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The Master's New Toy Book III & IV(MMM)

The Master's New Toy

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 19,328
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Michael Monroe has accepted his place in his master’s life, tasting the darker passions he’s always yearned for. Now he’s faced with the rules of the BDSM D/s lifestyle and he learns the boundaries his master wants to push.

In part three, Michael’s body is pushed to the limit when his master introduces a new torture for Michael to endure. Michael stands on the edge of pleasure/pain and finds he desires the sting.

In part four, Michael learns his master’s wish for chastity in his slave and then has a lesson in humiliation.

Michael’s crawl into the world of BDSM is quick, filled with forced seduction, public humiliation, homo– and heterosexual experiences, painful pleasure, and lessons in the ways to truly serve a master.

Warning: this story contains extreme BDSM scenes, MM, MF, and MMM scenes.

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"Mr. M, there's a gentleman here to see you."

Michael jerked from his thoughts as his assistant's voice came through on the speaker at his phone. He didn't have any appointments today, and he rarely had many in the accounting department. As he reached for the button, he felt a zip through his body, the plug moving as he shifted forward. "Send him in." The door opened, and Michael turned from his screen to look up.

Dominic stood in the frame, filling it up with his large, muscular body. Excitement immediately thrummed through Michael, his xxxx swelling in an instant. He sat up straighter in his chair, a slight unease filling him as he wasn't sure what to do. In his master's home, he would be expected to be on his knees, at his master's feet. Here, in the real world, Michael was at a loss. Worry filled him. He didn't want to disappoint his master by doing the wrong thing. Michael's gaze drifted to the office space behind the door, knowing if he dropped to his knees, someone could happen by and see his submission. Yet every molecule in his being screamed at him to do it, the humiliation be damned. Stubborn pride still filled him though, and he couldn't make himself move.

Dominic closed the door, flipping the lock, and smiled. "I see your frustration. I would never cause you humiliation here and threaten your job. You have a nice office." Dominic walked to the large corner window beside Michael's desk and gazed out at the bustling city below. His master looked so handsome in his tailor-made gray silk suit, which flattered his firm body. The black shirt he wore underneath was open at the collar, no tie to bind him. Michael could see a hint of the salt and pepper hairs on the man's chest peeking at the end of the vee.

"It's not big, but the view is nice. I'm sure it's much smaller than what you're used to."

Dominic turned and smiled. "You're still young, moving up the ranks. Don't downplay what you've already achieved. How many thirty year olds have what you have?"

Michael was fairly certain Dominic had done a background check on him as well as the medical tests that had been performed; he had too much personal knowledge of Michael. On the other hand, Michael knew precious little about his master. The hint of secrecy lent a certain aura of mystique to his master, although Michael knew he should try to get more vital details on the man. All he knew now was he had wealth, considering his home and cars, and the man had a powerful dominant streak. Besides that, there wasn't much else.

"Do you like the work you do?"

"I suppose. As you say, I'm still working my way up. It may take years to do what I want to do."

"I'm sure you'll get there." Dominic turned to face Michael. "The door is now closed."

His master made the hand gesture at his side, calling Michael to his knees. Michael rushed to the floor, bowing his head and placing his hands behind his back. His master ran a hand through his hair, and Michael absorbed the touch, the need for contact too great after the weeks of absence. "I've come to check on you, and I thought we could have lunch. Perhaps discuss some things we need to put on the table before we proceed. Would you like that, Michael?"

"Yes, sir."

Another stroke came through Michael's hair, and he nearly sighed aloud.

"Before we go, I want to check that you've been caring for your piercings properly and that the other items are in place. Remove your clothing."

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