The Dungeon, Level Five (MM)

by Kelex

The Dungeon 5

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 16,610
1 Ratings (4.0)

Creigh tries hard to stand by his man, but in the face of seeing a submissive’s surrender into madness, Creigh must once again decide if the world Gabriel has drawn him into is one he wants to live within.

Seeking freedom, Creigh runs, leaving his master in a time of need.

Will Gabriel come for Creigh, and if so, what kind of punishment might he mete to a runaway submissive?

Welcome to the final story in Creigh’s tale…

The Dungeon, Level Five (MM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

The Dungeon, Level Five (MM)

by Kelex

The Dungeon 5

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 16,610
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Creigh remained frozen in his seat, Gabriel’s stare on him. Questions circled in his mind.

Had Gabriel known all along where he was? Was he now toying with Creigh? Would he have a job at the end of the day?

“Are you coming?” Kyle asked as he hovered over Creigh.

“In a minute.”

Kyle looked over his shoulder at Gabriel and Christophe before heading on up the stairs to the exit.

Once Kyle was gone, Gabriel headed for the stairs, approaching Creigh.

The air in Creigh’s lungs was trapped. He couldn’t breathe.

His heart pounded so hard, it felt as if it would explode.

Gabriel paused a row below Creigh and stared up, looking as devastatingly handsome up close as he had on the stage.

“Why?” Creigh asked.

“Because you belong to me.”

“I’m not a belonging.”

“Far from it. But I claimed you and this is not over between us.” A hint of anger filled Gabriel’s features. “Not yet, anyway.”

Gabriel leaned forward, placing a hand up on Creigh’s groin. He squeezed, feeling the cage.

“Did you wear this for me?”

He had. “Why would I have? It’s not like I knew you were coming.”

“Didn’t you get my message?”

What message? “No, apparently not.”

“Outside the courtroom, after the trial? I left you one clear as day.”

“I haven’t watched the trial.”

Gabriel laughed, a smile stretching his face. “Liar.”

Creigh felt his face flame. “Even if I did, how was I supposed to know you’d left a message for me in what you’d said?”

“Did it excite you? To know I was finally coming for you?” Gabriel hopped over the chair he’d been standing behind and settled in the seat beside Creigh. Gabriel’s arm brushed against Creigh’s, the heat scorching him. “I bet it did. It’s why you’re caged for me now. And I’d put money on the fact you’re hoping I punish you for leaving.”

Creigh swallowed roughly. “You’re sorely mistaken.”

Gabriel took a deep breath and looked down at Christophe, still standing on the stage, watching them. “I was awake, you know?”


“When you left. I lay there listening to you collecting your stuff, wondering if I should beg you to stay with me.”

“Yet you just lay there,” Creigh said, feeling hurt. “Instead of stopping me, you let me go.”

“I did let you go. I decided it was the best thing for you. To give you time to think and be alone. And then, once my life was in order again, I’d come find you and show you that no matter how far you run, you’re still mine.”

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