The Reluctant Sub

ManLoveRomance Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 63,000
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Swapping places with your identical twin isn't always a good idea

Masquerading as her twin working undercover Kitty is in her element. The fact she's sub to hot demon Blaze makes her forget she's there to help discover why women are going missing. From the moment Blaze and Kitty meet, it's a sexual whirlwind of lust. However when shifter Fury takes an interest in her and she disappears Blaze follows. On the island of Drath the truth is revealed an answer to both dreams and nightmares. Fury is determined to claim Kitty and not even death can stop him. Only Blaze is capable of her salvation but it is a race against time.

The Reluctant Sub
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Reluctant Sub

ManLoveRomance Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 63,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Chapter One

A muscle ticked on Blaze's taut face. His chiseled jaw clenched with frustrated fury.

No way, no Goddamn way was he going to be able to work with the frigid bitch. Yet one look at the Captain threw that out. The next question was how he was going to keep his hands off her.

However it wasn't sexual, far from it.

Leonora Johnson sat alongside him, her irritating smug smile twisted his guts. He didn't know what it was about the bitch, but she rubbed him the wrong way. No one in their right mind did that.

At least not unless they had a death wish.

"As I was saying," interrupted Jaxon his captain. "The original plan for departure has been put back a day due to some unforeseen circumstances which is why I called you in on short notice. After your less than auspicious meeting, I need to ensure you can work together. If so the two of you will meet here at twelve tomorrow and we'll go through a few details and then you leave for your mission." Jaxon fixed a knowing look on Blaze, then transferred it to Leonora. "Any problems now is the time to speak."

Blaze didn't miss the slow arch of a dark brow as she settled her attention on him. Fuck, she looked like she should be a librarian with her neat bun and charcoal suit.

She cleared her throat with a delicate cough. "Let's make this clear again. You do not touch me, you do not leer over my body and you certainly do not deviate from your duties as an undercover agent."

Blaze smashed his fist down on the table recalling her insults when he'd first been introduced to his new partner. "Now listen you frigid bitch, let me make things clear. I do not find you remotely attractive. Neither do I want to touch you much less give you pleasure with my cock. Do. You. Understand?"

Leonora's eyes narrowed. "Perfectly, I'm glad we're in agreement."

Jax swiftly intervened. "Leonora, we'll see you tomorrow, don't worry about clothes."

At her gasp he added, "I mean, what you'll need will be provided, just bring your personal stuff."

Rising she gave a stiff nod, and with a final glare at Blaze crossed the room with a clack of her kitten heels reverberating on the wooden floor. When she closed the door behind her on a soft click, it sounded like a crack of a shotgun.

Jaxon rounded on Blaze. "Just what the fuck is it with you?"

"I don't like her."

"So, you don't like any fucker, why the attitude?"

Blaze stood and prowled around the room, his steps sharp instead of the usual flowing ripple of long limbs and loose hips. He didn't know what pissed him off about the irritating female, and that confused him which caused his frustration. "She annoys me, and come on, Jax, how the hell is she going to fit in at a BDSM club? Jesus, she's a prude through and through. I'm telling you she'll blow our cover."

"Then I suggest you act like the consummate professional I know you to be, and make sure she doesn't."

"I'm no miracle worker." Blaze stopped his pacing and leaned against the wall staring out of the window. A shaft of light illuminated his overlong blond hair, in total contrast to his coal black eyes fringed with a mass of dark lashes. "Okay you're the Captain."

"Don't forget it and just make sure you convince everyone there that she's your sub, I need to find out what is going on. Why some fucker is kidnapping these women."


Leonora stormed into the small flat slamming the door hard giving vent to her annoyance. She tossed her bag onto the nearby table then cursed as she missed and it slapped onto the floor spilling out its contents. Muttering a river of obscenities alien to her she yanked her coat off and threw it over the arm of a chair with a snap of frustration.

Kitty's voice echoed from upstairs. "Sis, that you?"

