The Sex Demon Trilogy Box Set

The Sex Demon Trilogy 4

Beachwalk Press, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 63,000
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Tap into your inner sex demon…

Sex demons need constant climax to survive. Orgies and promiscuous sex tend to be an everyday thing, but finding love is not. Dive into The Sex Demon Trilogy and meet three sex demons who find love in the least likely of places. With these tales of love come danger, heartbreak, and hot, hot sex like only a sex demon can do it.

Confessions of a Sex Demon: Lennox is a man fueled by revenge, but when he finds his quarry, a scintillating and infuriating sex demon named Zahra, his resolve will be put to the test. For when he captures his prize, Lennox realizes that Zahra's slow demise means the breaking of a heart he didn't think he had.

Claiming of a Sex Demon: A sex demon needs climax to survive, but that's never been a problem for Reza Aniron as women seem to be unable to resist his charms…all except for one, a timid, blonde angel who treats him with complete indifference. But in her eyes he can see a fire that's just waiting to be released. And he always did love a challenge.

Addictions of a Sex Demon: Sephina has gotten into a lot of trouble as a sex demon with a drug addiction. Moving to a new village was supposed to help her get clean. But when she relapses, it comes with a side of hot dragon man. Axel may be a drug dealer, but he's also the town healer. Half-human, half-dragon, his blood can cure just about anything, but it has some erotic side effects for its user, as the new beauty in town is about to find out…

Content Warning: contains strong language, light BDSM scenes, girl-on-girl action, and all kinds of sex demon mayhem

The Sex Demon Trilogy Box Set
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Sex Demon Trilogy Box Set

The Sex Demon Trilogy 4

Beachwalk Press, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 63,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Confessions of a Sex Demon Excerpt:

Zahra woke to a sharp pinch against her skin. She tried to peel open her eyelids, but they were heavy stones. She wanted to touch her eyes, but her arms moved nowhere. Fear caused her lids to fly open only to realize that she was indeed strapped down.

The perpetrator smiled, but it was subtle. Very subtle. His tan skin was darker in the dim room. His blue irises appeared so light that his eyes became demonic charcoals glaring at her in the shadowy room. He finished strapping her foot down.

"Do you like your accommodations, demon?"

"You should have asked Bane for help decorating. He's also very good at the dark, gloomy dungeon thing." She'd hoped to sound feisty, but instead, her voice was nothing more than a pitiful rasp.

"Since you're used to your mouth being filled, I'll help you." Lennox stood over her. She never took her eyes from his intense frown as he tied a scarf around her mouth. He pulled it tight enough to cut into the edges of her mouth. Zahra did her best to smash his fingers into the cold metal table she was strapped to. Unfortunately, the back of her head missed its mark and thunked hard against the steel.

At least she could still see what was taking place. Fear coursed through her. She barely knew this man and she couldn't imagine what he had in store for her. She was a succubus, used to kinky requests, and most men knew they didn't need to kidnap her for such a session. She watched Lennox's tall form cross the mostly empty room. The only furniture was a small table. Probably where he kept his—

Scissors. Lennox turned toward her with a pair in his hand. As he walked in her direction, he looked entirely too innocent to be foreboding. His blond hair was a stark contrast against his tan skin. She'd felt his muscles earlier and they were those of an intense lover, not a fighter. Clearly this guy was tweaked. He was hot as hell and normally she liked freaky guys. If he hadn't insulted her ever since they first met, they might've even had a chance. No charge.

Lennox stood between her legs and she could barely see him from her tight bondage against the table. The cold metal of the scissors slipped under her corset. As the fabric began falling away, the soft groan of the metal cutting through thick black fabric echoed in the empty room. Her tight top became looser with every passing second. Heat crept into her body. Good news: she had the feeling this guy could make her come. Hard. The bad news: she was kidnapped by a psychopath and no one knew where she was.

Maybe he's a trap-and-set-free kind of psychopath. Love 'em and leave 'em.

The scissors slid against her skin and snipped the last bit of fabric. The corset fell away from her body. Her breasts sprang free, but he didn't touch her, not with his flesh. Instead, Lennox dragged the cold metal over her chest, lingering over her nipples. They hardened as the sharp edge tickled her sensitive skin.

"Your body betrays you. You crave your abductor, don't you, succubus?"

She avoided his gaze by staring at the ceiling. Zahra could feel the heat from his intense appraisal of her body as he guided the shears across her pants. Apparently, he was leaving no clothes for her to try to escape in. It was becoming clearer by the moment that he had no plans for her to leave.

