The Earth Dragon

Dragon Bound 4

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sweet
Word Count: 19,829
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When the larger than life dragon buys the Purring Pussycat to get May out of her dancing contract, May is sure she’s in trouble. When she refuses his suit and he kidnaps her to take her to the wilds of Alaska, she knows she is. How can she convince Damek that she’s not attracted to large, muscular men, especially when she can’t seem to stop looking at him?

When Damek follows May to her place of employment, he knows exactly who she is—his mate. When she refuses his offer of marriage, he does the only thing he can. He kidnaps her and drags her to Alaska with him where he must search for a plant long thought extinct to reverse the effects of Dragonkin’s potent aphrodisiac, Dragon’s Desire.

Will the strong-willed pair overcome their differences before they return to her home, or will Damek regret even staking his claim?

The Earth Dragon
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Earth Dragon

Dragon Bound 4

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sweet
Word Count: 19,829
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Martine Jardin

Walking to her window, she looked out over the grounds at the back of the house. With the swimming pool and patio just outside the sliding glass doors in the great room, to the lush, trimmed gardens beyond, she could have loved this place. Well, that is, if it weren’t for the fact that she felt like a prisoner here.

With a sigh, May went to her dresser and pulled out her bikini. It was the one she bought on a whim while visiting one of the expensive shops April had taken her to. She smiled when she held it up in front of herself to look in the mirror. She’d never even tried it on. She bought it at April’s suggestion that it might make her feel better to make Drake pay two-hundred dollars for a scrap of material barely big enough to cover the pertinent parts.

April had been right. The little scraps of white material, covered in yellow polka-dots, at least made her smile. She didn’t smile because of what it cost her brother-in-law, she smiled because she was now the proud owner of a teeny yellow polka-dot bikini.

Still smiling, May undressed and donned the swimming suit. What the heck? If she couldn’t go anywhere, she could at least take a dip in the pool and get some sun on her white legs.

She’d just closed her bedroom door, when she heard one of her sisters ask, “Going for a swim?”

May turned to give Ginger a sideways glance. “Uh, no. As a matter of fact, I was just going to church. Wanna come?”

“Okay. I deserved that one,” Ginger said with a giggle. “Though, I wouldn’t mind worshipping at the chlorine temple myself.” She hooked her arm around May’s and pulled her along beside her. “Will you wait for me to change?”

“Of course.”

Nothing was worse than swimming alone. Though Drake had cameras all over the place, and security personnel, it didn’t mean she wanted to be out there by herself.

What if something happened and she got a cramp in the deep end? What would she do other than drown? She was safer with one of her sisters along. Every one of the Flowers children had taken water safety courses.

While water magic was common, their parents had insisted that each of them learn safety measures. In fact, all of them had lifeguard jobs in the summer while they were in school.

For some reason, their parents had feared for their safety when around lakes—they never did figure out why.

May was glad for her sister’s company. She hadn’t been looking forward to swimming alone. The last thing she wanted was Drake’s security personnel ogling her while she was getting in a few laps. At least with Ginger there, they would most likely look solely at her sister if they decided to hang around.

Drake never used to have security patrolling the grounds inside the walls until her sisters, Rose and Tansy, climbed a tree and snuck out over the eight-foot tall brick enclosure. After that fiasco, he posted guards to keep the unattached Flowers sisters in as much as keep others out.

“Can you hurry? I need to get out of this house before I go mad,” May said as they entered Ginger’s room. Like May’s room, it was large. However, that’s where the similarities ended. May’s room was lavender with an ivy border just below the crown molding. This room was light blue, almost the same color as Ginger’s eyes, with some sort of pink, flowery plant decorating the top few inches of the wall. Even the furniture was different.

Sitting down on Ginger’s bed, she waited while Ginger hurried into the bathroom she shared with her twin, Ivy, to change.

“What do you think?” Ginger asked when she strode out of the bathroom. Holding her arms out, she slowly turned around.

“I think all of the guards are going to have heart attacks. That’s what I think,” May said with a snort. “Heck, next time, just try a few strategically placed adhesive bandages. I think they’d cover more and they come in a variety of prints and colors.”

Ginger’s bikini was little more than a few pieces of string. It consisted of two half saltine-sized crocheted triangles that barely covered her nipples and the bottom was a thong with a similarly sized triangle to cover her nether regions.

“If they want to look, let them.” Ginger grinned and waggled her brows. “No one ever said I was a good girl anyway.”

“Well, I certainly never said you weren’t a good girl.” May glared at her sister. “Do you think people talk about you behind your back or something?”

“I never said that.” Ginger ran back into the bathroom and grabbed her cover-up. They didn’t need towels. Drake had a towel rack and pool house just off the patio. The Flowers had never been what May would have called poor, but this…this house was simply decadent.

Following Ginger, they made their way down to the first floor and out through the French doors in the great room and into the sunlight.

The men on the ground watched them both suspiciously. It was as though they thought the two women planned to climb over the tall brick walls wearing nothing more than bikinis. Perhaps they hoped they would try so they could watch. Who knew?

Ginger immediately made her way over to the outside stereo and turned it on. Classic rock poured from the speakers as they both circled the pool with a critical eye.

“What do you think? Do we test the water or just jump in and take our chances?”

May grinned. “I think we could just jump in.”

“You would,” Ginger said with a snort. “You always loved just plowing into the water when Mom and Dad took us to Lake Superior. That water is almost ice cold.” She rubbed her arms as though remembering.

“Well, you asked.” May stepped back a few paces and took a running leap into the large pool.

Cold water closed over her head and she let out a little giggle. Ginger would screech when she jumped in.

“You bitch. You knew I would take that as a challenge.” Ginger laughed and leaped into the pool. She came up sputtering. “It’s cold. It’s so cold!”

“I think it feels great.” May swam a few laps, then turned over onto her back to look at the sky. “I could stay here all day.”

“Me, too.” Ginger sighed as she floated next to her. “I wish we could go to the lake.”

“Yeah, me, too.” May knew they couldn’t. As far as the dragons were concerned, taking the women to the lake would be a logistical nightmare, security wise.

“Well, we’ll just have to close our eyes and pretend we’re there.”

“I guess.”

“What did you think of that big dragon who bought the Pussycat?”

“I think he was okay. He was very handsome in the face, but he was too big.” May frowned. “You know how I feel about muscle-bound men. Yech.”

“I don’t know if I should feel insulted or flattered.”

May’s body stiffened, her body sinking beneath the surface. She came up sputtering and glared at the man in question. “What are you doing here?”

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