The Maiden's Journey (MFMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 89,710
1 Ratings (5.0)
[Ménage and More: Erotic Historical Fantasy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, with F/F elements and M/F/M/M/M/M not involving main characters, voyeurism, light bondage, light spanking, HEA]
Fanny Brite, the quintessential English prude who runs a finishing school for beautiful aristocratic ladies, is forced to leave her island after an invasion. Along with her four virgin students, the gorgeous Fanny is rescued by a ship full of eleven handsome men and they embark on an erotic journey of danger and adventure. Their goal is the Island of Eros and the Great Treasure Chest, but to reach Eros and the happiness they all seek, they must successfully pass seven voyages, which include securing items from extremely dangerous islands along the way. During the hair-raising trip their lives are continually threatened by pirates, barbarians, and pursuing navies who are intent on killing the captain and Fanny's alpha love interest, the handsome Jonah Corson. Fanny saves everyone's lives with her sharp mind and new found confidence, and her "maiden's journey" is truly one of awakening and self-discovery.
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Maiden's Journey (MFMM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

The Maiden's Journey (MFMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 89,710
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
Awesome read. This novel was like reading classical literature, sort of like throwing The Seven Voyages of Sinbad and Treasure Island into a blender along with some scorching hot sex and hitting the mix button. Jonah is a genius and really, really sexy. Tor is a barbarian but he's sensitive and loveable. Etienne is a sweetheart but he's a bit of a sexual tease. Fanny is complicated but you can see her going through a journey in her own mind towards a new understanding of things. The action scenes are like watching a movie. You're right there. You can smell what they smell and see and hear what they see and hear. The surprise ending is amazing and Fanny is so brilliant. The book is also a commentary on belief systems and how people should challenge what they're taught. Jonah teaches Fanny to question everything and to think for herself. I love the way she saves the day and takes the lead. This is different from any erotic novel I ever read but it's an incredible story. A must read.




“That’s their campfire,” Jonah whispered, looking high up on the middle hill. “They make fires every night, sing and dance like insane fools, then partake of carnal orgies, making no distinction between male and female, friend or foe.”

Fanny could feel the pulse thumping in her wrists. They unloaded the barrels and all the men except Jonah carried them through the bushes, finding the spring of pure, cold water only yards from the boat. Jonah got out and started walking as quietly as possible. Fanny cringed, but followed, stepping softly and searching the forest for any signs of danger. After walking a mere ten minutes, Jonah suddenly stopped. Fanny’s heart raced so hard she thought it might explode. Jonah pointed to an ancient structure covered in vines at the bottom of a hill. It seemed to almost glow in the dim light.

“The temple,” Jonah whispered, nodding with a gleam in his eyes.

Fanny had to force herself to breathe, ever searching the undergrowth for any signs of the horrible creatures. Nothing. Not a shadow, not a movement, not even a foul odor. It was so subdued, in fact, that Fanny felt it was too quiet. Jonah, on the other hand, seemed strangely enthralled by the experience, as if the risk of a brutal death added to his excitement. He looked back at Fanny with a boyish sparkle in his eyes, but she ignored him, feeling unbelievably agitated. They stealthily crawled to the temple and stood up at the central door, nervously looking about for any sign of the hairy creatures.

Suddenly they heard a whistling sound of alarm. Jonah grabbed Fanny by the shoulder and both of them immediately crouched on the ground, hiding in the undergrowth. Before them, about fifty yards away, was a deer and her fawn. Both were on full alert, and the doe was stomping her right front foot. Their ears were up and back, tails were raised high, and they stared at the thick jungle.

As if in a dream, Fanny and Jonah saw a shadowy figure stand erect and hurl a rock. It hit the fawn square in the head and knocked her down. Though not killed, she was dazed enough that she could not gain her feet, no matter how hard she tried. The mother waited for a moment, wanting to help her offspring, but the fawn was unable to orient herself. The doe sprung off with a bound and sliced through the jungle, her footfalls crunching leaves and snapping twigs. Two wide and thick figures ran toward the fawn, falling upon her and immediately biting her on the hindquarters, ripping off large chunks of flesh. At that moment, the fawn seemed to regain her senses and tried to stand, but the creatures drove their jaws forward, latching onto her belly. She bleated frantically and thrashed about, but within minutes she was silent and dead. The Groffins finished consuming the little deer in minutes, even fighting with vicious growls and grunts over the bones, which they snapped in half with their apish jaws, sucking out the marrow as if it was a great delicacy.

When the creatures stood up, Fanny nearly cried out in disgust. The apelike figures did indeed resemble men, even walking on two legs, but their bodies were covered with hair and blood dripped from their massive, sharp teeth. Never in her life had Fanny seen or imagined anything uglier. One was an albino, and the blood showed up markedly on his bright face and chest. The creatures licked the blood off the ground, fought over the few remaining morsels of the stomach contents, then started walking directly toward Fanny and Jonah. Fanny’s eyes opened wide in terror, while Jonah silently unsnapped his sheath and withdrew his eight-inch, razor-sharp knife. The meat eaters came to within ten feet, looking in the jungle for some sign of the other deer, then grunted at each other in an unintelligible dialect. Fanny winced, shocked both by their hideous faces and the odious stench coming from their bodies. They smelled like rancid flesh, fecal matter, and some kind of incredibly repulsive sweat. It nearly made her sick to her stomach.

