The Virgin Incubus

ManLoveRomance Press LLC

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 35,000
2 Ratings (4.5)

Born part human, part fairy, and part dark elf, the last thing Saint wants is to mix with the paranormal society at all. Sure, his partner in his detective agency is a werewolf. Saint has always overlooked that, since he and Bron had been friends for years.

Then, one day, Saint is confronted by a succubus. Her baby brother, Atticus, is in danger and needs to be rescued. Despite, his misgivings, Saint agrees to take the case. When they find the missing incubus, he has been starved, both of blood and sexual energy. Even though Saint thought he would never see it, Atticus is an incubus with a conscious, and doesn't want to hurt others.

Saint finds he had a strong contact with the virgin incubus. Can Saint make Atticus save himself? Or will their love be doomed before it even has a chance to blossom?

The Virgin Incubus
2 Ratings (4.5)

The Virgin Incubus

ManLoveRomance Press LLC

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 35,000
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Saint stood in line at the coffee shop wondering why in the hell that succubus was still staying three steps back. Surely, she had to know she'd been spotted by now. Yet, she just continued to stand there, casually scrolling through her cell phone, acting like everything was normal.

Damn it! That's the thing he hated about dealing with the paranormal world. He never knew what to expect from them. They were the most unpredictable bastards in the world. One minute they could be shaking your hand and then, bam, they jump for the jugular. Or maybe in his case, the succubus could be tweeting her BFF about how expensive the damn coffee was. Or, she could be sending a group text that she was about to kill off the poor schmuck who just happened to be part elf, part fairy, and part human. That is, if succubi could tell that kind of thing, just by glancing at somebody. Sure, Saint did everything he could to hide his pointed ears, but she could have spotted them. However, there was no way she could tell he was human.

Did that make him a thirdling? Saint scratched his head as he pondered that one over. He'd heard people called halflings all the time, but he'd never heard the official title for somebody like him. Maybe that was because there weren't too many of his kind wandering around.

He shook his head. This was the last thing he needed to be thinking about. At the moment he needed to focus on the succubus. If her alluring scent hadn't given her away, then her drop-dead gorgeous looks would have. Her raven hair was so dark that it looked almost blue in some places. She had it swept up into a bun. Even though she was wearing fake glasses, there was no hiding her beautiful, purple eyes. She was dressed like a lawyer, in a skirt and blazer, but that did nothing to hide her curves.

Too bad for her, none of that had any effect on Saint. She could have been standing there, buck naked, and he wouldn't have cared less. Not only did he not trust a succubus, women did nothing for him.

As he reached the front of the line, the young, female barista smiled at him. "Hey, Saint. Are you having the usual?"

"Yes, thanks," Saint replied. He then reached back, grabbed the succubus by her arm and pulled her forward. "Go ahead, honey, tell the nice girl what you want to drink."

The succubus opened and closed her mouth a few times before she finally said, "A chai latte will be nice."

Saint paid for the drinks, then walked down to the end of the counter to wait for the order to come up. All the while, he maintained a firm grip on the succubus' arm. Damn, she was thin. Almost too thin. It made Saint wonder when the last time was that she'd fed. Well, she wasn't going to get squat from him. He was nobody's food bag, plus he never gave anything to the paranormal world. They'd already taken more than their fair share from his family.

She started to speak, but Saint held up a hand. "Shut up. I won't be ready for this conversation until I have some caffeine."

She wisely clamped her lips together and nodded. Once their drinks were ready, Saint grabbed them, then led the way to his usual booth in the corner, with a good view of the front door. That way Saint would always know who--or what-- was walking in.

The succubus sipped at her drink. Saint had to finish half of his mocha latte before he was ready to deal with whatever piece of garbage she was about to dump into his lap.

"Okay, why are you ghosting me?" Saint asked. "You've been doing it for two days now. Sure, I could keep the game going, but I'm bored with it now and just want to get it over with."

Saint expected her to react with anger. After all, succubi weren't known to play for the good guys. They had a vicious temper with a nice set of fangs and claws to back it up. He'd once seen one of them take out a tavern full of drunk sailors. Smiling the entire time, too.

