The New Dawn (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 71,875
2 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA]
Eloise has had a terrible year with her mother dying and her fiancé calling off their wedding. It is now time for a complete change of direction, but first, she needs to get past a honeymoon that she has decided to take on her own. 
Egypt, a country she has dreamed of visiting since she was a child, is about to give her more adventure than she could have ever thought possible.
In a coffee shop, she meets Jackson, an American Ph.D. student, who invites her to dinner. Over the next few days they visit tombs and temples together, as well as enjoying a cruise down the Nile. Jackson eventually persuades Eloise to extend her holiday and come with him to Cairo. 
On their return to Luxor, Eloise is linked to a murder that has occurred before they left for Cairo and is arrested and charged with murder by the Egyptian Police.
Jackson needs to find the killer to clear Eloise's name and to save her from the death penalty.
A Siren Erotic Romance
The New Dawn (MF)
2 Ratings (5.0)

The New Dawn (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 71,875
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Loved the twists and turns - not your average holiday romance here. Really felt for all the characters and have now got a huge desire to visit Egypt soon. A really good read.
The New Dawn is a great story, full of detail of details about Egypt. Eloise is recovering from her fiance, Brandon breaking off their engagement, when she meets Jack while vacationing in Egypt. They fall hard and fast for one another, which brings out the jealousy in her ex fiance.
When she is accused of murder we get to see the scary side of Egypt, their prisons.
Sara Anderson




They got into Jack’s taxi and drove a few miles to the Novotel Hotel. When they got out they were ushered through the hotel and out of the back to where a cruise ship was docked. They stepped onto the ship where Jack’s friend Akil was waiting for them.

“My friend, it’s been too long.”

“Hi, Akil. Thanks for finding me space.”

“For you, my friend, anything.” He laughed.

“This is Eloise, my companion.”

“Beautiful, my friend, beautiful eyes, beautiful hair.” He touched her hair and smiled. She desperately tried not to flinch.

They walked up to the top deck and found two loungers and sat down next to them.

“Don’t get stressed if they touch your hair, will you? It is good luck to touch golden hair, especially children.”

“I’ll try not to but it is unusual to have your personal space invaded like that. I had the guy yesterday in the tomb do it, mind you, he was also getting a bit too close for comfort as well.”

“Well I can’t speak for him, but most of them mean no harm. Have you been asked to have your picture taken yet?”


“My sister visited me last year in October and brought her five-year-old daughter with her who is very blonde. We were in Luxor Temple when a family from Cairo came up to my sister and asked to have their photo taken with my niece.”

“Did they have the photo taken?”

“Yeah, India loves attention.”

A waiter came up to them and asked if they needed anything. They ordered two coffees as Eloise looked out across the West Bank watching the balloons.

Jack’s phone rang breaking the silence.

What?” he answered abruptly. “No, I said I wasn’t available today. I told you this yesterday.” He then started speaking in French and although she couldn’t understand him, she could see he was getting very agitated and slightly embarrassed.

Eloise tried desperately not to stare at him while he took his call, but she struggled because he looked so amazing. He was dressed so casually in a pair of white boho cotton trousers and an oversized white cotton shirt with espadrilles. When he finally finished, he turned his phone off and put it into his pocket.

He looked up and sighed with an apologetic look in his eyes. “I’m so sorry. Helene is bothering me about her studies.”

“Is that all she’s bothering you about?”

“No,” he said, exasperated. “I am a very private person and keep my personal life away from my team. They know nothing about me apart from where I live and that I am studying for a Ph.D. in Cairo and I like it like that. Helene made an advance toward me before we broke for the holidays. I took the teams out for a Christmas meal and I let my guard down a bit after having a lot of wine. I was enjoying myself. We had gone to a club that was attached to one of the hotels and she totally threw herself at me. I turned her down and soon left the club, but now she will not stop pestering me. I am seriously thinking about swapping the teams around a bit to get away from her. I think she may have heard me having a conversation with Akil on my cell yesterday sorting out today, hence the reason I broke early for lunch to finish my conversations with Akil in private. She knows I’m with someone and has probably put two and two together as to who I’m with, as she has never seen me talk to a woman outside of work before. She was asking a lot of questions as to what I was up to today, which never normally bothers her.”

“She’s a pretty girl,” Eloise said.

“Not my type. Too hot headed.” He ran his fingers through his hair. I’d like to do that, she thought. Jesus girl, pull yourself together.

“So what is your type?”That’s a very brave question, Ellie!

“Relaxed. Someone that loves life and the challenges it throws at them. Looks wise, I have no preference, blonde, red, brunette, doesn’t matter, but they must have that ‘spark’ in their eyes.”

