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The Scarlet Dove (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 45,756
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Western Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]

When Liza Trent decided to become a mail-order bride out west, she never thought her fiancé would die before she arrived, sending her $500 in debt with the only way to pay off the money by auctioning off her virginity against her will. When she's rescued by two handsome men, she mistakenly thinks they're assassins and makes a pact with them: her body in unconditional surrender for their protection.

Only the two men, Apollo Beck and Blue Hawke, aren't assassins. They're Texas Rangers sent after a man who preys on women, and their dangerous hunt has just brought Liza into the line of fire.

As they navigate a relationship built between three people, Liza has the difficult decision before her: commit to loving two men or commit to her burning desire to become a doctor…unless she's found and taken for revenge first.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
Great Read by Beth Carter. I could not put this book down.

- angelreader

Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Stories like this make you understand how hard it was (and still is in some places) for a woman alone to make a decent living. It also makes me glad I was not born back t...

- LynnieP


Story Excerpt


“Fine, say she agrees to that and say we take her. You planning to lead a chaste life around her?”

“Cut it out, Apollo,” Blue muttered.

“No, let’s talk about this now. Which one of us gets her? You want her, I know you do. I can see it in your eyes. But I want her, too.”

Again, there was a moment of nothing said, and Liza was just about ready to go in when Apollo continued in a quiet, subdued voice. “If that’s so hard to answer maybe there’s another solution. Maybe we could both have her. We share practically everything, why not her?”

Blue gave a snort. “Right. Propose that to her, why don’t you? She’ll slap you so hard you’ll see stars. She’s not that type of woman, Apollo.”

“How do we know she’s not?”

Liza bit her lip as her heart started to hammer like mad. Were they serious? And could she do that just to get what they offered? Two men would be better, though, than dozens she’d face being a whore alone.

But could she really be that…detached?

She had seen, firsthand, what bitterness did to a life. All the what-ifs crammed into one hateful moment in time that replayed over and over, like a spinning wheel. Her father had lived such a moment, when he had been forced to wed due to a compromising position with a woman far beneath his social standings. He had been disinherited and suddenly, all his hopes of entering medical school had been over. He had drunk to forget the one responsibility he created but never could escape.

And Liza had paid the price for it. She had tried to stay moral, even trying to marry a man she had never met, and yet, it hadn’t been what she truly wanted. Just like her father, she had been willing to do what society had deemed the right thing to do.

Perhaps it was time to start being honest. What did she want in life? Safety. Security. Food and warmth. Really just the basics of human survival. Did she want love? A husband? Truthfully, that never had entered her mind until she’d seen the advertisement. She had agreed to it, but it had never been about love or having a family.

She knew exactly what Apollo was talking about, what he was proposing. Services traded, bargains made, and payment rendered. The word whore whispered through her mind, reminding her of the decision she had rejected a month ago before choosing to be a mail-order bride. But women didn’t have many options, especially when survival was staring back.

She closed her eyes and sighed. Something inside her cracked, died. Tears welled up in her eyes, but she blinked them away. This time there wasn’t another way. There wasn’t a different choice to make.




“Your pussy is all mine.”

She shivered in pleasure at the dirty, sexy word. And then Apollo was kissing her again, his tongue sliding into her mouth, and everything else was forgotten. Liza turned herself over to these two men, and if truth be told, she was anxious to be theirs in all possible ways.

Apollo was moving her, turning with her until she lay on top of him. She felt the bed dip beside them as Blue joined them, and then two sets of hands were exploring her body. Fingers massaged the back of her neck, down her back to help ease the tension, before fingers started dipping into the cleft of her ass. Liza opened her legs further and the fingers traced around her most private area, using her own juice to help tease open her back entrance.

Apollo resumed kissing her, distracting her by rubbing her nipples, tweaking them between his teeth. One finger eased into her, eliciting a moan. Liza stiffened, not sure if she liked the feeling. The finger stopped and after a moment she moved, adjusting to the odd sensation. Slowly another finger went in, widening her, and the burning thrust took her breath away.

“Oh!” she groaned. “It burns!”

“Relax, baby,” Apollo murmured in her ear. “We have to stretch you. You’re going to be entered tonight, for the first time on both ends, and we don’t want to hurt you.”

He started manipulating her body, adjusting her. The fingers slid out and she found herself pulled upward, sandwiched between both men. Blue was in front, kissing her deeply while Apollo was now in back. She felt his hand between her thighs, teasing her pussy with his fingertips, exciting her even higher.

Soon she was lost in a haze as all three touched, tasted, and kissed. She reached tentatively down to massage the hard cocks, her fingers exploring the differences in each one. Blue was big, her fingers unable to encircle the muscle that wept with need. Apollo’s was a little thinner but equally as long, and she wondered how they were to fit inside her. She knew the mechanics, but imagining it seemed a little tricky.

“Honey, stop,” Blue whispered and pulled her head off him. “If you keep that up, I’m not going to last. And I want to be in that sweet pussy of yours before that happens.”

Liza blinked up at him.

“Get on your hands and knees,” Apollo told her, “over Blue.”

With his help, she found herself looking into Blue’s light eyes. His hands came up and gripped her hips.

“Ease yourself down onto me,” he ordered. “You control the pace, Liza. Take me into you.”

Slowly she did as he said, her heart thundering in her chest. Blue held up his cock and guided her down. She felt the blunt tip of his cock resting against her slit, her thigh muscles crying out from the tension of holding herself upward.

“That’s it, honey,” he whispered through a groan. “Damn, your heat is killing me.”

Down she went, further and further, accepting him in, until he rested at the thin membrane of her virginity.

“Blue?” she asked uncertainly.

“I’m going to take over now, okay? Let me go fast, get it over with. You ready?”

She nodded.

He pulled her hips down and his cock broke through her hymen. Pain crashed through her, wiping away any pleasure from before. Her body stiffened and a small cry escaped.

“Ow! It hurts!”

“Shh,” he said. “I know, honey. Just breathe. It’ll ease. Relax now, that’s right, just relax.”

Little by little she did as he asked, and as she did, the pain did indeed start to subside. Liza was shocked at how full she felt, as if a missing piece to a puzzle had fallen into place. She took a deep breath just as he started moving within her, and as he pulled back and plunged forward, he hit a spot high inside that caused the bliss to explode all over again.

It took her a moment to notice that Apollo moved behind her. He pushed forward until she was lying on top of him, and then used two fingers to probe her back entrance again, slowly opening her up.

Then the fingers were gone, and his hands gripped her hips. He slowly teased the area with the tip of his cock. Blue reached between them to rub her clitoris as Apollo worked his way into her tight back hole.

The burning returned, and Liza held her breath, not sure if she was enjoying the new sensation. But just as she thought she wanted to stop, Blue pulled out of her a little to give Apollo more room, and he pushed in all the way. Liza gasped, unable to believe the feeling of being totally consumed. She had thought being filled with just Blue was amazing, but this was beyond words. Beyond anything she had imagined.

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