The Cowboys and the English Teacher (MFM)

Hot off the Ranch 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,058
41 Ratings (3.7)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, May-December]

The teacher becomes the pupil when twins Wyler and Jack Farmer set out to teach Betsy Perkins a lesson in love and seduction she won't soon forget.  

Obsessed with the slightly younger pair, Betsy tries to fight her attraction to them, sure she would be nothing but an easy conquest if she gave them what they asked for. But after a magical night spent together, she discovers the kind of knowledge the sexy Texans want to share with her can't be learned in a classroom.

Their ménage in Mexico leads to much more than just sexual bliss, and Betsy finds it hard to deal with the aftermath. Can their improbable liaison ever lead to love?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings. "The theme of this story is one close to my heart. I love the journey the heroine takes through self doubt and playing it safe, to wild nights in Mexico with a pair of sexy Texans. Betsy is so convinced she knows how things will turn out that she almost misses one of the greatest experiences of her life.
" ~ Luxie ~

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Cowboys and the English Teacher (MFM)
41 Ratings (3.7)

The Cowboys and the English Teacher (MFM)

Hot off the Ranch 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,058
41 Ratings (3.7)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Nice story line that could have been developed more for a better ending. I like the idea of a menage working long term, but realisatically a teacher in that life stule would not make it far in this ASmerican society in a relationship such as this.
Professional Reviews

5 BLUE RIBBONS: "With enough naughty nookie to satisfy any lover of sexy romance and two sinful heroes, THE COWBOYS AND THE ENGLISH TEACHER makes for a very steamy read. I enjoyed the paranormal angle supplied via the boy at the party, as well as the numerous love scenes between the heroine and the heroes. Ms. Ryder approaches the ménage concept from a slightly different angle, but the ending product is very enjoyable. Well done!" -- Noelle, Romance Junkies

4 CHERRIES: "You'd best recharge your batteries for this one...From prim school teacher to sexy siren, our heroine takes on twin brothers for double her pleasure--losing her heart and her control as they worship her body, heart, and soul. The main characters are truly believable and stand out, sensual and alive while showing that sex isn't an ultimate pleasure without love and caring...Once Betsy allows her inhibitions to dissipate, the fun begins and the heat rises. Point of view was good, mostly staying with Betsy unless the brothers were alone. The trick they played on her by arranging for a place to take her away for the weekend was intriguing and funny. Ah, if all men were so thoughtful and romantic. The men's father was a treat. You could feel his wisdom even though Jack tried to fake it and pretend he didn't know what his father meant by him knowing that they both loved Betsy...Keep a box of tissues handy, as well as some hardy chocolate for the emotional roller coaster in this sweet read. One minute there are tears in your eyes, the next you'll want to pummel your pillow, and then you're ready to kiss someone! The love scenes are yummy, giving all three characters equal time with arousal and passion while the tenderness displayed by each of the men makes a girl want to curl up on both of their laps at the same time to enjoy being so cherished. Be prepared for chills of excitement as the heroine is worshiped head to toe by two equally gorgeous and erotic men." -- Ambrosia, Whipped Cream Romance Reviews

4 STARS: "I was surprised when I first started reading this book that it takes place in such an exotic location. I was also a little surprised of the mysticism and fantasy thrown into the mixture of the plot. It was certainly unexpected and helped make the story different and a little more exciting... Overall, Luxie Ryder has crafted an imaginative story with interesting and different characters. Changing the setting really helped to make the story different from other romances and memorable." -- Jessica Black, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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A gentle knock on the door ripped a scream from her throat in a moment of blind panic. Just as her brain told her not to be so stupid, she had to scream again when the door got kicked in.

‘Betsy!’ Afraid and unable to see in the semi-darkness, she didn’t recognize Jack’s voice at first. He flicked the light on straight away and almost ran into the center of the room, looking around for the cause of her fear. ‘Are you okay?’

She couldn’t speak. Even though she was safe, her heart beat deafeningly for a moment longer. Wyler appeared behind him seconds later, as wild eyed and ready for action as his twin.

‘There’s nobody outside,’ he said to Jack.

‘It’s all clear in here, too. Why did you scream, Betsy?’ Jack’s brows knitted together as he studied her closely.

‘Because of you, you big idiot!’ She’d found her voice and didn’t wait a moment longer to ask the pair of them what the hell they thought they were doing scaring her half to death in the middle of the night.

‘We just came to apologize, but then we got into an argument outside about which of us should talk to you. I guess we woke you up?’ Wyler asked, and had the good grace to at least look guilty.

‘I wasn’t asleep. That damn Brujeria thing has been playing on my mind since we left the party. The last thing I need is you two lumbering around in the dark.’ As she spoke, the hilarity of the situation hit her and she began to laugh. The guys gave her a strange look and smiled indulgently as she continued to giggle.

