The Orchard: Claim Me (MF)

The Orchard 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 71,052
6 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, with M/F/M elements, voyeurism, spanking, paddling, cropping, flogging, sex toys, HFN]
Kellie has come to The Orchard, a BDSM club, to find a little adventure. She gets that and much more when she is paired with Master Jesse. Kellie soon realizes that she not only wants this Dom to claim her as his own, she needs it.
Master Jesse is just looking for fun with this new sub. After the last catastrophe, he promised himself he would never take a sub on long-term. His new little one takes him off guard, however. Master Jesse finds himself attached, whether he likes it or not. Can he continue to fight himself and release Kellie?
The Orchard holds parties. Some are planned out and others are casual but all are BDSM. The more parties that Master Jesse brings Kellie to, the harder it is to let her go. He can see that Kellie desperately wants to be necklaced, a sign at The Orchard that a sub is owned. Master Jesse just can't bring himself to give his necklace away, again.
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Orchard: Claim Me (MF)
6 Ratings (4.8)

The Orchard: Claim Me (MF)

The Orchard 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 71,052
6 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
I was drawn into the story right away. Can't wait to read more from Mackenzie Williams.
Glad to see this author's work. It really took me by surprise, I could hardly breathe reading it. Anxious to get the next one in the series.




Kellie was being led into a small room that was down a long hallway off the right side of the main room. Master Jesse moved with confidence and grace. He gently pushed her into the room then shut the door behind him. The room had a small wooden stage against the back wall that was just a few steps higher than the floor. In front of the stage were a couch and two chairs. Off to the side there was a dresser.

After looking around, Kellie started to feel panic tightening her chest. The thought of being in a small, closed room with a stranger was starting to make her stomach feel sick. I can’t do this, she thought. I don’t want to do this.

“I need to go, I n—”

“Stop,” Master Jesse said, raising his hand. “You are not to speak yet.”

Kellie started to back up toward the door, her eyes blurry from the tears starting to fill them.

“Little one, stop.” It was a firm but gentle command. Master Jesse grabbed her wrist and pulled her close to his chest until their faces were just inches apart now. “Breathe, slowly. You are not in danger. Nothing will happen until we talk. Understand?”

Kellie hesitated then nodded her head.

“Good girl.”

Kellie’s chest started to loosen slightly.

Master Jesse led Kellie to the couch and sat down before pulling her onto his lap. Feeling uneasy, Kellie stayed very still. He frowned at her and her stiffened body language. He looked like he was going to reprimand her but let it go.

“There are a few things we need to go over before we can start anything. First, the club safe word is core. At any time, if a sub uses the safe word, all play stops. Repeat the safe word for me.”

“Core,” Kellie said in a very small voice.

“Thank you.” Master Jesse reassured her by stroking a hand down the back of her long hair. “Here at The Orchard, the Doms are a close group of friends that get together to play with subs. Some Doms have a permanent sub but most of us are here to play. You are here because you want to be a regular sub here, correct?”

Kellie nodded.

“It is preferred that you answer with a ‘Yes, Sir.’”

“Yes, Sir.”

He smiled at her soft response. “Today I will be testing and evaluating you to see if you would make a good addition to our club. If I feel you are a good choice but not quite ready, I will say no for now but invite you to a later Selection Party. If you are simply not for me, other Masters may invite you back. If I feel that this isn’t the right place for you, you will be asked to leave with no future invites.”

Hearing Master Jesse saying he might ask her to leave and not come back sent a streak of gloom through her. Why was that? Maybe she really did want this more than she thought. Plus, that tingling feeling between her legs was back after looking at his blue eyes and huge biceps up close.

“Now, you seem like a very shy little one. We will have to work on that first. I have read your profile. It says that you have done a little Dom/sub play with a couple of boyfriends but nothing major. It says you are ok with some punishments but are overall unsure.”

Master Jesse’s expression seemed concerned but also excited. Or was that lust? Kellie couldn’t tell.

