The Love Slave for Two Collection (MM, MMF)

Love Slave for Two 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 424,478
14 Ratings (4.9)

Box Set #7: The Love Slave for Two Collection (All 5 books for $4.99)

Tyler Paulson came to America with a scholarship and a dream of becoming a writer, but he struggles to build a new life for himself in his adopted country. When he starts to doubt the truths he once held about himself and his trust in others, he must learn to forget the ghosts of his past to have a future with the man he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Thomas Kinsey has some dark secrets of his own. His upbringing couldn't have been more different than Tyler's, but he carries the burden of his father's legacy. He's afraid to admit something that may test even his strong family bonds.

Together, they've found what they've been missing all their lives. Their relationship takes yet another unexpected turn when they hire Nevvie Barton to be their cleaning girl.

Abandoned by her adopted family and trapped in an abusive relationship, Nevvie Barton has never truly felt loved or like she belonged anywhere. Her life changes forever when Tyler and Thomas fall in love with her. The two men hatch a secret plan to seduce her and make her their permanent third.

As their lives together unfold, Nevvie and her men face tragedy, storms, betrayal, and unimaginable danger that teach them the truth about home, family, and love.

A Siren Erotic Romance   Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.

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Love Slave for Two: Beginnings (MM) Love Slave for Two (MMF) Love Slave for Two: Family Matters (MMF) Love Slave for Two: Reunions (MMF) Love Slave for Two: Reckoning (MMF)

The Love Slave for Two Collection (MM, MMF)
14 Ratings (4.9)

The Love Slave for Two Collection (MM, MMF)

Love Slave for Two 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 424,478
14 Ratings (4.9)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
great series . I loved it so glad it is getting another book. this boxset has 5 books in it .
Absolutely love this collection! Nevvy, Tommy and Ty are perfect for each other, even if there are times where one of the guys (as guys can sometimes be) is a little dense lol. Read the books individually or in this collection, the characters will win your heart!





Ray let Oot cuff Tyler’s hands and wrists and hook him up to the bench. The difference in Oot’s touch with the implements was immediately apparent to Tyler. He took his time, used his hands to caress and squeeze Tyler’s flesh, delivered far less sting. Within twenty minutes, Tyler didn’t care that he was begging to come.

Ray knelt in front of him while Oot used a soft flogger on Tyler’s ass. “You want to come already? You’re just begging to be used this weekend, aren’t you?

“Yes, please!” The restrictive leather G-string had only added to his torment. Every movement of his hips added even more torturously pleasant friction.

The doorbell rang. The other two men seemed to anticipate it, but it shocked Tyler back from his heady state.

“Ooh, there’s kitten!” Oot said.

“You stay here with him,” Ray ordered. “I’ll be right back.” Oot stepped up his ministrations, quickly settling Tyler back into subspace. He was vaguely aware of people entering the room and a woman’s voice.

“Strip, kitten,” an unfamiliar voice commanded.

Ray spoke. “Oot, hold up for a moment.”

Tyler gasped as the activities stopped, allowing him a moment to gather his thoughts. Ray knelt in front of him again. “Daddy Saul is loaning us kitten for the weekend because he’s going out of town and doesn’t want her to get into trouble. Do you want to play with her?”

Tyler struggled to form vowels. “Okay.”

“You’ll get to top her when I say so, but she won’t top you. She’s a total bottom.”


Ray ruffled his hair. “Get that G-string off him.”

Tyler felt hands remove the G-string.

The other man’s voice spoke. “Well, get your head down there, girl. Use that mouth for what it’s made for.”

Tyler felt hair brush his thighs, then…

His eyes rolled back into his head at the feel of soft, hot, silky lips engulfing his cock.

Ray laughed. “In this case, Tyler, you don’t need permission to come. Not that you could hold back anyway. She’s a total cock sucking slut. Have at him, kitten.”

