The Fembot Chronicles Volume 3

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Sensual
Word Count: 83,472
0 Ratings (0.0)

For adults, in this collection of 5 new stories we continue to explore the future world of robots—fembots in particular— from the author's own unique perspective. The stories show the resulting interactions and relationships—including sexual—from the wider variety of robots that we are certain to build to appeal to all tastes. The results are always sexy and romantic. Contained in this volume are: * Strip Club Tales – A trio of stories from parallel universes all taking place at a legendary gentleman's showclub. Here you'll learn the stories of Olivia, Beth, and Kassie, all of whom had their lives formed in the cauldron of the coercive control nets used to keep them under tight control at all times. * Samantha's Tale – where we explore the tribulations involved when we design robots to meet our own sexual fetishes, before casting them out into the cold, cruel world afterwards to have to make it on their own. It tells a story wherein a thirty-something man, and a similarly aged fembot with a sexual secret, find their way through the jungle of the workplace to each other. * Runaway Cherie – a story showing the darker side awaiting robots who run away from their owners and those who live to retrieve them. These are stories that don't pull any punches about how we will actually relate to, and with, our robotic companions if we build them correctly to start with.

The Fembot Chronicles Volume 3
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Fembot Chronicles Volume 3

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Sensual
Word Count: 83,472
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by D.B. Story

From Strip Club Tales: Kassie

My favorite strip club is in Tucson. I never speak of it by name, but if you know Tucson it's the one identified by two initials. I worked north of town for a while, and after becoming friends with one of the managers, my admissions and first drinks were always comp-ed. This level of hospitality doesn't extend to a bottle of Dom each visit, which they have available to those willing to pay for it, but that's okay.
My club was a leader in the trend to replace live performers with fembots as the supply of college girls from the nearby university willing to strip for easy cash dwindled. As a club with large, powerful roots at the time they went whole hog on the full control system to manage their performers.

Truth is, you can't easily tell a modern fembot from a young woman these days. The quality of their minds improve each year, and the art of their bodies and programming to make them appear human is amazing. And although most remain obedient servants for their entire existence, the law has come to recognize a limited freed robot status for a few whose minds have advanced to a degree such that one cannot determine if they haven't actually crossed the line into true thought. It's not full emancipation yet, although that's being talked about by the progressive thinkers, but it's a major step in that direction and allows them to operate away from their owners of record.

Those that have crossed that fuzzy line may apply for freed status on an individual basis, although very few ever do. Even then, they remain bound by their design and function to a very large degree and tend to be most comfortable continuing to perform the tasks originally assigned to them. I say this only so that you can appreciate how advanced our robots—fembots in particular—have become, and how you can tell when one is really exceptional.

And I have to note that there is something unique about the adult entertainment business and their use of fembots that is hard to put your finger on. The fembots that have come out of that environment are simply different from those that may be purchased otherwise. Whether it's the fact that they come with different programming from home and office models, or if it's that they're shaped and molded by their environment in different ways is hard to say, but they're definitely a different breed overall.

My club goes very much with the college girl next-door theme of its past. While a fembot's body can be constructed to almost any design, here they generally eschew any of the most wild or exotic variations here. I've often wondered why, although I'm sure some smart people in this business have made these decisions.
Perhaps the exotic ones cost more to acquire or maintain. Maybe they diminish the value of the rest of the stable, or just fall out of favor more quickly and therefore don't provide a good return on investment.

Instead, the club relies on feature performers to come in for a few days at a time to keep things fresh, while most of the local 'bots remain close to the five-foot-four average college cheerleader clone variety.
I've been a regular for several months now, starting soon after I was sent out here on a long-term assignment. I get to the club two or three nights a week. And even though I never spend much money I get the best treatment. Others wonder why I'll often have one or two of the girls taking their breaks at my table, while other guys are waving their money trying to attract some attention.

I'll tell you my secret, since nobody believes it anyway. I'm polite and respectful to each person here, while everyone else around me pretty much believes that their payment to enter the club and consume overpriced drinks is a license to be drunk, rowdy, and obnoxious. The human waitresses know the difference, and so, I'm convinced, do the fembot performers who are programmed to be as human as possible.

In fact, the only other person I ever knew who was as successful as I am in this area once traded secrets with me. His approach was to go home after work, have a decent dinner, and take a three-hour nap. Then shower, shave, put on nice clean clothes, before arriving late when the only remaining competition was too drunk, to tired, and too out-of-money to compete. He did great with the human dancers too.

I don't normally come in Thursday nights. That's close enough to the weekend to save it for one more night. But as I drove by in the afternoon on an errand, I saw them putting up new letters on their signboard: KASSIE: THURS-FRI-SAT. 6:00PM TO CLOSING.

Now I have to admit to being male, and much of what goes with it. All the regular girls in the club are quite pretty and more than sexy enough. However, I know them all plenty well by now so there aren't any surprises there. If Kassie is good enough to be a feature dancer then she is probably worth a look. I decided to get back early enough to catch her first show this evening. Unless she's something very special, I'll just leave early and call it my weekend night at the club.