"No, it's a serial killer."

"Hey what's rattled your cage? Thought you'd be excited at starting with the elite team of FIA."

Leonora pulled out a juice from the fridge and poured a glass as her sister bounced into the kitchen followed by Jasper. The spaniel's tongue flicked out and she pulled a face as it slobbered over her leg in a rapid succession of tiny licks. "Will you get that thing away from me?"

"He likes you," said Kitty. She hopped up onto the worktop, and swinging her legs cocked her head staring at her sister. "So come on, what's wrong?"

"I'm expected to pretend I'm a submissive working undercover at a BDSM club."

Kitty slapped a hand over her mouth and tried to stifle the laugh. "Please no, not you, Leonora. Fuck, sex and you are like Superman and kryptonite. Not going to work."

"We're not all morally challenged creatures like yourself."

"Oh so it was okay for your friend Becky to enjoy being a sub in that seedy club," challenged Kitty.

"She was doing it for research for her latest book." Leonora stared thoughtfully into her drink. "And the club wasn't seedy."

"Research," hooted Kitty. "I've heard it called a lot of things but never that. Why didn't she look up BDSM online?"

"She wanted authenticity," said Leonora pursing her lips indicating the subject closed.

"Yea well she got that all right, including disappearing."

"Shut the hell up, I'll find out what's happened to her." Leonora slammed the glass down, her temper surfacing.

"Okay, Miss Marple, but, sis, for my twin, you are so not like me, apart from the fact we're identical, we don't share another trait. Thank God." Kitty examined her nails, an array of different colors that she couldn't decide on. Which was another problem Kitty suffered from; the inability to make a decision. Whilst Leonora made an instant snap evaluation, Kitty weighed up both sides, eventually able to work out what to do.

"For once I agree with you." Leonora scowled attempting to shake Jasper off. His front legs had wrapped around her calf and he was humping her with the intensity of a jackhammer. Satisfaction crossed her face when he flew through the air, landing on a yelp. "Why don't you get the thing castrated?"

"He is, it's just his body clock hasn't caught up yet."

"Well if he attempts to hump my leg again I'll slit his throat."

"Bitch, no wonder your sex life is non-existent." Kitty turned to her dog. "Don't listen to that horrid woman."

"Yea and it suits me. You do know you've really lost it talking to that thing?"

Kitty shrugged her shoulders unconcerned. "He understands me. So come on, who are you paired up with?"

"Blaze." The name shot out on a snort of dislike. "We're leaving tomorrow for two flaming weeks."

Kitty's expression turned wistful. "Oooh, isn't he the dreamy blond demon, now I could do him quite nicely, he's hot, and wow that body..."

"Yea well stop your dreaming because he has a personality that's pretty shit. Doesn't like me. He made it clear when we first met that if he touches me it will be after I've had my shots."

Kitty rocked with laughter. "I can imagine that went down well."

"I really don't see how I can remain locked up, closeted with the bastard for two weeks as his sub."

Kitty tossed her a letter. "Read that, it's from the bank, we're behind with everything and you need this job to keep us afloat."

"Shit damn, why me? Why have I got to be the one to sacrifice my standards?"


Drama Queen on the move. Kitty rolled her eyes as Leonora stomped around the kitchen. Her scream rang out as Jasper ran between her legs tripping her up. She hit the floor in a tangle of limbs and shrieks.

Kitty hopped down attempting to grip Jasper who bounced over her sister's chest giving little yips.

"My ankle, oh God, I think it's broken."

Kitty glanced down and winced at the swelling already rising. "Can you stand?" Clutching Leonora, Kitty hauled her up in between a volley of swear words she'd never heard her sister use. Half walking, half dragging, Kitty pulled Leonora onto the settee pushing her back, and checked out her injury.

"How about I put an ice pack on it?"

Grimacing Leonora rocked in pain. "I swear I'm going to kill that fucking dog."

