Samantha Tyler—Sam to her friends and the byline she uses on her column for Behind Doors magazine—goes to Hyderabad in India to interview the Tollywood movie star and chess grandmaster Amrit Agrawal. An unexpected mile high encounter with the beautiful airhostess, Laxmi, in Amrit’s private jet starts her journey off with a bang. Sam’s seduction by the handsome and charismatic Indian movie star during her interview with him is far from an unpleasant experience, yet next morning she discovers that all is not as she had imagined. Sam decides to take matters firmly in hand. Even a grandmaster can be taught a lesson. The sort of lesson that she enjoys administering.

The Grandmaster
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Chapter One

“More champagne, Madam? Or perhaps I could get you some more caviar?”

The airhostess’s voice had a tantalizing quality about it. It was sultry with only a hint of an Indian accent, yet the intonation suggested a desire to please.

Samantha Tyler was looking out of the oval window of the private jet at the huge carpet of white cumulus clouds above which they were traveling. She turned and smiled at the vision of exotic beauty that stood before her clad in a scarlet sari with an opened bottle of Krug champagne in her hands and a folded napkin draped over her other wrist.

“No thank you, Laxmi,” Samantha replied. “I don’t want to risk being too tipsy when I meet Amrit Agrawal.” She covered her mouth and tried to suppress a yawn. “Oh excuse me, I think watching two of his movies and all this air travel is finally catching up on me.”

“It is a long trip from London to Mumbai, I know. I used to fly it regularly before I obtained my position in Amrit Agrawal’s employment. Did you enjoy his films, Madam?”

Samantha stretched her legs out and glanced round the cabin of the Learjet. She was the sole passenger and Laxmi was the only cabin crew.

“I thought they were sublime, although having to read subtitles is tiring in itself.”

“Well, perhaps you have picked up a few words of Telegu.” Laxmi smiled.

“I think I picked up enough to gather that the heroines always fall in love with him. He’s certainly stunning to watch; he fights, dances, and sings well.”

Laxmi nodded. “Our Telegu films may seem old fashioned to you, as they are a mixture of musicals and adventure. The hero always defeats his enemies and wins the leading lady, after he serenades and charms her.”

“And clearly no one does it better than Amrit Agrawal! But tell me, how long have you worked for him, Laxmi?”

“One year now. And I have loved every minute. He is a most generous employer as well as being a great movie star. Everyone loves his movies in India.”

Samantha picked an invisible spot of dust from her skinny jeans. “I’m looking forward to meeting him. He seems an interesting character, a movie star as well as one of the best chess players in the world.” She gestured around the cabin at all the plush furnishings. “And he has all of this wealth. The readers of my magazine, Behind Doors will be keen to know all about him.”

Laxmi smiled, revealing perfect, pearly white teeth. “I am sure you will have an enjoyable interview, Madam. Amrit Agrawal is a great man. We in India are very proud of his achievements.”

Not for the first time Samantha found herself admiring the airhostess, for she was obviously loyal to her boss. She was also stunningly beautiful. So beautiful that when she first greeted Samantha when she boarded the jet, Samantha assumed she was a Tollywood starlet. She was shorter than Samantha, with a coffee colored complexion, almond shaped eyes with luxuriously long eyelashes, raven black hair, and full red lips. Her sari fitted her body perfectly, enhancing the shape of her breasts and butt, yet leaving her flat tummy uncovered.

“Perhaps I could just have an iced tea?” Samantha was suddenly aware that she was ogling Laxmi’s midriff and her cute innie of a bellybutton.

“Of course, Madam. I will prepare some in the galley and will return directly.

Samantha watched her hips sashay under her sari as she headed for the galley door.

Stop it, Sam, she chided herself. You are here on a job. No time to get distracted, no matter how hot and sexy she is. Focus on this dream assignment.

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