The club wasn't crowded yet this evening when I arrived. I got my usual table, and a few of my friends came by to see if I wanted a dance yet. They were all nice about it when I said, "Not yet." A couple stayed a few minutes to chat until business picked up again and they were pulled away by the control net's commands.

Finally Kassie was announced and came out on the long stage that runs full length down the middle of the long, horseshoe-shaped bar. She had my attention immediately. Even fully clothed she looked fantastic.

Long, wavy honey blonde hair framed a stunningly beautiful face. She was instant magazine cover material. Her height was easily five-foot-eight barefoot and she moved around on her tall spike heels like she was born with them. She was taller, with a larger frame, than all but one of the local girls and was definitely all woman. Also she appeared several years older than the eighteen-somethings that populated this club's stable of performers. I put her at about twenty-three years of apparent age. I had high hopes of how the silky fabric covering her decidedly ample chest promised a lot underneath. Even accounting for her heels, her high, well-formed hips clued me in that she had a lot of leg to be showing soon.

But it was more than that. Just the way she moved, a confident strut that boldly stated, "I'm in control of myself here," was something the other girls just didn't have. I had no doubt that in addition to magazine cover material she was easily going to be gatefold qualified as well.

* * * *

Kassie took her time on stage. They give features an extra song or two when they're up there and Kassie was using it all. She was clearly not inclined to give it all away on her first turn on stage. It took her three songs to get out of her blouse, slacks, and shorts, right down to her large, industrial strength white bra and t-bar.

Finally the bra came off, revealing a pair of nicely large, properly firm breasts that were easily a size and a half larger than any of the other girls in the club save one, with properly matched nipples. On Kassie's well-proportioned frame they actually looked almost normal, and very right, for her.
Kassie pushed her bare chest out proudly. No fear about showing herself off here. And I thought I detected a hint of a smile in her staged, pseudo-arrogant expression that was driving the crowd at the edge of the stage wild.

Then, in a surprise move, she stripped out of her t-bar to show her matching blonde pubes only one shade darker than her long mane of hair and danced the entire final song naked.

I had to smile even as I admired her large, yet neatly trimmed, triangle of forbidden womanly softness, and was blown away overall by how fantastic she really looked. Right down to her heavy, yet expert, makeup, this 'bot had all the right parts in all the right places. Clearly, though, someone had forgotten to tell Kassie that this is a topless-only club.

Normally I'm a breast man myself, and Kassie's pair was as inviting as any I can ever remember seeing. I could see how they were well supported and firm, without being rigid. Her perfectly cylindrical nipples were now pointing themselves haughtily halfway between out and up, showing her own arousal at her very sexy dance. Nipples are a standard indicator on most fembots for their state of their sexual excitement, although some club 'bots had theirs in an always on setting. Kassie's large ones were easily visible at this distance and appeared to honestly reflect her current mood. She was really enjoying all of this.

The outstanding contours of her legs would have blown most other women away if Kassie were barefoot. Her tall stripper's heels multiplied the effect into the unreal. Add to that that her warm golden tan and I wanted to climb on stage myself just to run my hands over those gams alone. I knew I would have to content myself with a quick brush of the fingers that I could sneak in when I would eventually be asked to tuck a tip into her garter.
Even before she was done with that last song I realized that I was reacting different to Kassie. Normally I notice individual parts of a dancer first. It can take awhile for me to really build up a picture of her as a whole. Why? Because that's how the club presents them to you—a piece at a time. It could take me several visits to view one of the girls in her entirety.

But I already realized that Kassie wasn't just erotic movement with legs and boobs and a nice ass and a gorgeous face. Instead all of her had already come together for me into a beautiful whole to make her an absolute knockout.

As she finished her last number I saw one of the club managers waiting for her at the end of the stage. He talked to her for a minute until she nodded. Coming in early tonight had paid off in a not-to-be repeated treat.
And the fact he had to talk to her in person let me know that she wasn't a slave to the control net that ordered all of the other fembots around in the club. Had that been the case the manager could have just sent her new commands through the net.

Also, unlike some features I'd seen here in times past, her owner wasn't present. Too often a featured fembot danced while her owner tried to inconspicuously hide in one of the dark corners while surreptitiously commanding his 'bot's performance. Those performances never turned out well. Kassie seemed to be here entirely on her own.

* * * *

Kassie came around afterwards for tips and I tipped her especially well. One big tip, rather than two standard ones of the same overall amount, makes a difference without costing me anything more. She noticed it immediately, as I had intended that she would.

"No one told you we're topless only here," I commented before she could move on.

I was rewarded with a quick, though rueful, smile as she replied in a voice as nicely toned as her body, "No, they didn't. Many of the fembot only clubs are nude now and it was just automatic for me."

"Well I enjoyed it at least," I said, matching her contrite smile back to her.

