The Game

Inferno 4

Cobblestone Press LLC

Heat Rating: No rating
Word Count: 10,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

Nick is ready for some fun and searches Inferno for just the right man to spend the evening with. He spots the gorgeous black man as he walks to the bar and sets his sights. His name is Leon, known as The Black Devil, and he’s everything Nick needs.

The sex is more than he ever imagined it could be, and The Black Devil lives up to his name. The best part, though, is that when the game is over, Nick gets to take him home. Inferno is their refuge, and with each game they play, it only gets better.

The Game
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Game

Inferno 4

Cobblestone Press LLC

Heat Rating: No rating
Word Count: 10,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Nick Casey leaned back in his chair and sipped his bourbon. The club wasn’t very busy for a Friday night, and the pickings were rather slim. He sat near a speaker where music thumped its low bass, almost in time to his heartbeat.

His one night off this week, and so far it didn’t seem he’d find anyone to spend some quality time with before he headed home. He worked for the city’s transportation department, running big machinery, working nights mostly, when the roads under construction weren’t so heavily congested.

The alcohol burned a sweet path down his throat as he sipped. He’d worked ten days straight and needed tonight. But his discouragement grew as he watched the comings and goings of Inferno patrons. Some he knew. Most he didn’t. But he had one particular type in mind tonight, someone to get a little wild with, but so far he saw no one who fit the bill.

Then he walked in.

Nick’s mouth went a little dry, and he sat up in his chair, tracking the man’s movements across the club. He was at least six foot three and built like a brick house with skin the color of dark chocolate. Nick was as white as they came, but he loved him some chocolate now and then.

The stranger crossed to the bar, his black leather pants looking as soft as butter, hugging the big guy’s ass like a loving hand. His red silk shirt shimmered slightly in the club’s muted strobe lights.

The man approached the bar and slid onto a stool at one end. He placed his order, and the bartender poured him a shot. He downed it and tapped the bar for a refill before dropping a bill onto the polished wood next to his glass.

Mmm. Nick wondered if this beautiful guy was into men or women. Would he be up for a little fun? A little man-on-man action?

Only one way to find out.

Nick shot the rest of his bourbon and left the glass on the table to approach the bar. He chose a stool at the opposite end from his target and ordered another drink when the bartender came by.

Nick sipped his fresh drink and watched the big, beautiful black man. Finally, as if sensing the attention on him, he looked up and then in Nick’s direction.

They made eye contact, and a sizzle of arousal slid down Nick’s spine. He was the most stunning man Nick had ever laid eyes on. Strong jaw, eyes so dark they looked black, a shaved head that begged to be rubbed. A close-cropped goatee that would abrade skin just the right way. The open collar of the red silk shirt exposed a small expanse of smooth skin.

Nick licked his lips.

The man raised an eyebrow.

Nick lifted his drink in silent salute.

The signal he’d been waiting for. The gorgeous guy gave a slight nod and then tilted his head toward the vacant stool next to him.

Carrying his drink, Nick moved down the bar and sat next to the stranger. “Hey,” he said casually. The scent of leather and expensive cologne had him inhaling deeply. He loved a man who smelled good, one who took care of himself as obviously as this guy did.

“Hey.” The guy’s voice was deep and rich, making Nick’s cock jump inside his jeans.

“Buy you a drink?” Nick asked.

“I’m good.”

I bet you are. Nick kept his mouth shut and took another swallow of his bourbon.

“Meeting someone?” the stranger asked.

“Nope. I’m a free agent. You?”

“Mmm hmm.” The big guy took another drink from his own glass. “You interested?”

“Possibly,” Nick said, playing it cool when inside his nerves jumped with excitement.

“Top or bottom?”

Nick finally turned his head to meet this man’s eyes up close. They were as black as night. “Whatever you want.”

A slow, sensual smile tilted up the right side of the stranger’s full lips. “Really. Very accommodating of you.”

“I aim to please. Name?”

“Leon.” He gave Nick a thorough looking over from head to ass, even leaning back a bit on the stool to get a better look at Nick’s backside. Then his smile turned into a full-fledged grin that flashed straight, white teeth. “And you are?”

“Ready to play.”

The laugh that rolled out of Leon was rich and dark, pure sex, and it made Nick’s dick pulse to fullness.

“Well then,” Leon said, “maybe we should find a place to let the games begin.”

“Heaven or hell?” Nick asked, wondering if Leon was into the dungeon scene or the lighter stuff, in order for them to choose the appropriate private room.

“I’ve been called The Black Devil on more than one occasion.”

Nick might have actually stopped breathing for a second or two as all the blood left his brain and shot straight to his cock. When he could find his voice, he said, “Hell it is.”

Without another word, Leon stood and motioned for Nick to lead the way down the hall to the private rooms.

Nick entered the first vacant room he found that he knew held enough bondage equipment to take a month of games to explore. He hadn’t lied to Leon. He didn’t care if he was the Dom or the sub. He loved men, liked them big and hard and dominating, even enjoyed some pain now and then. But he also had a flair for wielding a flogger, tormenting his partner with agony and pleasure until he begged him for release.

Nick walked into the room and scanned the interior. There was no bed. Not in this room. That would be too vanilla. Here there were only devices of torture…and ultimate pleasure. The St. Andrew’s Cross on the far wall nearly blended into the flat black paint covering the room. There were steel suspension bars hanging from the black metal rafters, punishment benches in several shapes and sizes, bondage chairs, stocks, cages, and piles of nylon rope placed around the room. On a low, black dresser stood rolls of PVC tape in several colors, along with condoms, lubes, and lotions.

The door clicked shut behind him, and he turned in time to see Leon flicking the Do Not Disturb lock. For safety measures, the doors never truly locked, but patrons knew not to enter when the sign was set in place. Then Leon reached over and killed the overhead lights, leaving the room dark except for the subdued black lights set into the walls. Leon nearly disappeared into the darkness with his exotic chocolate-colored skin.

“Take your clothes off,” Leon said, and his voice, so smooth and sexy moments ago, held command that made Nick nearly come in his jeans.

“Yes, Sir,” Nick said, and went to work on the buttons of his dress shirt. He strained his eyes through the odd lighting and saw that Leon, too, had begun disrobing. Nick dropped his shirt to the floor, shoved his jeans down his legs, and kicked off his shoes. He bent to pull off his socks, and when he came back up, Leon was there, in front of him, naked and glorious.

His skin was so black, with the slightest sheen, almost a glow, from the lights. They were of equal height, but Leon had to outweigh Nick by fifty pounds. All solid muscle. His biceps bulged, his stomach rippled with a gorgeous eight-pack, and Nick licked his lips, wanting to get his mouth on Leon’s incredible cock. Even only half-erect, it was long and thick. It would be amazing when he was hard.

“Not bad,” Leon said, “but you might be a little overeager.” Leon’s long, thick fingers closed over Nick’s cock in a tight grip that had Nick sucking in his breath. “Come here.”

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