How do you divide two sexes by three people—and end up with a One Night Stand? For three to be company, somebody has to cross the bi-barrier. That’s why Chad and Linda had called it quits—neither one would take the plunge. Their dream of three-way love was doomed by the facts of life: when it comes to sex, there are only two choices. Enter the mysterious Madame Evangeline, who has arranged for each the perfect blind date, on the same night, same city—same hotel suite. When a beautiful blonde Jeri knocks on their door they still can’t do the math, but is there more to her than meets the eye? Is that their long-awaited solution in her pocket, or is she just happy to see them?

The Middlesex Suite
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Cover Art by Fiona Jayde

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I don't think that bed is quite big enough for four.”

“No, I agree, I think three would be the top limit.”

“We're not going to get into that again, Chad. I assure you.”

“Sorry, I....”

Before he could make any excuses a knock sounded at the door. They both spun toward it, then stared wide-eyed at each other.

“Well, it's for one of us, anyway.”

Chad opened it. Yes, this is more like it. Much.

Long blonde hair, strawberry blonde, in fact. Angelic face. Killer figure. Bosom to die for. Obviously, my date.

“Hello,” he said.


“Please do come in. I'm Chad.”

“Jeri. Jeri Lehr.”

He scrambled to offer an explanation for the other woman in the room.

“Jeri, this is Linda. She's....” He hesitated. Ex-fiancée would have been the most accurate. “A friend. She's just waiting here, actually. She is expecting a date of her own.”

“Very good to meet you, Linda.” Jeri extended her hand. “You look ravishing.”

Taking Jeri's hand Linda blushed and managed to mutter “Thank you.”

Chad knew Linda could hardly miss the come on in Jeri’s eyes and the way she continued to hold her hand. How will she respond to another woman’s attentions?

Linda swallowed and took a step back, though without averting her eyes from Jeri’s gaze. “I won't be in your way long, I trust. I expect my date to come knocking any minute. Then we'll be on our way.”

“Linda,” Jeri answered calmly. “I'm your date.”

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