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The Goblin King's Lovers (MMF)

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 28,340
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When Eva was thirteen, she passed through the veil and became trapped in the goblin realm. She wanted nothing more than to go home, but fate had other plans for her…

Lorne has loved Eva ever since the first moment he saw her, but admitting his feelings to anyone else has never been an option. As the prince’s companion, and the future lover of both Davin and his chosen queen, Lorne can’t choose whom to love. His heart belongs to Davin, and only his prince can tell him who else may share in that love.

But Lorne will soon find that his prince knows him better than he knows himself, and their only challenge will be winning the heart, and the hand, of the girl who has only seen them as friends for so many years…

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Lorne hardly noticed the people and things they passed as they moved. He didn’t really come back to himself until they were in Davin’s room, tearing at each other’s clothes. Davin pulled his boots off and threw them down before pushing Lorne’s doublet off his shoulders. Lorne became even more enflamed when Davin ripped his shirt in half in his eagerness, kissing Lorne’s chest and then pausing when he saw what he’d done. Lorne shrugged it off, loving the hint of embarrassment he saw in his prince’s eyes.

“Don’t look like that,” Lorne said, as he drew Davin’s shirt over his head. He caressed the planes of Davin’s chest and stomach as he knelt and unlaced his breeches. “I’ve wanted you for years. I’ve dreamed of this moment since our first kiss.” He freed Davin’s cock and suckled the head, the taste of the pre-cum making him sigh.

“Mmmm. Should have demanded this sooner,” Davin said as he tried to force his breeches down.

Lorne tugged them down and helped Davin step out of them as he licked and teased his cock. “You’re worth waiting for. The desire had to be yours.”

Davin fell back on the bed and drew Lorne to him. “Naked. Now.”

Lorne nodded, as if he was acknowledging a royal command, and Davin groaned. Lorne chuckled as he stood and yanked his boots off. He broke a lace as he became impatient with his breeches. Davin lay on the bed with his legs spread, his hand fondling his cock and balls. One finger kept straying to his hole. Lorne licked his lips as he kicked the troublesome garment away. His tongue had filled that sweet passage many times, and now his cock would finally feel that same sweetness.

Davin drew up and took Lorne by the hips, sucking his cock deep right away and making Lorne gasp. Davin’s tongue teased him, and Lorne held his head to fuck his mouth briefly. The soft moans of pleasure from Davin drove him wild, and he knew he had to hold back for now. As he pulled back, Davin’s mouth still pursued him, licking and trying to recapture him.

“Can’t wait to see you pleasure her with your mouth,” Lorne said, pushing Davin onto the bed and straddling him, stealing light kisses from his soft lips, “that sweet, talented mouth.”

“You’ll have to teach me. I want to please her,” Davin said, running his hands into Lorne’s hair and nipping at his neck.

“We’ll learn and explore together.” Lorne caressed Davin and then worked down his body slowly, letting his mouth linger on his prince’s most sensitive spots. “As we learned with each other. Instinct.” He gazed up at Davin. “Every touch has been perfect. We wanted each other, and no one had to tell us what to do.”

Davin smiled, a soft, sensual laugh escaping his lips. “But I loved it when you told me what to do.”

Lorne smiled back. “Spread yourself for me,” he whispered.

Davin obeyed, lifting his legs to his chest. Lorne toyed with him at first, mouthing his balls and lightly licking his cock, which now wept with need. He massaged Davin’s hole with one finger, but he did not penetrate. Soon Davin wiggled impatiently, and Lorne slapped one cheek to still him. Davin sighed and buried his head against a pillow as Lorne rose and took up a tin of salve. The scent of roses filled the room as he slicked one finger and further teased his prince. He worked into Davin slowly. Watching Davin’s changing expressions made him ache, but he didn’t want to take Davin until that same ache filled him. It took him ten minutes to prepare Davin, and he could see his love ready to explode. Lorne had stretched Davin thoroughly, and he now had three fingers in the prince’s ass. He withdrew and inserted just one, thrumming against Davin’s gland, the one that gave so much pleasure.

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