Oot started in on Tyler again with a paddle, and it only took seconds for Tyler to explode in kitten’s mouth with a loud cry. He was aware of a happy female moan, but she didn’t release him, kept sucking, deep-throating him past the point of release until he grew hard again.

Hands caressed his back, his thighs, his ass. He was vaguely aware of Ray showing the other man out, then returning.

Oot groaned. “He’s got such a nice ass. Please, Master?”

“We won’t get anything else accomplished this weekend if I don’t let you fuck him now, will we?”

“Probably not, Master.”

“Oh, all right, fine. Go get a condom and lube.” He ran his hand through Tyler’s hair, caressing, gentle, not pulling it. “Haven’t had a good spit roast in a while. Don’t stop what you’re doing, kitten. Your owner gave me permission to whip your ass if I need to.”

She moaned around Tyler’s cock, the sensation making him moan in reply.

Ray laughed. “Gotta love that sound.”

Tyler was aware of Oot’s gentle hands working cool lube into his ass, Ray’s hands on his head, and the feel of kitten’s hot mouth on his cock. Even if he could have moved, he would have fought anyone tooth and nail had they tried to make him get up.

“Ever been the center, Tyler?” Ray asked. Tyler wasn’t sure what he meant, was pretty sure the answer was currently no, but was only seconds away from finding out.

Ray stripped off his shirt, then dropped his shorts and stepped out of them, leaving his stiff cock waving in the air. He wasn’t as long as Marcus, but he was thicker around. As he stepped forward, he cupped Tyler’s chin. “You’re not going to be able to talk, so three long, loud grunts will mean red, two mean yellow, one means green. Okay?”

Tyler strained to reach the cock in front of him. “Yes!”

Ray chuckled as he slipped his cock between Tyler’s lips. Oot rolled a condom on and slid his modest cock inside Tyler, driving another loud, long moan out of him. He was close to coming again.

“Oh, fuck! Master, he’s great!”

Tyler wasn’t sure where to focus his attention. What was being done to him felt better than great, and he loved what he was doing. After instincts told him Oot and kitten probably didn’t need his help, he turned his full attention to Ray.

Ray sucked in a long, deep breath. “Dammit, Oot, he’s almost as good as kitten.”

“Really? Oh, man, I can’t wait to feel that!”

“You’ll have to. I’m not letting go of this boy’s head until I shoot a load down his throat.”

Even though Tyler felt like a fuck toy, he couldn’t explain the difference in how this was better than he’d ever felt with Marcus.

Much better. They were focused on his pleasure as much as he was focused on theirs, not the one sided take-and-take he’d felt with Marcus.

He attacked Ray’s cock with as much enthusiasm as he could. When kitten made Tyler come a second time, he started bucking his hips against Oot’s cock, wanting him in deeper, harder, faster.





Thomas stepped behind her while Tyler took her hands. “You were breathtaking tonight,” he whispered. “Truly, absolutely marvelous. Did you have a good time?”

“Yes, Master, I had a good time.”

“You don’t have to play any longer if you don’t wish to.”

She squeezed his hands. “But I do wish.”

“Go ahead, Tom. Take it off.”

Thomas touched the collar. She yanked her hands free from Tyler’s and clamped them to the back of her neck, preventing Thomas from getting to the buckle. Both men froze.

She finally worked up the nerve. “I promised my masters twenty-four hours of my time. It hasn’t been twenty-four hours yet.”

Thomas spoke near her ear. “Sweetie, we don’t expect you to—”

“Please.” She met Tyler’s eyes. “You promised you’d take care of my every need tonight,” she whispered, struggling not to cry at the thought of sleeping alone. She admitted it. She wasn’t strong enough to do this. She needed them, would beg and plead if she had to. Fuck, groveling looked like a damn good option, if necessary. “My masters promised their little slave. You told me to trust you. I trust you, ­­both of you.”

Tyler’s gaze never wavered. He took her hands again. “Nevvie,” he said, “we have a confession to make.”