The larger of the two creatures, the albino, gestured with his hand and grunted like a great ape. His companion nodded and hurried away. Fanny knew instinctively that he had been dispatched to get help so that they could corner the other deer and consume her. While the creature waited, he urinated on himself and licked the blood from his face. Fanny, moving slightly to relieve her discomfort after having squatted so long, made a slight rustling noise. She froze, but the creature immediately looked toward them and started edging forward, obviously mistaking her for the deer.

“Run!” Jonah whispered insistently.

Fanny jumped up and ran toward the boat, but Jonah did not move. The beast, seeing a female human, the most prized of all prey species, quickly took up the chase, his eyes flashing like beacons in the night. He had no idea Jonah was there, however, and when he came parallel to the crouching man, Jonah sprung to his feet and buried his knife full into the beast’s chest. Thunk! The creature stopped in his tracks, shock and pain etched on his face, but he grabbed Jonah around the neck and was just about to tear out his throat when there was a flash of steel. Jonah looked up to see Tor standing with his bloody broadsword, the head of the albino Groffin lying on the ground. The body slumped and followed it. Fanny, looking back, stopped in wide-eyed amazement.

“You saved my life,” she said to the two men, staring at the fallen, headless creature.




“Yes, I want all my husbands to fuck me.”

Etienne withdrew and Tor held her in his massive arms. She hugged him and purred like a kitten, but when Etienne stood beside her, she put her arm around his neck and he took her weight, again spreading her legs. Jonah stepped into the breach and slid his cock into her, first only a few inches, then balls deep. Soon he was staring into her eyes and pumping her like mad, as if this was his last day on earth. Fanny gritted her teeth and panted, a wild look in her eyes and her hair flying all over the place. She got into a rhythm with him and they went at it like crazed animals, lust building lust. Jonah pulled out and stepped back, glad that he had shown self-control, because had he stayed five more seconds, his passion would have been expended inside the beautiful woman. It was so good, though, that he, she, and the other two men wanted to make it last.

“Tor,” Jonah said, gesturing with his head, “enjoy your wife.”

Jonah took his place, holding Fanny in the air as if she was floating in water. Fanny looked down at the monster cock approaching, the big dick only inches from her. She felt wet, hot, and hungry for more meat, but she was wary of the centaur prick. Tor spit on his hand, coated his staff, then rubbed the bulbous cock head against her opening. She felt her lips relaxing and even craving the gigantic tool. Tor held her waist with his left hand, grasped the base of his cock with his right, then slowly began to slide into the lovely redheaded lady.

“Ooh!” Fanny groaned as he was pushing his entire length into her.

She raised her head and looked down, smiling with shocked awe at the sight of him full inside her. Tor began to screw her and Fanny laid back, moaning as the humongous pole surged into her doorway. Soon he was in a rhythm, panting, and driving his hips forward.

“It feels so good,” Fanny said, looking at Jonah, then Etienne.

“Does it?” Jonah asked.

“So good,” she said dreamily.

“You will never want for sex in this marriage,” Etienne told her. “There will always be someone eager to satisfy your hunger.”

Tor suddenly pulled out, holding his giant cock like it was a prisoner. “I don’t want to finish yet,” he said, fighting the desire to climax.

“Take me to the bed,” Fanny said. “I want all three of my husbands in me at the same time.”

The men’s eyes flashed with zeal. “Can you do it?” Jonah asked.

“Yes. I need all my beloved husbands in my body at the same time. I want us to be one.”

Jonah and Etienne sat Fanny on the bed. She took off her chemise, but not her nylons, garters, or garter belt. She got on her hands and knees. “Before we do it,” she said, “take turns on me.”

One after the other, the men knelt behind her and made love to Fanny doggy style. She was so wet, so hot, and so relaxed, that she took all their cocks with relative ease. It excited her to have the men constantly switching places, especially when they squatted behind her like wild beasts and grunted as they penetrated her rapacious, flaming lips.

“It’s time,” she suddenly said, patting the bed beside her. “Jonah, lie down, my dear husband.”

Jonah lay down on the middle of the bed, his cock quivering. Fanny climbed on top of him, reached down and guided his prick into her pussy, then slid downward until he was balls deep. She moaned and started to ride him, pleased that the other two men were watching from behind. She pointed at Tor, then opened her mouth wide. He immediately stood beside the bed and guided his huge cock into her mouth. She sucked for several deep strokes, then took his cock out of her mouth, held it next to her lips, and looked back at Etienne.

“Enter me,” she said, reaching back with one hand and pulling on one cheek, exposing her tight anus. “I need you. I need all of you at once.”

Etienne knelt on the bed behind her, held her other cheek open, and guided his cock to her craving anus. Fanny moaned loudly as he began to enter her, but she did not take Tor’s cock out of her mouth, though she did stop riding on Jonah’s erection. Etienne was soon making love to her, sliding in and out of her gorgeous butt. Jonah started to thrust again, as did Tor. The four of them were now moving as one mass of flesh, all horny to the highest degree, and all finding an exquisite pleasure none of them could have imagined in their wildest dreams. Fanny was moaning and whimpering, the men grunting and panting, and the heaving and slapping of bodies continued hot and hard. They thought no thoughts, spoke no words, demanded nothing. It was as if they had broken through to the other side of consciousness, where physical sensation totally overwhelms all thoughts and concerns. The men all closed their eyes and concentrated on the mad pleasure, but the one thing they had in common was the beautiful lady, her body a temple of gratification.

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