The Nexus (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 74,286
2 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, HEA]

Xavier Boulstridge has lived his life abiding by the Laws of the Assention. Being a Paladin, it was his duty to do so, but he couldn’t ignore the void he felt.

Rachel Folley is unhappy and unsure about her upcoming nuptials. Anxiety racks her mind, keeping her up at night.

Sparks fly after a chance encounter with Xavier. The two are drawn to one another. Neither of them is able to resist their desire. They fall in love, despite the obstacles in their way. As the days pass, they learn there is more than meets the eye to their newfound love.

Evil surrounds them. There are entities that will stop at nothing to keep them apart. As secrets are revealed and plots are unveiled, they are faced with a battle not only for their love, but for sheer survival.

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Nexus (MF)
2 Ratings (5.0)

The Nexus (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 74,286
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
This was the first time I ventured into the realm of the supernatural and I really LOVED this book!! It was not so far from reality that you couldn't believe the story. I really enjoyed the love story... I admit it I am a sap when it comes to love stories and this one really gripped me and pulled me in. This is a must read and if you are into the supernatural you wil LOVE IT!!
Professional Reviews

5 LIGHTNING BOLTS: "Well Nicole Morgan has done it again. She has managed to enchant me with her amazing story telling abilities. I have been a avid reader of her books for a while now but this story showed me just how amazingly talented she truly is. She is going to take the paranormal readers by storm with The Nexus. I get the feeling this will be a series and I'm very excited about it and can't wait to read the next one. Xavier is a rebel and never plays by the books which causes a lot of friction between him and his brother. He lives by the prophecy his mother told him about years ago. He would one day find the woman of his dreams and she would be human. The problem is being with a human is frowned upon. But that hasn't stopped him from holding out hope for the undying love his mother spoke of. He is determined to find her no matter what. I immediately fell in love with Xavier. There is just something about him that won me over form the very first page and that doesn't happen often. I usually have to warm up to a character but not this guy. It didn't hurt that he was a sexy Harley riding guy that rushed in to save a lady in distress. For such a big guy with amazing powers he had a very sensitive side and that was an immediate draw. He finds the woman of his dreams being attached by two men and steps in to save the day. He was a good mixture of strong but loving. He is now one of my favorite heroes. Rachael is just a sweet character and is in a bad relationship but is blindsided when she meets Xavier. He is everything she has ever dreamed of enough so that she wants to give her fiance the boot. Once you meet her fiance you understand her thinking. Her and Xavier instantly connect and then things just spin out of control from there. Things come to light that they never saw coming. Well unfortunately that is about all I can tell you. Anymore and I would ruin the story. Nicole Morgan took the paranormal genre and turned it on its head by creating a new paranormal creature. I read a lot of paranormals and very rarely do we get introduced the a brand new race. The Paladins are very different and intriguing. If your a paranormal fan or not I would recommend this book to anyone that wants a new adventure. You will never see some of the stuff she does coming. At one point all I could say was...Wow! Kudos Nicole for spinning another stellar story." -- Tabitha Blake, Storm Goddess Book Reviews & More

4 KISSES: "Xavier Boulstridge is frustrated with the limitations placed upon the Paladins. He is sure there is more the Paladins can accomplish which would not require them to limit their exposure to the outside world. Rachel Folley is unsure if her fiancé, Jonathon, is right for her. He once treated her like a princess, now he treats her with disdain and disrespect. As she struggles to decide if she is just having cold feet, she meets Xavier. The chemistry she has with Xavier is more than she ever felt with Jonathon and raises more questions for her. Will Rachel move ahead with Xavier or stick with a sure thing with Jonathon? Will her answer change when she learns Xavier is not quite human? The Nexus by Nicole Morgan is first book in The Paladins series. Rachel’s struggle to decide if Jonathon is who she wants is well laid out, you can see she is unsure whether it is the man or the dream she is holding onto. I wished that she could have stood up for herself without her feelings for Xavier being the impetus. I found myself liking Xavier, he’s unhappy but he’s also unsure what exactly he is looking for. I thought Ms. Morgan did a good job of explaining his discontent. I was a bit unsure exactly what the Paladins did with their talents but hopefully she will flesh that out as the series continues. I enjoyed this story by Ms. Morgan and I am looking forward to seeing where she will take this series." -- Tangie, TwoLips Reviews

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“You’re still confused.”