Confused, she didn’t reply.

He continued. “Thomas and I are not gay, love. We’re bisexual.”

As his words sank in she looked at Thomas. He nodded. “That’s right, sugar.” One corner of his mouth curled in a playful smile. “As if you couldn’t guess.”

Tyler spoke, recapturing her eyes as she struggled to absorb this new information. “We have been attracted to you since the first day we met you. We were afraid to tell you for fear of making you uncomfortable.”

Dare she hope? “You’re not teasing?”

Both men shook their heads.

“You’re not gay?”

Again they shook their heads.

She stared into Tyler’s eyes then looked at Tom for a long agonizing moment before deciding to step off the cliff, praying they caught her. She put an arm around Tyler’s neck, her other hand finding Thomas and pulling him against her back.

The men put their arms around her and she looked into Tyler’s eyes. “Will my masters take care of my every need tonight?”

“We promised you anything,” Tyler said. “We meant it.”

Thomas ran his lips along the nape of her neck, making her shiver. He placed his lips to her ear and whispered, “Any need our sweet little slave has.”

She closed her eyes. “If I want to say no to anything?”

“Absolutely,” Tyler assured her.

“I’ve never…you know…in my ass. I’m not ready to do that.”

Tyler pressed against her, pushing her into Thomas. She felt their hard erections. “We will never force you to do anything, sweetheart. Ever. If we wish to do that, we always have each other.”

She wiggled her hips and both men groaned.

She could have both her sweet love gods tonight and they wanted her!

This was too good to be true. What was the downside? “What happens in the morning?” she asked. “After this. What next?”

Tyler stroked her cheek. “We are at your beck and call, love. We will do whatever you want. Perhaps you didn’t understand. When we’ve told you we love you, we meant it the same way you did.”

Her heart pounded in her chest. Thomas had worked his way across her shoulders to her other ear and was still nibbling.

Tyler spoke again. “We love you. It broke our hearts when Alex attacked you. We will never hurt you, sweetheart. We want you to be a part of our life in all ways.”

Nevvie couldn’t catch her breath. “In all ways?”

Tyler nodded. “In all ways. We don’t mean a night or a weekend. For as long as you’ll have us, but it must be both of us.” The men froze, and she realized they waited for her to speak.

“Yes. Please.”

Every muscle tensed, her skin on fire from the heat of their bodies and Thomas’ lips on her flesh. She kissed Tyler and heard his hungry moan, his tongue and hers dancing, exploring. Thomas wrapped his arms around both of them and gently nipped her neck.

Forget throbbing, her sex ached from need and desire. Tyler broke their kiss and slowly worked his way down her body with his lips while Thomas held her against his chest. She closed her eyes as she tipped her head back and Tom’s lips found hers, eagerly devouring her with hungry, possessive need.

Tyler removed her sandals, then slid her costume bottom off and caressed her legs. He held her hips and she felt his hot breath against her wet slit. Her knees trembled. If Thomas wasn’t holding her, she’d collapse. Then Tyler’s tongue, soft and gentle, a light tease from the top of her folds down as far as he could reach.

“Ohhh!” she whimpered, sucking harder on Thomas’ tongue, spreading her legs for Tyler.

“Did you like that, little slave?” Tyler asked.

She made a sound she hoped they knew meant, “Hell yes!”

“She’s beautiful,” Tyler whispered, one finger carefully spreading her. She loudly moaned into Tom’s mouth as Tyler’s words set her on fire. “You should feel her, Thomas, she’s very, very wet.”

Thomas broke their kiss. “Why don’t you give our little slave a reward right now, Tyler? She was so good tonight. Then she’ll be able to focus on what else she wants to do.”

“Hmm. That’s a good idea.” Tyler licked her again. She shivered, every nerve in her body screaming for release. Thomas held her tightly as Tyler set to work, running his tongue up and down her clit to her pussy, where he slowly worked two fingers into her.