“Have I got the spark you’re looking for?”

“I think you have.” He smiled and then frowned, turning to look at her, “I can see you’ve had it kicked out of you, but it’s still there and I’d love to help you find it again.” She sat and pondered what Jack had just said. Did she really have the “spark” he was looking for?

After a while she noticed they were beginning to move off. They had the top deck to themselves, it was then she realised that there was a rope across the stairs which wasn’t there before.

“Have you arranged for us to be on our own?” she asked.

“I may have done.” He smiled. “I want you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere and tranquility of the Nile. This is going to be the quietest time you will have all week, make the most of it.”

Their coffee arrived and she decided he was right, she needed to chill out a bit. She dug around in her bag and found her large blue scarf and wrapped it round her shoulders, as there was still a nip in the air. She got up and walked over to the railing to drink her coffee and stood looking across the Nile. She felt so comfortable in this country, it was as if she had found herself and she had only been there three days. She had never felt like that on her gap year, although she enjoyed travelling, she had never felt “at one” with a country. She looked over her shoulder to look at Jack.

He was reading a book, he looked “at one.” He had found what he was looking for out of life.

He looked up, carefully put the book down, and walked over to where she was standing. He put his arm around her. “You look cold,” he said. “Do you want to go downstairs?”

“And miss all this? You’ve gotta be kidding, I wouldn’t miss this for the world.”




“So this is where you live?”

“Yes. I get all my clothes laundered, food when I want it, and a cleaner every day, what more can I want?”

“It’s not very ‘homely.’”

“No it’s not. I prefer my apartment in Cairo, that is more me. You’ll see it tomorrow so I won’t spoil the surprise.”

“Do you want a drink?” he asked.

“No, not really.”

Perhaps because she was in his space rather than hers, but she felt very uncomfortable, or was it that she knew these rooms were a fortune to rent, that his wealth suddenly hit her.

He walked up to her and put her hair behind her ear and stroked her cheek. She tingled from head to toe. Then he grabbed her by the hips, pulling her nearer toward him and kissed her, licking her lips. She soon opened up to him and he was rolling his tongue around hers. Leaning into her, he grabbed her knee and pulled it round his hip, kneading her thigh. He groaned into her mouth and said, “I want you so much.” And he suddenly sunk to his knees, leaving her unsteady and having to use the wall to keep herself from falling. He unbuttoned her dress all the way down to let it hang completely open, exposing her white bra and thong. He ripped her thong off, discarding it behind him.

What was going on with her? She had never needed or wanted a man so much before. Yes, she enjoyed sex, but this was so much different. It was raw and a powerful kind of sex, one she had never experienced before. Her first ever sexual encounter was with a boy in sixth form. Neither of them knew what they were doing and it was messy and quick. After that she had decided to wait until Uni where she had met Andrew. Sex with Andrew was, what she thought, pretty good. Now she knew different, sex with Jack was fucking amazing.

Jack was at the apex of her thighs. Eloise’s draped her leg over his shoulder to give him more access to her as he licked the moist folds of skin, stroking her throbbing clitoris with his tongue. She felt amazing when he did that, she forgot everything around her as he ate her as if she was his last meal, enjoying every flavour and mouthful. Her hands left the wall and held his head still whilst she rocked her hips into him. Her legs started to weaken as she became highly aware of her need to come. Over and over he sucked at her, hollowing his cheeks until she cried out shamelessly, pumping her hips into his mouth. He continued to suck until he was satisfied he had drained every last moment of her climax out of her.

Gently he put her leg on the floor and unbuttoned his shirt, slowly and deliberately. She went to reach out to him to touch his chest, but he said, “Keep your hands against the wall.”

When he had totally undressed he came toward her and pushed himself up against her. The feel of his warm body against hers felt so good. He slipped her dress off and it fell on the floor, then he took her bra off, discarding that somewhere behind him. “Grab me round the back of my neck.”

She did as she was told and once again he lifted her leg around his hip. Kneading first her thigh, then her backside, he pulled away slightly, taking his cock in his hand and inserted himself deep within her, her greedy sex taking everything he could give her. He grabbed her other thigh and lifting her into place. “Lean into the wall,” he instructed.

He started to withdraw very slowly and then pushed deep inside again.

He looked deep into her eyes as he continued his slow but hard rhythm and with each thrust he spoke. “Do you feel it?…Do you feel how good we are together?…We are like two pieces of a jigsaw that has been found and snapped together…God, you feel so fucking good…Can you feel how much I want you? Jesus, I can feel how much you want me.”

“Yes, I can feel it.” She panted

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