The Politician And The Girl From The Coffee Shop

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 16,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

Twenty-one year old, Jessie has been working at the coffee shop to save for college. While she knows better than to get involved with the customers, she can't help herself when it comes to the sexy and highly charismatic Senator Jeff Morrow. Despite their casual daily flirtations, she realizes that Washington's most eligible bachelor is way out of her league and would never be seriously interested in the young virgin from the coffee shop. Or would he?

The Politician And The Girl From The Coffee Shop
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Politician And The Girl From The Coffee Shop

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 16,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Terry Towers

Chapter 1

"Look sharp ladies, here he comes!" Denise announced to the two other coffee shop hostesses, who were busy serving customers.

As Jessie secured a plastic lid on the coffee she'd just poured, she looked out into the parking lot and spotted Senator Jeff Morrow's black Mercedes glide into a parking slot.

"Enjoy," Jessie said giving her customer a quick smile as she slid the coffee across the counter to him, while keeping her eyes glued to the parking lot and Senator Morrow as he stepped from his car. Normally, Jessie wasn't into older men and although he didn't look it, she'd read the senator was thirty-three - twelve years her senior - but he was so damned sexy that she made an exception.

"Thanks," the gentleman she'd just served slid a couple of quarters across the counter to her as her tip and strode off. She swiped the quarters from the counter and tossed them into the front pocket of her brown apron.

Her bright blue eyes focused back onto the senator, who was nearly at the entrance. Until she had met Jeff several months ago, she'd always thought of politicians as being stuffy and uptight, she supposed that assumption was due to the fact that the majority of senators were over the age of fifty, but Senator Morrow changed that view for her.

Being one of the youngest Senators and hailed as one of America’s most eligible bachelors, he was easily one of the sexiest men she'd ever laid eyes on. Tall, tanned complexion, short blonde hair, mysterious grey eyes and an amazing body, he reminded her of a surfer stuffed into a very expensive suit.

To top off his list of attributes, he seemed to be an all round nice guy. Sure, politicians were supposed to appear friendly and kind, but you could tell simply by looking into his eyes that he was a genuinely good man.

"Anyone wanna bet he gets Jessie to serve him?"

Jessie looked over at her co-worker, Denise, grabbed a tea towel and swatted her arm with it. "Oh will you stop, he goes to you guys as well."

Denise huffed as she rolled her eyes at Jessie.

"If I didn't know better I'd think he had a thing for our little Jess," came an amused male voice from behind her, which belonged to the coffee shop baker, Anthony.

"He likes how I make his coffee that's all," Jessie assured them though a part of her secretly hoped they were right and that he did have a 'thing' for her. She laughed to herself; it wasn't as though anything could ever happen between them anyhow. Senators didn't pick up girls that served them at the local coffee shop. Did they?

As Denise predicted, Jeff headed straight for Jessie. She gave him a sweet, sexy smile as he approached which he returned, sending her heart racing.

"Looking good today Senator. New tie?" she asked as he approached, already in the process of ringing in his order, a large coffee and a blueberry muffin. The tie - grey with silver specks - matched his eyes perfectly so she had immediately taken notice of it.

Jeff chuckled, his grey eyes lighting up with amusement as he reached into the inner pocket of his black suit jacket and pulled out his wallet. "So how's my favorite coffee shop girl this morning?"

"Wonderful, yourself?" She didn't bother to tell him the total, and he didn't bother to ask, he simply slid a bill to her and waved off the change.

"Fantastic." Jeff watched her intently as she set to work on his order, virtually ignoring the rest of the staff who all had their eyes glued to the two of them, while pretending not to be watching. "How did you know it was new?"

Snapping the lid of his coffee in place she looked back up at him and give him a coy smile, "I always notice my favorite customers." Leaning to her right she nabbed a blueberry muffin from the display case and bagged it for him, when she straightened back up she caught his eyes. "Besides, you always look good, it's hard not to notice." She cringed inwardly at how that sounded; she was certain it had sounded much better - and less like a cheap come-on line - in her head.

"I think that's the nicest thing someone has said to me that wasn't intentionally trying to kiss my ass because they were lobbying for something." Jeff responded, accepting the bagged muffin and the coffee as she slid them across the counter.

"I assure you, Senator, the compliment is genuine and in no way meant to butter you up."

Laughing outright Jeff nodded. "Well, thank you. So, I'll see you tomorrow morning? Same time, same place?" he inquired, one brow raised.

Grinning Jessie nodded. As if he didn't already know the answer, but it seemed to be the traditional good-bye they'd established over the past few months so she rolled with it. "Same time, same place," she confirmed leaning her elbows on the counter and giving him a small wave.

"Good-bye, Jessie." He made a half-turn, seemed to consider turning back to her, but ultimately decided against it, turned fully and strolled out of the shop without another glance in her direction.

"Oh, he totally has a thing for Jessie," she heard Denise comment.

"I think so too," her other co-worker and roommate, Rebecca, agreed.

With a sigh, Jessie spun around to face the two ladies. "Senator Morrow is not interested in me. I'm a coffee shop girl for heaven's sakes, what would he want from me?" A snickering from Anthony sounded in the kitchen.

"Besides that," Jessie yelled back to him as her cheeks flushed slightly then turned to the other hostesses, "I heard that he was dating some model. How could I complete with that? Even if he was interested, which he isn't."

"You didn't hear about the breakup?" Denise asked, as a customer approached her register and she began to pour a coffee for him.

Crossing her arms over her ample breasts, Jessie leaned her hip against the brown-colored marble counter, cocked her head and raised a curious brow at Denise. "Senator Morrow broke up with the model?"

After placing the lid onto the coffee cup Denise slid it across the counter to her customer and then turned to face Jessie, mirroring her position, arms crossed, hip leaning against the counter. "No, from what it said in the news, the model dumped him to go back to her ex; he's some daytime soap star or something. I only caught part of the story."

Jessie huffed, why anyone could dump the Senator was beyond her. She pushed herself off the counter and made her way towards the back room. When she reached the entrance to the kitchen she stopped and turned back to face Denise. "I'm going to go check the food temperatures in the freezers. Give me a shout if you need me."

"Oh, I would say you'd need to cool down after enduring the red hot tension that was sizzling between you and the Senator."

Jessie rolled her eyes while wagging her finger at her slightly older co-worker, "You know what your problem is? You read too many romance novels."

"When you've been married for over ten years, romance novels are all you have sweetie; you'll see," she warned, turning her back to Jessie as she greeted an approaching customer.

She's got me there, Jessie mused with a chuckle as she made her way to the freezer.

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