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The Cowboy Nanny

The G.A. Hauser Collection, LLC

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 52,588
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Sometimes, first impressions can be deceiving.

While going to technical college, Bobby Gregg moved in with his sister Michelle, her husband, Jake, and their seven-year old twins. When his sister accused her husband of having an affair with their last nanny, Bobby was drawn into a maelstrom of accusations and chaos.
To try to prevent another incident, Michelle decides to try a male nanny. A man from Billings, Montana.

Gabe Davis had always wanted to live in Los Angeles. When he was offered to work for a family in LA and care for their twins, he jumped at it. Within days, Gabe feels as if he’s fresh meat for two hungry men; Bobby…and a strikingly handsome businessman, Jake.

As the family adjusts to the new arrangement, Bobby becomes jealous of his macho brother-in-law as Jake sets his sights on the gorgeous ‘cowboy’ nanny.

With a story filled with twists of fate, the one thing Gabe can count on…is nothing in his life is predictable.
The Cowboy Nanny- one hot man from Montana- falling head over heels in love.

(A ‘first-touch’ romance story.)

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A racket of little feet scrambling down the stairs echoed in the house. Chad and Hayden barreled into the kitchen.
“Food!” Chad bounced up and down.
“If you sit down I’ll serve you. But not until you do.”
Both Chad and Hayden hurried to sit at the table.
“Pancakes!” Hayden pointed to the plate with round ones on it.
“I have special pancakes for you two.” Gabe removed a warming tray and set out the animal shapes, complete with raisin eyes and noses.
The twins squealed in excitement.
Bobby winced and plugged one ear.
Gabe laughed at him and held the plate near the twins. “Okay, which animals do you want?”
“Bunny! Oh, and bear!”
“I want the snakes!” Chad said.
“Eat some fruit too.” Gabe used a fork to place the pancakes on their plates.
Michelle walked into the kitchen next. She stopped short. “Wow. Where did you get the roses from?”
“Your garden.” Gabe poured her a cup of coffee. He then, put the platter of sausages near Bobby, who was staring at him so intensely Gabe tried not to be paranoid.
“Thanks for setting out their outfits, Gabe.” Michelle sat beside Bobby. She tasted the coffee. “Wow! Oh, my God.”
“Good, isn’t it?” Bobby put the mug down and took food to his plate.
“It’s just cinnamon and nutmeg.” Gabe was amazed at how easy it was to please this family. He topped up the mugs again.
Jake entered next, wearing a suit and tie.
Gabe smiled at him. “You look handsome.”
Jake blushed and touched his necktie. “Thanks.”
Gabe was about to get Jake coffee when he noticed Bobby’s expression had changed. Gabe had no idea what the man was thinking.
Bobby tried not to feel jealous. After all, Jake did look good in a suit. But…
He glanced down at his clothing, his jeans and flannel shirt. He wasn’t going to wear a suit and tie to class. And, besides, all men looked great in a suit and tie…
It was then he realized…everyone was quiet.
The twins were gobbling down the animal-shaped pancakes and the fruit, and his sister and Jake were also consuming the great food quietly.
Gabe joined them at the table, and seemed to wait before he took food to his plate, making sure everyone had enough first.
Bobby poured maple syrup on his pancakes and as he munched he tried not to stare at Gabe. But, the man was so striking looking, he was a little infatuated.
Michelle finally looked up from her plate. She started to laugh. “Oh, my God. This is the quietest breakfast we’ve ever had.”
“Mm!” Chad said with his mouth full, “Good panshakes!”
Gabe smiled modestly. “I’m going food shopping after I drop them off. Anything you can’t stand or love?”
As Gabe was hit with suggestions, Bobby finished his food and admired the handsome man. Then, he noticed not only was his sister looking smitten, so was Jake.
Bobby’s smile fell as he wondered if this cowboy nanny was going to be the object of affection, for all of them.
The twins finished their food and jumped up from the table.
Gabe said, “Brush your teeth before I take you to school, please.”
They raced up the stairs.
Michelle said, “They adore you.”
“I’m glad.” Gabe smiled and found both Bobby and Jake staring at him. “I’ll make sure they’re ready.” He stood and set the plates into the sink. “Leave everything. I’ll take care of it.” He picked up their lunchboxes and brought them to the living room, then climbed the stairs.
Both twins were brushing their teeth at a double-basin sink in a bathroom near their bedrooms. Gabe waited for Hayden to finish then he craned his finger at her.
“What?” She stood in front of him.
“How about we do something with your hair?”
“Yes!” She bounced up and down.
Gabe faced her to the mirror and brushed her brown hair, then braided it. “Do you have a clip or rubber band?”
“I think…in there?” She pointed to the medicine chest, then hollered, “Maaa!”
Chad plugged one ear. “Ow!”
Gabe opened a drawer in the vanity and found what he needed. He used tiny hair bands on the two braids and then noticed plastic animal-shaped clips. He held them up. “Yes or no?”
“Yes! I forgot I had those.” She shifted in her shoes anxiously.
“What?” Michelle poked her head into the bathroom. “Oh! Nice job, Gabe. She looks so pretty.”
Gabe spotted a big smile from Hayden as he added the little clips to her hair. “There you go.”
Hayden raced out of the bathroom. “Uncle Bobby! Daddy! Look at my hair!”
Gabe chuckled and then noticed Chad pouting. “Yes?”
“How come she gets her hair done?”
Michelle waved him off. “Because she’s a girl.” She walked away.
Gabe said, “Okay, let’s see what we can do.” He set Chad in front of him and rubbed hair gel between his palms. “I have a great idea.”
Gabe tried to put the comment aside for the moment, and headed down the stairs. “Let’s go! The stagecoach is about to leave.”
The twins raced towards him giving him a big hug, and then they put on their jackets and shouldered their packs.
“Gabe?” Michelle called to him.
“Yes?” He had his hand on the doorknob.
“Thank you.”
He smiled at her and left, helping the kids into his high pickup truck.
Bobby heard the door to the house close and the obvious noise of the twins diminish, which meant, Gabe was driving them to school. He took a deep breath and carried his backpack down to the lower floor.
When he turned around, he found his sister and Jake looking as if they were in love-but- not with each other. They were floating around, smiling like they were on dope, and avoiding each other in a strange dance.
It appeared, their cowboy nanny had swept everyone off their feet.
“Bye!” Michelle held her purse and danced out of the house.
Jake was smirking, as if the one comment from Gabe about looking handsome in his suit was enough to put him on a cloud.
“See ya!” Jake waved and left.
Bobby’s head was spinning as he wondered if…if one of them was going to end up propositioning their new addition.
He closed the front door behind him, and walked to his car.

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