Betsy didn’t realize she’d become hysterical until a sob tore from her throat and the laughter turned to tears. Wyler took a cautious step forward, extending a hand as if to console her. Jack stayed put, as if unsure what to do.

‘Man, I can’t take these mood swings,’ she heard him mutter. Wyler turned and glared at him and Jack flushed, as if he just realized what he’d said. He rushed to explain. ‘I’m not complaining, honey. It’s just I’m not that good with this kind of thing. And you have to admit, we’ve run the gamut of emotions tonight, from sexy siren right through to nervous wreck.’

She knew he was only trying to make her smile, but the reminder of her earlier behavior just made her cry harder. Wyler told him to shut up and forced her to allow him to sit on the edge of the bed and gather her into his arms.

Her nose buried into the warmth of his neck, and she sniffed deeply, drawing his scent in. She felt Wyler shift slightly in reaction, but she didn’t pull away, all the while afraid of what he would think. Her tears dried up quickly as every part of her became aware of the man holding onto her. He felt so real, in sharp contrast to the dreams she’d had about him and about them.

Betsy knew Jack had joined them by the bed when she felt his hand on her hair. Turning her face up to him, she smiled to reassure him she was okay. His dark green eyes found hers, but he didn’t hold her gaze, letting them roam over her lips then her neck and then down to her cleavage. His hand smoothed down the side of her head until he cupped her jaw in his fingers. His mouth opened on a quiet sigh moments before he dragged his thumb across her bottom lip.

Wyler moved then, dragging her attention back to him as he pushed her hair off her neck and leaned in slowly. Panic flared in her gut for just a moment as she realized what they were about to do, but she bit her lip to stop the automatic protest slipping out. Betsy wouldn’t tell him to stop. She didn’t want him to. His mouth brushed gently against the curve of her shoulder and she held her breath so she could feel the touch of his lips on her skin.

Jack’s voice broke her concentration. ‘Are we really gonna do this, Betsy?’ She looked up into his eyes and could tell he was afraid of her answer. ‘I hope I don’t regret this, but I need to be sure this is what you want.’

Wyler lifted his head to wait for her reaction. She fought the shyness that made her want to send them both away and thought about what had already passed between them all. Her biggest fear had been that they would think her easy or cheap if she’d agreed to sleep with them. But where had her principles got her? Her very carefully maintained charade had been destroyed by a few glasses of rum punch and a possessed child. And now they had offered her something she truly wanted. She only had to nod.

So she did.


She had a surprise for them, too, and she smiled secretly as she anticipated their reaction. But that would come later. For now, she had trouble breathing as their hands worked over her, never mind anything else.

Jack decided to help Wyler with his task and decided his job would be rubbing the creamy lotion into her calves and thighs. Their joint efforts to seduce her began to make standing difficult and as Jack’s slippery hands skimmed her pussy, her knees gave way. She sagged against Wyler’s hard chest and opened her mouth on a groan as his biceps slid under her armpits to support her weight.

They’d stripped off their own clothes—only to keep them dry, they’d claimed—as they bathed her, so the soft touch of Wyler’s cock against the cheeks of her ass wasn’t unexpected. Jack did surprise her, though, by lifting one of her legs at a time from the floor and hooking it over his shoulders.

Betsy lay suspended between her lovers as Jack took his time lowering his mouth to her aching flesh. His breath touched her first, and she squirmed against the sensation, feeling no shame as her muscles squeezed the moisture from her pussy.

‘I love it when you get wet like this,’ Jack groaned against her skin, seeming unable to wait another minute to sink his tongue into her vagina. She bucked in their arms when his lips closed over her clit and he replaced his tongue with a thick finger. Jack played her body well, knowing after all this time what would make her come the quickest. Two fingers plunged in and out of her as his mouth sucked a little harder. His eyes found hers and the last thing she saw before she closed them when her orgasm erupted was a gleam of triumph. If Jack loved one thing more than any other, it had to be making her come all over his face.

Betsy twisted and churned between them, making it hard to hold onto her, but they did. Wyler’s arms shook with the effort of keeping a firm grip of her until the last spasms subsided. Jack put her feet back on the floor and then picked her up to carry her into the bedroom.

Usually, she let them take the lead, allowing one of them to fuck her while she sucked the other, or sometimes just laying there while they took turns making her come in a variety of ways. But tonight would be different. As soon as they placed her on the bed, she stood and pushed Wyler onto his back. The laugh of surprise died in his throat as she crawled over his legs and up his body. A small sigh of disappointment escaped from his lips as her mouth ignored his eager cock, but it didn’t make her feel bad. She knew he and his brother would love what she had planned for them.

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