The Love Project (MF)

The Project Series 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 50,630
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romance, public exhibition, HFN]
Erica Kelly is a curvaceous and attractive woman. Randolph Carter is her New York boss. He is also a well built, sexy, and sensual man, and Erica falls for him the moment she sees him. Erica’s business project is chosen from three finalists, which means she is going to LA with Randolph and the team.
As the week-long trip develops, barriers threaten to prevent Erica and Randolph from becoming lovers. Randolph has to win new business on the trip, but he also wants to win Erica’s heart. Erica wants to impress her boss with her professionalism, but she wants him to notice her as a woman. Their relationship develops into lust, which they satisfy at every opportunity. Romance is on Randolph’s mind when the most important meeting takes place. Erica is distraught to find the potential business is with Randolph’s ex-wife. Erica leaves for the airport. 
Randolph finds her, apologizes, and each tells the other I Love You.
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Love Project (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Love Project (MF)

The Project Series 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 50,630
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
Professional Reviews

4 STARS "Who doesn’t love a sweet romance? Guy meets girl, boy falls for girl, girl falls for boy, and all get a happily ever after. Perfect. While The Love Project isn’t what I usually read, I found myself pleasantly surprised by it. As a romance novel, the storyline sizzled from the very beginning. Randolph is a very strong character who goes after exactly what he wants, in and out of the boardroom. I really identified with Erica, though. A small town girl who is insecure in her qualities. These two brought the story to life. This tale is a great summer read, and would be perfect for a day on the beach. When Erica’s boss, Randolph, announced the competition for the latest business expansion project, she thought she had no chance. After working day and night, much to her surprise, she makes the cut and is in the final 3! Once nerve wracking proposal presentation, and Erica is astounded. For the entire time she’s worked for Randolph’s company, she’s loved him from afar. Now she gets to spend an entire week in LA with him and the team! What she doesn’t anticipate is the instant passion coming from Randolph. As their relationship heats to a boiling point, negotiations with prospective clients are also going exceedingly well. That is, until a ghost from Randolph’s past surfaces to threaten not only his company, but Erica as well. Can Randolph and Erica overcome the obstacles they face and be together? Or will it all fall apart in the face of the past?" -- Hitherandthee, Night Owl Reviews

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She paid the cab and watched as it pulled away from the private part of the busy airport.

Her bag was heavy but she didn’t have to carry it too far. One of the ground crew, dressed in Carter Media kit, took it from her and assured her it would be waiting for her at the other end of the flight.

She held onto her purse, containing as it did her vital needs for the airplane—makeup, cell phone, and the notes she had been given back at the office. She had read them twice and felt she had all the information she needed at her fingertips, or more importantly, she had them at the front of her recall so that when she was asked a question—and she knew Randolph would ask her—she was ready with the answer, and the correct one.

The checklist for the trip had been exhaustive, even down to what kind of clothes she should wear. Obviously business smart for the official conventions and meetings, but for the flight she had been advised to wear something summery and light. She had opted for a knee-length cotton dress with floral pattern that she knew showed off her figure to its best. Not that she felt there was a best, just a less worse, if that made sense.

It was a little windy nearer the airplane and she felt the hem of her dress rise slightly. She pushed it back down with one hand. That would never do.

She spotted Randolph a few yards away, by the flight steps. The wind tugged at her dress again and she smoothed it back down. What would his reaction be if her legs, and more, were exposed in such a way? Especially as she was wearing hold-ups again. She had decided she liked the feel of them, and after the success of the meeting when she wore them for the first time, they were a kind of lucky charm. She hoped they would prove to be lucky in more ways than one.

She joined him at the bottom of the steps and he smiled warmly when he saw her. So far so good.

“Great to see you, Erica.” He used her name, and the thrill at hearing it on his lips was ridiculously satisfying.

To regain her composure, she said, “Nice plane.”

He looked up at the jet impassively. “Tax deductible of course, and efficient because we can use it any hour at any time, so there are no boundaries.” He took her hand in his, and anyone looking on might have seen just two people shaking hands in the time-honored manner. “I dislike boundaries, do you?”

“I think sometimes I do.”

“Maybe you haven’t so much experience with a sense of the reckless? Maybe your life up to now has been constricted by boundaries? This trip will be a first for you in many ways I hope.”

She was melting. “I’m really looking forward to it.” In so many ways.

He released her hand and the sense of loss was disproportionate. “I think this trip will satisfy you.” He looked closely at her as if looking for something he needed to see. “Yes. I think you will be satisfied.”

God, she so hoped so.

He turned away from her and picked up two bags that were at the foot of the steps.

It was then that his cell phone rang.

He turned back toward her and indicated his top jacket pocket. “Would you mind?”

“Sorry…Oh, right.”