No longer capable of coherent speech, Nevvie threw her head back against Tom’s shoulder, closed her eyes, and moaned. Tyler’s lips and tongue scorched her, branding her as theirs. She gave in to the pleasure, desperately in need of release.

Nothing had ever felt this good, this right. Tyler drew tight circles with his tongue around her clit, then gently wrapped his lips around it, lightly sucking. As her climax rocked her she screamed, grabbing his hair and grinding her hips in time with his motions as he kept her coming and coming for what felt like hours.

When her knees finally failed her, Thomas scooped her into his arms. Tyler stood and leaned in, kissing Thomas.

Thomas moaned. “Damn, she tastes good!”

Tyler licked his lips and touched his lover’s cheek. “You’ll get your turn soon enough.” He unsnapped the leash. “Do you want your collar off or on, sweetheart?”


She was recovering from the sensation, her body covered by a fine sheen of moisture as Thomas gently laid her on their bed. Tyler kissed her. She wrapped her arms around his neck, throwing a leg around him.

He laughed. “Did you like that, my sweet little slave?”

“Yes, Master.”

Thomas stretched out on her other side and slid his hand under her top, gently massaging her breast. “I think our little slave should get completely naked.”

Tyler helped remove her top. The men gasped, each bending to take a breast in their mouth, running their tongues around her nipples and drawing soft mewing sounds from her. She put an arm around each head, clasping them to her, tangling her fingers in their hair, praying this wasn’t a dream. Or if it was a dream that she never woke up. Their mouths on her soon had her pussy aching again, throbbing, begging for relief.

Both men were still dressed. Thomas lifted his head from her left breast. “I want to taste you next, little slave.”

All she could do was nod. Tyler took her left breast in his hand, gently rolling her nipple between his fingers while still suckling her right. Thomas kissed down her belly and shifted position to lay between her legs, driving his tongue into her throbbing sex, fucking her with it.

She arched her back and spread her legs wider, giving him full access. This couldn’t be happening! Then he slipped two fingers into her and nibbled on her clit, and as she felt the build-up to her next climax she sobbed with need. His touch was different than Tyler’s, and still so hot and perfect it wasn’t long before she cried out as the next wave hit, leaving her shaking and trembling on the bed.

Tyler took her into his arms and kissed her as she gasped for air. “Did our little slave like that?”

She nodded.

“Would our little slave like us to fuck her?”






Nevvie registered the sound of the bathroom door shutting, then the shower starting. She cracked an eyelid and realized both men were missing from the bed. Tom’s familiar low, hungry moan instantly awakened her.

Oh, no they don’t. Not without me.

She got out of bed and slipped into the bathroom. The men were too distracted to notice her entrance. Through the opaque shower curtain she spied Tyler against the wall, Thomas slicking his shaft in preparation.

Nevvie stripped as Thomas lubed his fingers and carefully prepared Tyler, who groaned with need, starting an almost uncomfortable throbbing between her own legs. It was too soon for her to fully participate in their activities, but if one of them didn’t do something for her soon she would explode. It’d been over a month for her and she was climbing the walls. Watching her men preparing to fuck only intensified her aching need.

Before she met them she never thought she’d be turned on by the sight of two guys doing it, but these were her men. They loved her and each other. Watching and listening to their passion was sexier than anything she could have ever imagined.

“Oh, yeah!” Tyler grunted, feeling Tom’s fingers in him.

“You okay, sugar?” Tom asked.

Tyler nodded. “Damn, that feels good,” he gasped.

“It’s going to feel a lot better here in just a second.”

Nevvie struggled not to laugh. It sure would! They still hadn’t noticed her.

Tom withdrew his fingers and replaced them with his cock. “Ready?”

“Do it,” Tyler begged. “Fuck me, love. Fuck that sweet cock into my arse.”

Nevvie’s knees weakened at his passionate growl. She reached out to the wall for support. Dammit, they were hot!

And they were all hers.