She was surprised by his statement. He wasn’t asking her, but telling her. For someone who claimed to not be able to read her thoughts, he was doing a pretty good job at it. Something told her it would be pointless to argue, so she nodded in agreement.

“Sweetheart, last night I formed a nexus with you.”

Oh well sure. That explains everything, she thought sarcastically. A nexus? What in the heck was a nexus? She’d once used Nexxus hair products but had no clue what he was talking about.

“Has anyone ever told you that you are utterly adorable when the wheels in your head are spinning?”

Damn if he wasn’t as charming as he was handsome. “No. I’ve never been told that. I’m not really understanding you, though. A nexus?”

Xavier didn’t answer her right away. His green eyes stayed focused on her, and he slowly removed his hand that had been resting at the nape of her neck. When his hands rested at his sides, she felt a chill. The room wasn’t cold. She knew that. Just moments ago she had felt warm and so happy. That was another thing that had changed. Her feeling of contentment was gone.

“What’s going on? Why do I feel so—”

Xavier interrupted her, finishing her sentence. “Empty? Alone?”


He lifted his hand and gently touched her arm, sliding his fingertips up from her triceps all the way up to her shoulder. She closed her eyes at the sensation. His featherlight touch felt like heaven. The warmth returned to the room. Her emptiness was replaced with a feeling of overflowing joy.

“That is our nexus you feel. I feel it, too. From the moment we touched last night I knew it was you. That you were the one. I ached for you last night. I longed to touch you in any way possible. Even if that was a gentle grazing of our hands.”

Her eyes flashed open at his admission. His voice changed in that moment. No longer soft and soothing, it was deep and husky. It sent tiny prickles of pleasure all over her body. She felt as though a feather was gently caressing her, almost teasing her. It was incredible. She could feel her body’s reaction as a warm heat built up and began to slowly trickle past her opening.

“What is happening to me? How is this happening to me?”

“Shh…” He dipped his head down and lifted her chin with his other hand. “It’s happening to both of us, Rachel.”

There were probably a million things she could have said in that moment. Every single one of them escaped her and left her speechless. Her heart beat unbearably fast in the short seconds as his mouth moved closer to hers. She could hear her pulse pounding in her head as her breathing became hitched with impatience. Kiss me. Kiss me now. The words echoed in her head moments before he made her wish come true.

Xavier’s lips touched hers, gently grazing across them in a gentle motion. It was so tender, so incredibly soft that she almost didn’t feel it. His eyes closed, and he pulled her closer. Using the hand that rested on her shoulder to reach around her back and hold her firmly.

When his lips pressed harder, she became lost in the sensation he provided. Her eyes joined his in the world of darkness as she shut them. A moan escaped from somewhere deep inside, and she felt as if every amount of tension released itself into the kiss.

His tongue slid out of his mouth, swiping across her lips until she opened for it. He wasted no time once she granted him access. When his tongue finally touched hers, her senses jolted to the sensation. No longer overcome and unable to act from his power over her, she leaned closer into him while her hands grabbed onto his forearms.

Never in her life had she been kissed the way Xavier was kissing her right then in that moment. Her body felt alive and awakened to every single touch. It was an awareness like no other. She slid her hands up his arms and around to his shoulders. The broadness of them reflected in the muscles she felt tight and hard under her fingertips.

Whoever he was, whatever he was doing to her, however he was doing it, she prayed he wouldn’t stop.