"Hey don't blame Jasper. You should look where you're going." Kitty nibbled at her lip studying her sister's ankle. "Do you think you'll be fit for work tomorrow?"

"Not a chance in hell, I can't bloody walk, but we need the pay check from this job. So if I can't make it, then..."

Kitty didn't like the feral smirk that filled Leonora's face. "What are you thinking?"

"You'll need to replace me, no one will tell the difference." At the stunned silence she pushed. "There's no choice, Kitty, you have to do this."

"But I'm not trained as an agent, I won't have a clue." She knew they'd switched identities lots of times when they were younger. However each time had been a prank, this was totally different.

"It won't be difficult. The club is a BDSM paradise for shifters and the paranormal, along with the odd human. Stay close to Blaze and nothing can go wrong." Then she added. "Besides you might get to enjoy that scene."

"What if a vamp decides he's peckish and comes in for a nibble?"

"Don't be ridiculous, they're there for sex not sustenance so that should suit you with your base standards."

Kitty ignored Leonora's insult yet refused to give in without a fight. "Look I don't know anything about all this undercover stuff, unless you've forgotten, I was the admin part of the team." Kitty kept giving reasons why this so wasn't a good idea. "I can hardly stab anyone with a pencil can I?"

"Don't worry, all this calls for is for you to impersonate a sub. Blaze will be your Dom and I'm certain he'll make sure you do exactly as he wants."

Whoa, change of plan suddenly this looked interesting. Kitty cricked her brow. "Does that mean what I think it does?" Her girls tightened whilst her brain melted into her clit.

"Do what you want, we both know you've got no morals, and neither does Blaze."

A frisson of excitement built and swirled at the thought of working undercover. Or better still working on Blaze. She reasoned it wasn't dangerous, in fact it could be fun. "What about clothes? I don't know what a sub wears?" Kitty's knowledge of the bondage scene was basement level.

"Check it out online after you've strapped my ankle." Leonora lay back with a groan. "Ensure you soak the bandage in cold water first."

"Do you think it could be broken?" Kitty gripped the bandage and glanced across to Jasper who was busy cleaning himself, his tongue rooted between his legs ferreting over his rectum.


"No, but I'm certain it's badly sprained. I'll have to stay off it for a while before we can switch back."

Kitty flinched at the pain shadowing Leonora's face as she finished wrapping the wet bandage around her ankle. Although the idea of being a sub intrigued her. Especially with the red hot demon Blaze. Shit all her dreams were coming together.

Half an hour later Leonora lay back resting her foot hugging a mug of hot chocolate whilst Kitty raved over the costumes she'd discovered online. "Oh my, I love them."

"Why aren't I surprised you've got no taste," said Leonora with a disdainful sniff then raised a brow in shock at the screen. "Just how much have you put in your basket? You do realize Jax will be providing outfits?"

"Yea, but I'm edging on the side of caution. Making sure they'll suit me, I just can't make my mind up."

"Yea, well no way can we afford that lot, so cut it down now. Delivery by noon tomorrow? I'm impressed."

Kitty's golden eyes glowed with excitement. God she loved sexy clothes, and pressed proceed to checkout. A flurry of nerves sucked and twirled deep in the pit of her stomach. The thought of being a sub to the sexy Blaze was more than she'd ever dreamed of. An image of the blond hunk rose from the picture Leonora had revealed, and she was so looking forward to seeing him.

Out of all the males in Team Alpha, he was the one to soak her panties. Now she was going to see him in the flesh, and hopefully she'd get said flesh sinking deep inside her.

A wicked grin creased her lips at the thought of getting her hands on all that male skin. She was going to be such a lucky woman.

She hoped.

That's if her frigid sister hadn't put a spanner in the works and pissed him off too much. Glancing at Leonora and the smirk that filled her face generated a strong feeling it was too late.

Because Leonora could take the meaning of bitch to an entirely different level.

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