But, this one just stared down at her cup. She even looked a little bit sad. Which was odd. He didn't know they were capable of that kind of emotion.

"I need help and I heard that you were the one to come to," she finally replied.

"You were misled. What I do is run a failing detective agency that mostly caters to humans," he replied.

"That still doesn't mean you turn away paranormal cases. At least, that's what I heard."

Saint had to give her credit. She'd done her homework. While Saint preferred to work with humans, he never turned away paranormals. He just made sure he watched his back while working with them. The claw mark scars on his back had taught him that lesson. That and the permanent bite mark on his ass. There was a reason he never wore a Speedo when he went swimming.

"That all depends on the case," Saint conceded. "If you want me to kill an innocent or find you a cursed object that would definitely be off the table."

She shook her head. "No, it's nothing like that."

"Well, Cryan, if it has anything to do with the law firm you work for, I don't want any part of that, either."

She let out a gasp. "How did you know my name and where I work?"

"When I realized you were tailing me, I did a little digging. I like to know all I can about my stalkers. I'm just crazy like that."

"It has nothing to do with the men I work for," she assured him.

"Good, because both of them are crooked as hell."

She almost looked like she wanted to argue with him about that. In the end she kept silent. Which was a good move on her part. It led Saint one step closer to changing his mind about being so wary of her.

"I knew it," she shook her head. "Nobody is honest these days. I just hope that I don't get sucked into what they're doing."

"If you keep your head down and don't get involved in their side jobs you should be fine. I would still brush up on my resume if I were you. Word is that the Guild of Vampires is looking for them."

When she turned pale, Saint didn't blame her one bit. Not even he wanted to mess with those Vamps, and he was reckless and batshit crazy. In fact, he did everything he could to stay as far off their radar as possible.

While the Guild of Vampires may sound like the name of some punk rock band, nothing could be further from the truth. These guys were cruel, ruthless and had never failed to kill their mark. They made every day Vamps look like pink bunnies. Not just regular bunnies, either, but those big, fat fluffy ones.

"So, what job do you have for me?" Saint asked.

"My baby brother, Atticus, is missing," she replied, her bottom lip trembling.

"Please, tell me that he's a half brother and isn't an incubus."

When she shook her head, Saint wanted to get up and run the hell away. The last thing he wanted to do was to get involved with two sex demons. Then he made the mistake of looking into her eyes. The sheer worry and terror that lingered there couldn't be faked. He had the best bullshitter monitor, too. Cryan was worried about Atticus.

"Why me?" he asked. "Succubi aren't exactly known for their love of elves, fairies, or humans. In case you hadn't picked it up already, I happen to be all three."

She leaned forward, earnestly. "Because I heard that you were the best in the business. I also heard that you had a thing for underdogs, and that's just what Atticus is."

"Please, incubi aren't known to be meek or vulnerable. I seriously doubt that his captors will have the upper hand on him."

Cryan shook her head. "Atticus is different. He's sweet. Some would say too much so to survive in our world. He's been around for a couple of decades, yet he's still a virgin."

"Now, that I don't believe for one second. Everybody knows that you guys survive by draining the sexual energy from your partners. Oh, and there is that blood drinking part, too."

She gave a dismissive wave of her hand. "The whole vampire act is just an added kink. It makes the moment more intense for us. We don't need it to live."

Saint held up a finger. "Maybe not, but you still need the sexual energy."

She gave a slight frown. "Not Atticus. He's never needed that. Somehow, he's different. I was trying to figure it out before he was kidnapped. Sure, he may not be as tall or as muscular as other incubi, but he's healthy. He even eats human food every day. Something that I've never seen one of our kind do before."

Now she really had Saint's attention. An incubus that didn't need sex to keep on ticking. That was a mystery. Saint liked mysteries. Which was the reason why he'd opened up his agency in the first place. Well, that and to pay his rent. It wasn't exactly like he could crash on his parent's couch. His mother despised him and he'd never met his human father. So, it was either work or be homeless and live in that god-awful van of his.

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