She took my words the way I intended them, while recognizing my real complement in the extra tip I'd given her. As she walked away, Kassie managed to "accidentally" brush my entire arm with her warm, soft thigh in clandestine appreciation. She felt every bit as good as she looked. I was also very impressed by her intelligent, natural manner when compared to most fembots. Kassie is clearly well worth her featured billing.

Later she came by again with one of the club bouncers carrying a classic Polaroid camera that must cost the club a fortune to keep operational. I said "No" to a Polaroid of us together for $10 because I just don't collect them. I asked about a table dance, but she said she didn't think her contract covered that. Many times they don't so that the feature won't compete with the local girls.

I was enchanted enough to spend the next several hours in the club just to sit through her next couple of shows. She left her t-bar on after that and wore different outfits while dancing to different music each time. Each of them showed the same theme of an expensively attired classy woman who strips to reveal an absolutely incredible body underneath. I tipped her the standard amount after each dance.

Finally I was trying to decide whether or not to wait another forty minutes to see her last show of the night, or go home now and come back tomorrow evening. I was getting stiff from sitting so long in the relatively uncomfortable chairs that these clubs seem to all have, and tired of trying to make each drink last long enough to not be bothered continually about buying my next one. The money I had I'd rather spend on Kassie.

Then I saw Kassie standing still over in one corner of the club. I'd been aware of her roaming the club after her last act in search of any loose money, but she hadn't come near me yet so I wasn't paying close attention. On her last circuit of the club she had come to me last, knowing that I was a reliable tipper, and that this way she'd had a few extra moments to chat before they took her off the floor again to rebuild anticipation. Now she stood frozen at an empty table where I remembered noticing the patrons leaving several minutes ago. I looked around, but no one else seemed to have noticed yet.

I've seen this happen on occasion with the regular girls. The club's control net imposes harsh overrides on their normal behavior because many normal fembot functions are not permitted in the club. Sometimes one of them gets stuck because of this, not knowing what to do next. Usually when this happens one of the human bouncers goes over and says something to them, after which they pick up and continue.

One time I'd asked one of my dancer friends about it after it had happened to her. She told me that it was as if she had finished her current task before knowing what her next one was yet, and now wasn't able to determine what she should be doing next. I remember her words when she said, "So you just stand there waiting because you can't decide what to do next." It was a side-effect of the club's control network that sometimes got backed up so that either the next task wasn't scheduled before the current one finished, or the fembot was in one of the dead areas and had received a garbled transmission that she couldn't act on. And since her task scheduler was another task, it couldn't run either—Catch-22.

"I just needed to get my next command resent," she explained to me.

"Is it painful?"

"No. Just confusing sometimes, although if it went on too long I might forget everything and have to be completely restarted and everything reloaded."

I looked around again. Still no one had reacted to Kassie's predicament.

Finally I got up and walked over to her.

Her eyes were vacant and staring, her mouth looked frozen in mid-word. Those deep red parted full lips looked so inviting I wanted to kiss them right there.

Instead I asked, "Are you okay?"

"What is my task?" she asked robotically.

"Can you continue?" I queried in return, knowing this was a key command string for most tasks.

"What is my task?" she repeated. She seemed to have lost her way and was in need of her next assignment.
I thought for a moment, then said, "Come dance for me."

Kassie immediately came alert again and said, "Where are you sitting?"

I led her back to my table and received an excellent table dance from her.

As I tipped her afterwards I told her, "Thanks. That was really great."

She didn't want to take my money, but I insisted. I pointed out that I had received the dance from her and that it was only fair that I pay for it.

"Thank you," she finally replied emphatically, making it clear she wasn't thanking me for the tip.

"Did I do the right thing?" I asked.

"It was exactly what I needed," she replied with a careful smile. "This is a rich club, or was," she continued, in obvious reference to the fact this place has seen better days. "They put in a top-of-the-line system for its time. I had not fully realized just how strong their control net actually is."

"Are you okay now?" I had to know.

"Yes. I have internal event timers that are supposed to prevent this from happening. I'll readjust them to compensate for this."

I thought she was done, so I started to get up to leave. It had been a long night here for me by now. Surprisingly, she put her hand on my shoulder to stop me.

"You're not leaving yet, are you?"

"I was thinking about it."

"Please stay through my final show. And don't feel obligated to tip me for it afterwards, please."

I agreed to do so, even though I was getting pretty tired. She had asked so nicely that it was a hard offer to refuse.

I noticed as she turned and walked away before she put her bra back on as is required when not on stage or table dancing, that her nipples looked even larger than before.

On her final performance, Kassie looked directly over at me several times, as if to make sure that I was still there and to let me know I was important to her. That really connected with me.

Afterwards she went all around the rest of the room collecting her tips before coming over to me. I had my money ready for her—yes, she's worth it every time—but she put her hand over mine confirming her refusal of it.
Instead she surprised me with, "Would you like to come spend the night with me?"

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