The Lion and the Lamb (MF)

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,470
4 Ratings (4.0)

After suffering from an eating disorder as a teenager, Tatum Weatherton slowly starts to grow comfortable in her curvier body as an adult. With her self-confidence shot, Tatum never had a meaningful relationship, but that all changes when she starts working for Leo Castill.

Leo enjoys women, and he has plenty of willing ones that work for him at the gentlemen's club he owns, The Lion and the Lamb. Everything changes when one luscious female, his mate, enters his club looking for a job. Every possessive instinct roars within him to take her, mark her, and claim her as his own.

When another lion shifter takes an interest in Tatum, Leo's lion demands to be let free and destroy the threat to his mate. But when Tatum is taken, Leo will stop at nothing to get her back, even when that means having the blood of his enemy on his hands.

Be Warned: anal sex

The Lion and the Lamb (MF)
4 Ratings (4.0)

The Lion and the Lamb (MF)

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,470
4 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Sour Cherry Designs

He slammed her body against the wall, his breathing hot and heavy as it brushed along the back of her neck. Head turned to the side, Tatum kept her eyes shut as she felt his hands slide down from her shoulders to grip her waist. He pulled her ass back toward him, his erection digging into the small of her back. The sensation of his fingers tunneling into her hair sent chills dancing along her flesh. A hard tug of her hair being pulled had her head craning back. His other hand snaked around to curl his fingers around her bared throat.

What in the hell was happening? Her goal had been to get him away from Slade and talk to him, but in a quick twist of events that arousal she had been trying to deny came crashing to the front. All thoughts of Slade fled her.

“Say who makes you feel good, Tatum.” The rough timbre of his growl went straight to her pussy. Her clit throbbed, and her cunt gushed for her need to have him between her thighs. There had been so much sexual tension between them that she was on the verge of climaxing just watching him walk into a room. Despite the fact this was all she wanted, she liked the idea of teasing him.

“Not a chance.” The sting of him tightening his hand in her hair had a gasp of pleasure/pain leaving her.

“Baby, by the end of the night I’m going to have you screaming my name.” He used his leverage on her hair to turn her head to the side even more. His tongue ran up the side of her neck, and a shiver raced through her. The roughness of it had an incredible sensation coursing through her, one that had her grinding her ass against him and groaning.

“Yeah, baby, by the end of the fucking night.” He spun her around so fast dizziness claimed her. She had to blink away the fog that threatened to consume her. This was too wild and untamed for her. Tatum had never had a man make her feel like this, make her want to be fucked.

His mouth claimed hers, his tongue stroking her bottom lip. She opened for him and sucked his tongue in, loving that his spicy male flavor filled her taste buds.

Hands on his shoulders, she curled her fingers into his flesh and pulled him closer. His growl of need went through her, and she reciprocated it with one of her own. His hands were suddenly on her ass, gripping the mounds with a force that rivaled her lust. He lifted, and she wrapped her legs around his waist, their kiss never breaking. In the next moment he came forward. The cool wood of his desk meet her ass. She gripped the edge of his tee and started pulling at it like a mad woman. Whatever came over her was like a tornado of emotions, and she didn’t see it stopping anytime soon.

Ripping his mouth from hers, he tore his shirt away and went for the buckle of his belt. She was already unbuttoning her blouse and pushing it off her shoulders. Her hands went to the clasp in the back of her bra, but a slow shake of his head had her stopping. The belt slid through the loops of his jeans and clattered to the floor. He undid the button of his pants but didn’t push them down. Instead, he moved close to her until her knees brushed his legs.

“Feet flat on the desk, baby.” His grin widened when she did what he said. His hands landed on her knees, and he pushed them apart. Her muscles stretched and protested, but the burn felt oh-so-good. The skirt she wore was already bunched around her waist, so when he slid his hands down her inner thighs, he touched her bare flesh. Leaning forward, his lips were a hairbreadth away from hers. The tips of his fingers brushed the edge of her panties, and she used all her strength not to close her eyes, tilt her head back, and bare her throat to him. All she wanted was the roughness of his tongue sliding along her skin again, igniting her like a firework on the Fourth of July.

“I love your curves. The way you fill my hands makes my cock so hard I ache to be inside of you.” His eyes roamed over her body, but she didn’t feel self-conscious about how she looked. The way he spoke about her had her pussy gushing with her desire for him. He started sliding his hands over her, squeezing her body until she felt liquid beneath him. “I bet your pussy taste as good as it smells.”

The air around them heated and thickened, and she found herself wanting to have him just as aroused as she was. “Why don’t you find out?”

Never had she spoken so wantonly before, but with Leo she found she acted out of character quite frequently. A nip at her bottom lip was the only response he gave her before he dropped to his knees between her splayed thighs. He kept her legs open as he kissed her ankle then ran his tongue up her calf, over the side of her knee, and started working his way back down her inner thigh. The feel of his hot, humid breath and of his tongue leaving a trail of liquid fire all over her, had her legs shaking. She felt marked by him, like he staked his claim for all to see. Something inside of her grew warm and soft at the thought, but she knew it had to be misplaced.

Leo Castill wanted one thing from women, and normally she would have scoffed and told him to fuck-off, but she was way past that.

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