Claiming of a Sex Demon Excerpt:

She slapped him. Oh my God, she slapped him. For the first time in Emmerie's life, she'd taken a backseat to her frustrations and she'd let them drive her hand right across the sex demon's face. But when he turned his eyes back to her, bringing his hand to his jaw, she noticed that the amusement still hadn't fled his gaze.

"People in this town are quite welcoming."

She narrowed a glare at him. He was young and cocky and, although she hated to admit it, he was handsome too. In the darkness of evening, his amber eyes glowed all the more like fire. The dark, black hair falling against his pale face made him look more primal than he had during the day. Emmerie took a step back, his presence making her feel suddenly claustrophobic in the spacious clearing. His jaw was set, as if he were someone to be reckoned with, yet the subtle smile on his lips hadn't left since the moment she'd laid eyes on him.

"If you've received anything less than a warm welcome," she lectured, "it's because your sarcasm is unbecoming."

"Among other things." His constant smile left her unnerved. She swore he was on the edge of laughter.

Emmerie turned to leave, but a strong grip found her shoulder and spun her around. Determined lips crushed hers. She struggled, but the stranger only brought her closer. His lips were soft, but he plundered her mouth with his tongue as if he needed to taste every inch of her. In only seconds, she was convinced that her mouth carried the sweetest taste on earth. Like a traitor, her body sank against his and Emmerie welcomed his tongue with her own.

When a moan escaped her, reality slapped her in the face. What's gotten into me? She jerked out of his arms and fell against the ground. Her hood fell back and her long hair spilled onto the leaves beneath her. The stranger knelt before her, but didn't help her up.

"You're too beautiful to be an angel. You were crafted by the gods to be with a sinner. Luckily, you've found me." Again with the damned smile.

"Actually, I was crafted by God to be with a gentleman. And guess what, I'm married to one, so don't ever put your hands on me again."

"You didn't act married a moment ago."

Emmerie saw red, shot up from the ground, and threw her hand toward his cheek once more. The stranger was fast and caught her wrist. The sleeve of her cloak slid down and revealed the ring on her finger. He stared at it, his fiery gaze still ever-amused.

"What a pretty steel ring. Elegantly crafted."

Em thought she spied recognition flash in his amber stare. "Yes, made by my husband, an expert blacksmith. He hasn't left me without gifts." With her free hand, she whipped out a ruby encrusted dagger and pointed it at the stranger. "Now, leave me in peace."

"I'll leave, sugar, but you were never in peace. And I have a feeling that after I leave, you're going to be even more frustrated than before."

He pushed the blade aside and assaulted her mouth once more. Heat came off his body in waves, and Em no longer needed her cloak for warmth. This time, his lips slowly navigated hers, taking the time to fully explore her in a kiss that never seemed to end. Emmerie's mind calmed; the dark stranger left her no choice but to have her mouth plundered in a slow, erotic fashion. For once, she wasn't being treated like a fragile doll. She wasn't breakable in the arms of this stranger and so she let herself fall into his embrace.

Then shame overwhelmed her. "Lennox."

"Actually, it's Reza." He took a step back. "You've fully convinced me now that you're angel."

"I'm not an angel." Her voice broke.

"Yes, you are. Because I know how badly you want me. And yet you turn me away."

His gaze burned into her, a smoldering hot brand, but he turned and departed through the forest. Only then did Emmerie realize she was shaking.

Addictions of a Sex Demon Excerpt:

Axel reached out and touched the soft flesh of his woman. He'd been given the gift of a hellion with the face of an angel. Her cheek fit perfectly in his palm as he cupped her face. Her eyes flickered in response, shifting from a playful, yellow glow to a deep, primal, amber hue. He drew his finger down her shoulder and observed the heated silk of her skin.

"You're hot enough to be a dragon's mate." He spoke gently, afraid to spook her.

Her dainty hand swatted him away. "A sexual demon like you doesn't need cheesy pickup lines."

He frowned. "Your skin is very warm, woman. What are you?"

"I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours."

Axel appraised her and was happy to note that her climax had helped stop the trembling of her hands. But it would only be a matter of time before the effects of the withdrawal continued. "My name is Axel Stavros, one of the few quetzalem in this realm."

He searched her face for a reaction, but found none. Instead, the firecracker ran a hand through her electric pink hair, mussing it up so that she looked like she'd just rolled out of bed. He groaned at the thought.

"Quetzalem, huh? Well, that explains the tasty BBQ smokehouse quality of your skin."

He frowned. There was no detecting how this woman truly felt about his intentions. "You are familiar with my breed then? Perhaps you know that once a year we go into heat for twelve hours, and during this time we need constant climax to fan the embers of the brimstone lacing our bones. If we do not, our brimstone dries. Never more can we get it back once the cinders turn to ash."

"Well, it's a good thing you found the sex demon in town, isn't it?"

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