Erica reached into the pocket, standing on tiptoe to reach, and pulled out the vibrating phone. A number was showing but no caller ID.

She tried to show the face of the phone to him but he was distracted. “Answer it for me, would you?”

Was he testing her out? If she was accompanying him on this important business trip perhaps he was using her as his assistant. Answering the phone came firmly under the duties of an assistant.

She swiped the green icon and said, “Hello, Randolph Carter’s phone.”

As she listened to the female voice at the other end of the line her heart sank. A coldness seeped into her body and paid particular attention to her heart. She barely heard what the woman said, but she was firm and resolute when she held the phone out to Randolph for him to take it from her.

“It’s your wife.”

He took the phone from her trembling fingers, and she stormed up the steps to the plane.

The flight attendant showed her to her seat, and she accepted her offer of a drink. It was still early but she ordered vodka, and when it came she drank it far too quickly.

How could she have been so stupid? Of course a man like him would be married.

She had never been in his office but she was willing to bet there was a framed photo of her on the desk. Her and the…God, no, did they have children?

She closed her eyes and laid her head back onto the padded rest behind her.

The excitement and anticipation for the upcoming week was gone. She wanted it over with as fast as it could go. It was all she could do to prevent herself getting off the plane right now and going home.

Of course she would tender her resignation next week, and find another job. She couldn’t stay at CM and be around him all the time.

She didn’t mess with married men, or anyone in a relationship.

Trouble was her head knew that, but her body still trembled at the thought of him.




Dressed just in his open shirt, Randolph rolled away from her, his bare thigh rested against hers.

Erica was struggling to regain her breathing at a normal level. The volcano of desire that had overflowed within her had been all-consuming. Once again her lover had surprised her, taking her to new regions of uncharted passion.

She was conscious that her large breasts were heaving on her chest, and she made an effort to slow her breathing. Her fingers touched the nipples, hardened by the air conditioning, but more so from the attentions they had received from Randolph’s mouth and hands.

She was naked apart from stockings and garter belt, but she didn’t feel any need to try and cover up. She was proud to be lying here, with this man. She had never dressed so provocatively before, and had done so merely to please him. Judging by his reactions so far she had succeeded. He seemed extremely pleased.

Randolph turned so that he could look at her. He wasn’t even sure she was aware of his gaze. Her beautiful breasts were moving sinuously, a liquid motion that was like ripples on the surface of a lake. The nipples were calling out to him to take them into his mouth, but he was too distracted by his secret roaming visual trip over her body. Her stomach was slightly rounded, which only added to her femininity. Below the waist her hair was delicate, neat, and invited his eyes to look further down.

Her sex was framed by the black garter belt, the stockings showing the creamy flesh above them. Her dark labia peeped open, a hint of the pinkness within showing through. He felt himself begin to respond. Even though it had not been long since she had satisfied him he found he was ready. Not just ready, but he was eager, more than eager, he was rampant.

Erica was surprised when she felt her body turned sideways on the bed. She raised her head to see Randolph gently maneuvering her ankles, so that her legs faced toward the headboard. She used her hands above her head to help him shift her position.

When he was happy with the position of her body in the center of the bed, Randolph leaned across to the bedside cabinet and pulled out a foil packet. Erica watched, fascinated, as he ripped the foil and drew out its contents. She hoped he might let her put it onto him, as he had before, but one look at the concentration on his face told her he didn’t have the patience for that. That pleased her more than she could describe.

She reached up and grasped him, tenderly, between her fingers. He smiled. As she stroked his cock, she was careful not to dislodge the latex covering. She concentrated on his tip, rubbing it between thumb and finger, while she held his base with her other hand.

“Not too much,” he said.

“Can there ever be enough?”

“I can never have enough of you, my darling.”

He positioned himself between her thighs, and she marveled at the length and the girth of his cock as he held it at her entrance. He glanced at her, his eyes locked onto hers. If it was a question he was asking her then she had only one reply.

“Yes,” she said. “Do it now.”

He thrust forward and she accepted him with warmth. She found his size magnificent. It stretched her and filled her. When he moved, sometimes slowly, at other times rapidly, the movement at her center translated through her entire body. Her fingertips tingled, her chest flushed, and even her eyes felt elevated to a new level of response.

It built up gradually, deep within her. She wasn’t conscious of it at first, but as it grew she couldn’t ignore it, nor would she want to. She was lost in the passion of love with this man, the man she knew would be with her always.

There were no doubts. No lack of confidence. This man had released the person she had always hoped she might be. She could imagine their life together, the homes they might build, the children they might have together. She wanted to abandon herself to him, to give him everything she had to give.

His pace intensified and his face betrayed that he was close. She wanted them to finish together and so she concentrated all her thoughts on the splendid movement between her thighs. She contracted her internal muscles, feeling him even more intensely, if that were possible.

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