and slap the flogger against her tits and pussy. His dick pulsed under his jeans, and he thought about going home, masturbating and then going to sleep. But he wanted pussy, so he walked through the wet streets until he came to Pepe’s. One of the letters was out, so the sign read Pe p’s.

Jesse wished he was like his brother and could fix the sign. It was a cheap trick, but it would be a good thing to do for his friend, Olivia Drake. Maybe she would appreciate it so much she would want to play tonight.

During his lifetime, Jesse had tried to live up to his brother in the power department, but it was not an easy thing to do. He had come to terms long ago that while he might seem like a sorcerer to everyone, he was the smart one of the family, and his power came from knowledge. While he couldn’t perform spells, he could identify magical items and people with a whiff and glance.

Jesse went inside and left his umbrella at the front. The place was almost empty, but the band was rocking out, filling the space with their brand of blues. Jesse loved live music. He glanced around and didn’t see Olivia. Something told him he was going to be alone tonight.

After he’d ordered a beer, he sat down at a table and tapped his feet to the rhythm. After he’d finished his first beer, a waitress came by the table. He ordered a second one then touched her arm before she left.

“Is Olivia around?”

“She and her new boy toy are out of town,” the woman said. “She said to tell you that you’ll always have Paris. Does that make sense?”

Jesse laughed. “Yes, it does. Thanks.”

He was partway through his second beer when the door opened, and two women came inside. Jesse’s dick stirred as he watched them cross the room. They had long blond hair, large boobs, beautiful curves and a smell he hadn’t encountered in a while.

Fairies. The sweet scent wafted his way and wrapped itself around him. Having sex with fairies was the most perfect thing in the world. They produced orgasms that transported their lovers to another realm. And having sex with two fairies at once? Just the thought almost made him shoot off.

The two women looked around the room, their gazes settling on him at the same time. He lifted his eyebrows, and they walked toward him, taking a seat on either side.

“Hello, handsome,” the blue-eyed one said. “Buy us a drink?”

“Or two?” the green-eyed one asked.

Jesse motioned for the waitress and glanced between the two ladies.

“New in town?” Jesse asked them after the waitress had taken their order. “I think I would have run into you two before now if you were locals.”

“Just arrived today,” the blue-eyed one said. “And we’re horny.”

The green-eyed one ran her hand up his thigh. She stroked his already hard dick. “And we’re easy. You don’t have to try and woo us like you do human women.”

Maybe not, Jesse thought, but alarm bells rang in his brain. The first bell reminded him his brother had just talked to him about a fairy statue he was buying on his trip. The second alarm said the two fairies had made a beeline for Jesse once they’d spotted him. They’d been hunting for him.

The thought of mind-blowing sex was great. But the first thing he needed to do was find out why these two were so dead set on getting him into bed. Maybe they were just hot and had sought out the first magical, or semi-magical in his case, creature they’d sensed. He wasn’t bad looking, he knew, with his muscular build, his ass-length black hair and dark eyes, but all this was happening a bit too fast.

“You seemed to be searching for me when you came in,” he said, flatly. “Why?”

The blue-eyed fairy flinched just a little. Then she smiled. “I am Luna, and this is my friend, Sebille. We have been without companionship for a while, with a man, that is. When we arrived in town, we sensed a strong sorcerer, but when we went by Tripping the Dark Light, but you were gone. The sign says you open until midnight, or later.”

Her soft voice was like a gentle caress. “Why are you looking for a sorcerer?” And why are you lying about sensing one and seeing me? he thought.

“That’s easy,” Sebille said. “With a magical person we can be ourselves. With a human lover we have to hold back, to hide our sexuality.”

Sebille ran her finger down Jesse’s thigh. “You can fuck us both, or you can fuck one of us while the other tongues your balls. Would you like that, Sir Sorcerer? Perhaps you should spank us both first, for being so forward.”

“Spanking’s good,” Jesse said. He had never spanked two women at once, and the logistics of it fascinated him. He was already working the scene out in his mind. But still, he wanted the truth. But he couldn’t cast a truth spell here; it was one of the few things Josiah had taught him that Jesse had picked up easily. He needed to take them to Josiah’s place, where there was a large garden in the back, and a large collection of herbs and magical implements Jesse could use. Being outdoors would be a great way to buck up the sex, so to speak. If it rained on their skin while he spanked them, it would intensify their feelings.

“Shall we go?”

The two women nodded, and Jesse called for the waitress so he could pay the bill for the drinks he’d had before the fairies had arrived. When he was done, they stepped outside. As luck would have it, there was a cab near the door. The three of them got in the back, and he gave the driver Josiah’s address.

They made the ride in silence, although the two women continued to caress his legs and dick. Once they were inside Josiah’s house, Jesse locked the door.

“Demon stink,” Luna said. “I don’t like it here.”

“It’s been a while since the demon has visited,” Jesse said. “You’re safe here.”

He could tell by the look on the two women’s faces they were not certain he was telling them the truth. Jesse’s friend Pebbles was married to a demon who had broken his bonds. But try to tell that to someone else, especially fairies, and they wouldn’t believe someone could get rid of evil. They’d saged the house after Arshya had been there, but Jesse wasn’t surprised the fairies could still smell the odor. A fairy’s senses were heightened, after all.

“Take off your clothes, and then go to the garden, just follow the hallway. When you get there, braid your hair into a line down your back. I have a few things I need to gather before we start playing.”

When they were gone, Jesse went into Josiah’s kitchen. He gathered a red candle, some thyme and some string. Then he went to Josiah’s playroom where he found rope and a long piece of leather.

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