Tom gripped Tyler’s hips and slid his cock into his lover. Both men groaned. Tom paused, waiting until Tyler ground his hips against him in encouragement to continue. When he was fully seated inside the other man, Tom covered Tyler’s hands with his, their fingers laced, and stretched his body against his lover.

“How’s that feel,” Thomas gasped against Tyler’s neck.

“Fuck me, love.”

“I’m gonna fuck you real good, sugar.”

She watched Tom’s hips as he slowly, gently thrust into Tyler. She put a hand to her mouth to muffle her own passionate moan. He was always very gentle with Tyler, not wanting to hurt him, which was just one of the things she desperately loved about him.

Moving slowly, Nevvie slipped into the other end of the shower. Tom’s ass tensed and flexed as he carefully stroked into Tyler. Both men’s eyes were closed. They took their time, enjoying the sensations. She picked up the bottle of lube, generously slicked two of her fingers, and stepped behind Tom.

He yelled and jumped, startled, then laughed when he felt Nevvie’s fingers press against his rim.

Tyler jumped in response to Tom’s reaction. “What?”

Tom laughed. “Our girl snuck up on us—oh!”

Tyler tried to turn his head but he was still pinned to the wall by Thomas’ hands and the larger man’s body. “What?”

“She’s having a little fun back there.”

Nevvie pressed her body against the men and reached around with her other hand, found Tyler’s stiff shaft. “You didn’t think I’d let the two of you get away with having all the fun, did you?”





“So, what would it take to un-irritate you, hmm?” Tyler asked.

Tom burst out laughing. “Um, yeah. That. Exactly.”

Nevvie climbed off the bed and let Tyler scoot next to Tom. Tyler grabbed him and pulled him into his lap while laying a long, deep, sexy kiss on his lips. “You mean, that?” Tyler asked.

“Yeah!” he breathlessly whispered before pulling Tyler’s mouth back down to his.

Nevvie undressed while Tyler revved Tom’s motor. She climbed onto the bed on Tom’s other side and started working on his slacks. He tried kicking his shoes off while she did that, and neither of them made any progress in getting his clothes off.

Finally, in frustration, he broke his kiss with Tyler and sat up. “Okay, let me get nekkid. Y’all got me so horny I can’t think straight.”

While he stood and began yanking off his clothes, Tyler also stood. He took a slower, more seductive pace as his gaze bored into Tom’s while he unbuttoned his shirt. “I’m going to get you even more horny before I let you come, love.”

Tyler’s deep, throaty tone, combined with his sexy British accent, did what it always did to Nevvie even though his words were directed at Tom. Her clit throbbed as moisture immediately began pooling in her pussy.

“Who’s going to make me come?” she asked in a plaintive tone.

“Oh, don’t worry, love,” Tyler assured her. “You’ll be begging us to stop by the time we’re finished with you.”

Tom threw himself back down onto the bed, landing next to her and bouncing her a little. “Oh, yeah, sugar,” he said. “Gonna have you screaming your head off.” He grabbed her and pulled her down to him, kissing her. His tongue stroked the seam of her lips and she softly moaned.

“Well, perhaps not screaming,” Tyler said with a chuckle. He reached out and stroked her ass before starting to remove his slacks. “We don’t want her waking up the boys.”

Tom broke their kiss just long enough to reply. “I’m sure I’ve got something I can gag her with,” he said with a wicked grin before kissing her again.

Nevvie whimpered with need, her clit now swollen and aching just from their little bit of banter. Her two men knew her body so well, and it never got old with both of them keeping her plenty busy.

Tom’s fingers gently fisted in her hair as he pulled her mouth off his. His breath brushed against her lips as he spoke. “You want my cock to suck on while Tyler’s licking your pussy, baby girl?”

“Mm-hmm!” She tried to kiss him again, but he firmly held on to her hair and wouldn’t let her get close enough to lock lips again.

A sexy smile curled his mouth. “Aw, is our poor baby girl all wet and horny?”

