The Obedient Servant (MMF)

Going for the Gold 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 55,008
4 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Western Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, public exhibition, spanking, whipping, sex toys, HEA]

It’s time for revolution in California, and pioneer Milo Stephens is the man to lead the republic into a new dawn.

Tallulah Crabtree knew she could hide in this remote frontier. She has no intention of repeating a marriage to an abusive philanderer. But when rebel leader Milo bumps into her at her Blue Wing Inn, her passion for him opens up old wounds. Milo has only consorted with men since the death of his wife and child. He thinks he’s just toying idly with Corporal Reynaldo Vargas to pass the time. But Tallulah and Reynaldo have plans for the dangerously hot Milo. The man they both love is about to set a torch to the old rule. But to love again requires trust and submission, and the domineering Milo stubbornly refuses to play the role of the obedient servant.

Note: Each book in series is a stand alone and can be read out of order.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Karen Mercury is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Obedient Servant (MMF)
4 Ratings (4.5)

The Obedient Servant (MMF)

Going for the Gold 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 55,008
4 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A very good storyline
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Surprising herself, her hand reached out to grab a leftover tortilla that had been stuffed with salmon her cook had baked earlier the day before. She flung this instead of the butter, salmon being plentiful. It smacked against one of the mirrors behind the bar, exploding into a hundred bright orange pieces.

It didn’t make her feel any better, though, and she tipped the aguardiente bottle into her mouth once more. She choked and the spicy brandy went into her nostrils when someone who had apparently been lying down behind the bar suddenly stood up. He brushed himself off and said with amusement, “I hope I’m never on the receiving end of your vitriolic bile. Although I daresay that fellow deserved it, what with sticking his miniscule penis into every pox-riddled hooker in California.”

Setting down the bottle, Tallulah wiped her nose off with the back of her hand. “How dare you?” she sputtered. “You were hiding behind the bar this entire time, listening to my private conversations?”

“My dear spitfire,” the fellow said calmly, “I could hardly have avoided your private conversations. I think everyone attempting to sleep under the roof of the Blue Wing Inn was privy to your private conversations.”

Tallulah snorted heatedly, swiping at a glass in which to pour the aguardiente. “Who are you? Hiding behind my bar? What did you do, fall asleep back there from drinking too much forty-rod?”

Schiedam,” the jackass corrected her, coming forward.

Now that she really looked at him, she saw that he was annoyingly handsome. Even with a piece of baked salmon clinging to the locks of his long pigtail, he had an air of authority and superiority, and the iciest arctic blue eyes she had ever seen. “Right. You were the one who kept ordering schiedam. A very strong Dutch liquor. Only men who intend on getting roostered order that.”

“Well,” he admitted, “that was the intention. There’s not much reason here in this heartless hinterland to remain sober, now, is there? Nothing but an endless parade of bad news and tragedy.”

Tallulah had to agree with that. “Yes. I was so ignorant to imagine that because women are scarce out here I could manage to find the one man capable of faithfulness.” She sipped the liquor and exhaled acrid anger. “Bastard!

“Men will be unfaithful no matter how beautiful, loving, and attentive their woman is.”

“All men?”

“Well…” The fellow paused, thoughtfully staring at the filthy floor. Lamplight flickered in his icy eyes, warming them. He was dressed in the manner of many of these backwoodsmen. Fringed shirt, a filthy rag as a turban around his head, a brace of pistols bouncing at his hips. His accent was floridly European, his hawk’s nose giving him an exotic air. Tallulah could tell from his form that under his leather shirt was an athletic, muscular chest. “Perhaps not all men. But almost all. Just about all, I’d venture to say.”

Tallulah steeled herself to loathe this man all over again. She snorted. “And I presume you’re one of the majority of cheating men.”

Again, he looked thoughtful. “I wouldn’t really know. I haven’t been with a woman in five years.”

Tallulah was shocked out of her anger. That this man—quite beautiful, really—hadn’t been with a woman in five years could only mean one thing. He was a bumfucker, an aficionado of other men. That was a pity, although if he was one of those obsessed cheaters, perhaps it wasn’t such a loss. Tallulah saw all manner of those ganymedes out here in the lonely wastes of California. Some men wanted to avoid the pox-riddled dirt of the hog ranch. For some men, it was just handier to reach for the nearest cock. Men were lazy swine, after all. They accepted the nearest receptacle they could stick their johnsons into. But the few men who would turn down a willing woman, who were dead set upon the Greek life, were usually androgynous and liked to wear women’s drawers. This vigorous and stunning man hardly seemed the sort to put on earrings and prance about in petticoats. He might be a promiscuous toad, but Tallulah couldn’t imagine him drinking tea with his pinkie finger extended.

“You don’t seem very…very botanical to me. You seem like an ordinary backwoodsman. You’re one of those hotheaded Osos, aren’t you?”

“The Bears, yes. We intend to proclaim California an independent republic. Most Spaniards I know will be satisfied and pleased with that.”

“I believe you,” said Tallulah. “Most Spaniards don’t feel any great loyalty to the government in Mexico City. Now get out from behind my bar. I’m the one who’s supposed to be behind there.”

They switched places. Tallulah was appalled to find herself ogling his superbly rounded butt as they passed by each other at the end of the bar. Cradled between the leather leggings, the curvaceous globes swayed impudently, and her mind went nearly blank with admiration. Then it occurred to her. What am I doing? I just tossed over one chiseling jackass because he dipped his wick with other women. Already I’m ogling the beautifully molded ass of a confessed bumfucker? Tallulah, get your brain out of the back alley. He doesn’t want you. He’ll never want you.