He was tired of being gentle. His need to hold her and show her as much as he could and tell her how he felt was winning the battle over his restraint. Grabbing her, he pulled her into him. Falling backward on the floor as she came down on top of him, he pressed his lips against hers and slid his tongue into her mouth. Searching for hers in return, he moaned when she met his kiss.

Somehow after only a day, her kiss seemed sweeter than he remembered. A mere second of her touch, her alluring and seductive kiss, and he was already growing hard and achy for her. His hands roamed her back and slid down to her bottom, grasping her cheeks in the palm of his hands and squeezing them. The motion brought her closer to him, she straddled his thighs, and he swallowed her whimper when she felt his cock press against her.

His urge to be inside of her felt elemental and raw. It was like he needed it more than he needed air to breathe. He pulled at the hem of her shirt and yanked it up and over her head, breaking their kiss for a second, but their mouths quickly found one another’s again. He splayed his hands on her bare back, sliding them underneath her bra clasp and quickly unhooking it.

Rubbing his hands up and down her skin, he couldn’t touch enough of her. Sliding his hands underneath the waistband of her sweatpants and panties, he palmed her cheeks and brought her that much closer to him, grinding their two bodies together.

She pulled away from his kiss, sitting up and straddling his thighs. He reached his arms up and pulled her unhinged bra from her shoulders, allowing it to slide down her arms and expose the taut little rosy buds that sat in the middle of her breasts. He licked his lips and imagined taking them in his mouth, gently nibbling her into insanity.

Frantically she was undoing his belt and top button of his jeans. His zipper followed next before her delicate fingers reached in and freed him from the constraints of the denim. He threw his head back against the floor and bit back a curse when she gently stroked him and then teasingly ran her fingernails along the underside of his cock. The woman was a genius with her touch.

“Baby, please. You’re driving me crazy.” His plea came out guttural and desperate, exactly how he felt.

She didn’t answer him, just looked into his eyes. He could see the life coming back to them, feel her warmth returning as she slid his jeans down the sides of his thighs. He lifted his butt to help her, but the movement caused him to brush along the juncture between her thighs. It was nearly his undoing when he felt the damp heat from the cotton fabric.

“Please, I am begging you to get undressed,” he urged her.

She smiled at him mischievously. It was a look he’d never seen from her, and he loved it. He watched in amazement as she got up and stood before him. Her hands slid into the waistband of her pants and in one fluid movement pushed them and her panties down to the floor, leaving them to pool at her feet. She stepped out of them and reached her hand out to him. Struggling to get up with his pants half way down his legs, he finally was before her. While she finished removing his jeans, he pulled his T-shirt over his head. He couldn’t manage to take his eyes off of hers. They were mesmerizing him.

“God, you’re so beautiful.” The words came out of their own volition. He didn’t know he was even going to say them until they were already in the air lingering between them.

“Show me. Please, Xavier. Show me how much you love me. Take me, and make me yours completely. Claim me for you and no one else.”

Her voice so soft and sweet whispered across his skin. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for her, nothing he wouldn’t give her. He knew her words came from part desire and part fear and uncertainty for the future. She must have been so scared in the past day, kept prisoner against her will. He wanted to remove that memory and the fear it invoked in her forever.

He lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bed. Laying there before him, he looked down for a moment and quickly scanned her body. He still had no idea what she’d been through. If she had been hurt, he didn’t know if he would ever be able to forgive himself. After several glances, he saw no bruises or marks that marred her beautiful fair skin. Silently he prayed that was a good sign and the only scars she had were emotional.

Crawling on the bed between her legs he leaned over and placed his lips to hers while reaching down and sliding his fingers past her wet pussy to test her readiness. She whimpered at his touch and lifted her hips into his fingers. He couldn’t make either of them wait any longer. Positioning himself at her entrance, he braced himself up with one arm while he slid his hardened cock inside the tight embrace of her wetness.


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