Somewhere behind her, she felt Tyler’s fingers unerringly slip between her legs and part her labia.

“Oh, yes,” Tyler confirmed. “One very wet little slave girl.”

Her insides twisted in a hot and pleasant way. So they want the little slave girl game tonight? Fine with her. She loved playing it. She wiggled her butt at him, trying to encourage him to play with her a little longer. Instead, he laid a light slap across her right ass cheek, not even enough to sting.

“Who told you to do that?” Tyler asked. “Hold still.”

Tom pulled her lips back down onto his, his tongue roughly thrusting into her mouth as Tyler began teasing her with his fingers. Not quite stroking her clit, he gathered some of her juices onto his fingers and started tracing every fold between her legs. Tom slipped a hand under her and found her left breast. He cupped her in his hand, her nipple trapped between his thumb and forefinger.

She whimpered again as Tom’s skilled fingers slowly rolled her nipple, turning it into a stiff, aching point of need with a direct connection to her clit and pussy.

“Oh, she likes that,” Tyler said. He laid his other hand on her left ass cheek and squeezed. She tried to wiggle and squirm between them to get more contact directly on her clit, but Tyler wouldn’t let her. “No, love,” he chastised. “You be a good girl and let your masters take care of you.”

Nevvie whined in protest, but Tom’s tongue in her mouth and fingers on her nipple soon had her distracted again. As did Tyler, who had now inserted two fingers into her wet pussy, where he proceeded to finger-fuck her.

“Ah, love, you’re so perfectly ready. I simply cannot wait any longer to be inside you.” He grabbed her hips and made her stand next to the bed, bent over. Tom changed position, his legs hanging off the bed. Tyler pushed her head down to Tom’s cock. “Get busy, love. I doubt you’ll come this time, but I need to fuck that sweet pussy.”

As her lips closed around Tom’s cock, his hands once again twisted in her hair as his hips thrust up to meet her downward journey. He quickly grew rigid between her lips, his warm, musky scent filling her lungs.

Behind her, Tyler grabbed her hips, lined his cock up with her pussy, and plunged home hard, shoving her down even further on Tom’s cock.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed it. She loved being pinned between her men, either like this or sandwiched between them with both their cocks filling her pussy and ass at the same time. Tyler varied his thrusts between short, shallow strokes and hard, deep ones that filled her completely and stretched her pussy in a pleasantly familiar way. She wrapped her fingers around the base of Tom’s cock as she tried to keep up with Tyler.

“That’s it, love,” he grunted. “Just relax and enjoy letting your owners use your body.”

Nevvie thought her insides would melt from the heat of his voice. She knew she wouldn’t get over like this, but the erotic friction of Tyler’s cock inside her churned her desire for them. When she tried to rock back against him in time with his strokes, he lightly slapped her ass again.

“Behave, love. I’m driving. Be a good girl. Let me set the pace.”





Nevvie let Kelly drive the three of them home even though she hadn’t had anything to drink. She hoped Tyler and Tom were still awake. Happily, she found them stretched out in bed and watching a movie on TV.

She stripped naked and crawled into bed with them. “Hi.”

“Hi, sugar,” Tom said. “You all right?” He wore an amused look.

“I’m fine,” she said as she settled between them.

Tyler rolled to face her. “Do I detect a bit of friskiness, love?”

“Maaaaybe,” she said. After watching the three male strippers strut their stuff, she’d left frisky in the dust hours earlier. Between the stripper show and her hormones, she was damn horny.

Tom also rolled to face her. He’d had surgery to fix his broken nose and the last of the bruises and scars from that had just faded. He slipped his hand between her legs. “Oh, she’s wet, all right,” he said.

“Ah,” Tyler said. “So our sweet pet wants a good fucking. Is that it?”

“Maaaaybe,” she said, grinning. Her baby belly wasn’t so big yet that she couldn’t enjoy herself. In a few months, she’d be so big she wouldn’t want either man to touch her and might consider castrating them herself.