“Tillie, is it?” the fellow asked saucily. “I do hope you weren’t terribly dead set on that cheating guy.”

Well, one thing could be said for ganymedes. A girl could certainly talk to them and feel relaxed and comfortable. But when this fellow angled his hip against the bar and crossed his ankles as he leaned, the delicious bulge of a slug-like cock was revealed, nestled in his crotch. Out here men just wore thin pantaloons under their leggings, and even in the dim lamplight Tallulah could see the outline of his prick’s crown. She struggled to avert her eyes, and poured more aguardiente for both of them. “Not terribly. But he was the most dashing fellow among this crowd of ruffians and loafers. You’ve been in California long? Then you know that Californio men are so lazy all they want to do is drink, gamble, and lasso animals. Sam was a step above that. He ran a good cattle operation. I did admire him.”

“I run a good farming operation up the Sacramento River.” Tallulah had no idea why this man would be trying to impress her. What was the point? “Acres of citrus trees, several thousand head of longhorn. There’s no time to be lazy. But I know what you mean. I employ Diggers to labor for me.”

“And what is your name? Might I have heard of your farm?”

“Ah,” he said and held out his hand for Tallulah to grasp. “I’m sorry. Milo Stephens. You may have gotten some grapefruits or oranges from my farm, Virgin Groves.”

Tallulah even smiled, amused. “Virgin? My. It’s been years since I’ve been able to say that.”




Milo said lewdly, “You haven’t done a very good job soothing poor Reynaldo. He’s a big man. He has big needs.” He smacked her ass again, the greasy crack resounding in the tiled room. She gasped and jumped but made no move to squirm away. Milo wrapped his fingers around Tallulah’s wrist and guided it to Reynaldo’s pulsating dick. “Feel this big cock? Reynaldo is a virile buck. A deviant buck, just bursting with seed. Isn’t he stunningly handsome? It’s your duty to pleasure him.” Smack. “You’re just a submissive chambermaid, and this soldier’s needs are big.” Smack.

Every time Milo would spank her bare rump, Tallulah would jump and gasp, but never did she recoil. Now she squirmed in pretend protest, probably knowing that wagging her ass like that only made it a more attractive target. She whined, “Oh, no! However will I satisfy such an enormous penis?” Her false innocence was betrayed by the fact that she was expertly frigging Reynaldo’s hefty prick, even corkscrewing her fist around it as though churning butter.

When Milo spanked her rump and allowed his fingertips to stray over her vulva, he wasn’t surprised to find she was slick with her own juice. Tallulah was a lusty wench, just made to be fucked. She didn’t need that jackass husband who had boned every broken-down slut on the prairie, every squaw who hadn’t bathed in weeks. Marrying him had obviously been a youthful mistake, perhaps arranged by her parents. No, Tallulah Crabtree was a spectacular spitfire of a woman who deserved not one but two faithful men who were constantly attentive to her—to ensure it was she who didn’t stray.

He slithered his fingers against her spongy outer lips, only briefly tantalizing her by tickling the length of her clitoris with his index finger. “Oh!” she cried in a strangled tone, but Milo withdrew his fingers to slap her haunch again. He had different plans for this sloe-eyed siren.

“You ask however will you please Corporal Vargas? Vargas, sit on that stool.” Just roughly enough to take Tallulah by surprise, he shoved her between the shoulder blades. She stumbled to her knees, breaking her fall by slapping one palm against the tiles, the other against Reynaldo’s leather-clad thigh. Milo kneeled behind her. Yanking down her camisa to allow her full breasts to bob freely, he cupped them in his greasy paws, taking great pleasure in squeezing them so the erect nipples popped from between his fingers.

He humped her from behind, his pulsing erection sliding the length of her slippery muff. Because she arched her back submissively, it would have been easy to penetrate her fully. But Milo wanted to tease her, so he allowed his cockhead to nudge only a half-inch inside the hot, slick canal, withdrawing it again to hump her labia without penetration.

And, if the truth was known, he wanted to wait. Although he freely acknowledged he was a brutal pendejo, he wished to handle this sensitive, injured woman in a delicate manner.

Milo reached around and encircled Reynaldo’s penis in his fist. He could feel the vein throb as he rubbed his thumb there, and wished he could spear it down his throat himself. He murmured in Tallulah’s ear. “How do you think you can please the corporal, my sweet?” He held her jaw between his fingers and spoke against her mouth. “You have a very pleasing…full…big mouth.”

A slow smile spread over the vixen’s face, but she still squiggled her hips, trying to capture Milo’s prick between her thighs. “Oh, my,” she said innocently. “Do you think I can take such a big member into my mouth?”

“We shall see,” Milo seethed, “won’t we?” And he shoved her again between the shoulder blades so she had no choice but to gulp Reynaldo’s long fat prick down her throat.

Reynaldo groaned, and the woman initially gulped and snuffled, probably surprised by the length and the cockhead jammed up against her tonsils. But Milo held the back of her skull in his palm, urging her to relax her muscles around the heft of Reynaldo’s prick, and soon she breathed normally, even eagerly gulped.

In fact, a twinge of jealousy fluttered in Milo’s stomach when Tallulah grabbed ahold of Reynaldo’s hips, putting her all into her sucking. Pleasant memories of being in Reynaldo’s position—was that only yesterday?—in the barracks with his cock lodged down Tallulah’s throat flooded back to him. Recalling how talented she was with her tongue describing exotic patterns against his cock while expertly suctioning him, Milo knew Reynaldo wouldn’t last long.

“Hey,” Milo barked, to get her attention. She didn’t miss a beat in her cocksucking. “Hey. Hey! You don’t need to be so…so enthusiastic about it.” He spanked her ass again for different reasons now.


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