“Little sub,” Master Jesse said while lightly holding her chin. “You are to listen and obey all commands from your Master. Again, you may use the safe word but don’t forget that we are here to push boundaries. Don’t misuse the safe word.”

He looked at her, waiting.

“Oh, ah…yes, Sir.”

Standing, Master Jesse set Kellie on her feet. He walked over to the stage and stepped up.

“Sub, come here.”

Kellie felt like her feet were sewn to the carpet. She tried to take a step but didn’t.

“Sub, no hesitations. I don’t think you want to start the punishments so early.”




How his body responds to me? What was coming next? Kellie had just started feeling comfortable sitting on Master Jesse’s lap. Yes, he was demanding and controlling but she could tell that he had a real concern for her. He wanted her to feel safe, and that made her want to open up more of herself to him.

“I’m sure you have noticed that you turn me on enough to make me hard. However, is there something here that will make this enjoyable for me? I need more than just an erection for this to work.”

This statement made Kellie feel a little strange. She felt like she wanted to prove herself. She felt like she didn’t want to disappoint this man.

“Now that you have had a water break and rest, I think we should move on to the second part of the Selection Party. How well do you take directions? Remember you have a safe word if needed. Do you remember what it is?”

“Core, Sir.”

“Very good. I really enjoy hearing ‘Sir’ come out of that pretty little mouth.” Master Jesse had a huge grin on his face. His blue eyes seemed to be slightly darker than before. Just this look was making Kellie’s insides start to heat up.

“Get on your knees in front of me,” Master Jesse said in a sexy as sin voice.

Kellie just stared at him. It felt like her brain wasn’t connected to her body. He slapped her on her thigh. Not overly painful but hard enough that there was a slight sting. It was enough to wake up her brain.

“Sub, comply or use your safe word.”

Kellie scrambled off his lap and onto her knees ungracefully. She wasn’t sure if she should look down or not. He hadn’t said slave position so maybe he wanted her to look up at him. Her dark eyes locked on his.

“Nice. You do look sweet on your knees. Undo my belt and pants.” He leaned back to give her easier access.

Kellie’s eyes got larger. She didn’t want to make him upset again so she quickly started on his belt. Her fingers were fumbling with the dark leather and metal. After a few seconds, the belt was undone and his pants were open. She could see that he wore no underwear under the black dress pants. His dick was semihard laying slightly to the right just under a small dark patch of hair. Even in this semierect state she could tell that he should be proud of his penis. It already seemed larger than the few she had seen in her life.

“Pull my pants down,” Master Jesse said in a slow, low voice. He seemed to be struggling to control himself. His jaw muscles were tense. He lifted his body off the couch a few inches so Kellie could pull the slacks off his hips. She then pulled his pants down so they were bunched around his ankles. She had the urge to run her hands up his lean muscled thighs but she waited to see what he wanted next.

Master Jesse leaned forward just enough to pull his shirt off and tossed it carelessly to the floor.

“Good, now take me into your hands and see if you can get me harder.”

Kellie looked at his cock then to his face. Damn, he looked so sexy leaned back, dick out, eyes bright with anticipation. She nervously flexed her fingers then reached for him. At first her hands seemed unsure but once they felt the warmth coming off his body they relaxed. She grabbed his cock and started to rub it up and down. Slow. He started to get stiffer. She increased her speed and Master Jesse let out a long stifled breath. Oh, he felt very hard now and she could see a little drop of clear liquid forming at the tip. His dick was now standing at full attention and it felt good in her hands.

“Little one, you look hungry.”

His voice sent a flare of heat to her pussy and her muscles clinched. It felt wet and empty. Kellie felt so powerful in this moment even though she was on her knees before a man. She knew that she had the power to make him feel pleasure. He wanted her mouth and she wanted to give it to him. Let him see how he could enjoy her. She bent closer and licked the tip of his penis. She could taste his drops of arousal and they just made her pussy ache more. Master Jesse hissed through his teeth. Oh, yeah she felt powerful right now.

“Don’t tease me. Take me in that pretty little mouth. I want to see your lips wrapped around me.”

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