“What did y’all do at that bridal shower to get you so wound up?” Tom playfully asked.

“You don’t want to know,” she said, moaning as his finger parted her labia and slipped inside her wet pussy.

“Don’t be so sure about that, baby girl,” Tom said. “Anything that’s got you this hot and bothered has my interest.”

“Oh, really?” Tyler asked. He also put his hand between her legs and started probing with his talented fingers. He homed in on her swollen clit and started rubbing. “Ah, you’re right, Thomas. She’s wet and ready for a good, hard fucking.”

“Duh,” Nevvie said, snickering.

Tom added a second finger to her pussy and began finger-fucking her. “Does our little slave want us to fuck her brains out?”

“Uh-huh!” Now that her morning sickness had completely gone, she was horny as hell nearly fifty percent of the day.

The other fifty percent she was atomically hormonal, and was glad Peggy had the guns locked up so she couldn’t use them at her whim on her loving husbands.

“Oh, Thomas,” Tyler said. “I do believe we have a little slave ready and willing to be fucked senseless.”


Tyler slipped a hand into her hair, gently fisting it and using it as a convenient handhold to keep her in place while he kissed her. Kiss meaning he slipped his tongue into her mouth and fucked her with it, exploring and tasting and getting her even hornier than she’d been before she crawled into bed with them.

Tom pulled his fingers from her pussy and found her right breast. He played with her nipple, turning it into a rigid peak and making her clit throb as her pussy clenched with need.

She flexed her hips against Tyler. “Please!”

Tyler nipped her lower lip. “Your collar is at home, my sweet little slave, but I suppose you don’t need it to service your Masters, do you?”

“No, Sir!” she said.

“Good girl,” Tom cooed in her ear. He pinched her right nipple, making her squirm with pleasure before his hand moved to her left and started giving it similar torment.

Tyler eased her onto her back and moved down the bed. He pushed her thighs apart. “I think I know what our little slave wants, Thomas,” he said, “but you’d better keep her quiet.”

“With pleasure,” Tom said. He sat up, then swung a leg over her. He settled over her face, his stiffening cock within reach of her lips. She opened her mouth and tried to flick her tongue over his slit, but he shifted out of reach. “Not yet, baby girl. Open.”

She did.

He pulled his cock out of the way and settled over her with his balls in her mouth. She eagerly laved her tongue over them, knowing he loved it, wanting to make him come.

Meanwhile, Tyler had nuzzled in between her thighs and spread her labia with his thumbs. When his sweet tongue swiped up her clit, she loudly moaned around Tom’s balls.

“Oh, fuck!” Tom said. “Do that again, Ty.”

Tyler did, garnering the same results and making Tom moan. Apparently unable to stand it any longer, he rose up and bumped her lips with his cock.

She eagerly opened her mouth and sucked him in. “That’s it, baby girl,” he whispered. “Do your magic.”

Between her thighs, Tyler not only used his tongue, but his fingers on her. He inserted three fingers inside her while his tongue did deliciously evil things to her clit.

Nevvie closed her eyes and let pleasure drown her. Her men knew exactly what to do to her body to melt her. Boring?


When Tyler changed the game and pressed a finger into her ass, she exploded. Her loud moans around Tom’s cock triggered his climax.

“Goddamn!” he grunted as she felt his hands hit the bed on either side of her head to brace himself. Hot jets of his cum squirted into her mouth. She swallowed, trying to keep up and barely managing it. After a minute, he rolled off her before he kissed her deeply.

“You are so good, baby girl,” he whispered before kissing her again.

Tyler propped himself up on his elbows. “Is our sweet little slave ready for a good, hard fucking?” he asked.

“Uh-huh!” That felt like a good answer. And syllabically, it was the only answer she could provide that made any sense.

Her men were particularly adept at short-circuiting her brain.

Tyler flipped her over onto her hands and knees.

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