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The Virgin's Lusty Breeding by the Minotaur (rough monster breeding sex)

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 17,000
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Innocent, kind, sweet-natured-but-sharp-witted Aiden has always wanted a baby. Unfortunately, she’s been a Vestal Virgin since she was a child. When she is selected out of all the virgins in her village for sacrifice to the terrible beast who dwells below an ancient temple, she hardly believes the stories of what evil lurks in the labyrinth – until she meets him, horns and all.

Theros, the mighty Minotaur, is the strongest, biggest, most powerful lover Aiden has ever known. Actually, he’s the first lover she’s ever known, and as far as he’s concerned, one way or another, he’ll be the only one. He’s going to give her what she’s always wanted, while taking exactly what he needs.

This 17,000 word sizzling erotic novella features a rowdy, muscular and magnificent Minotaur, a trembling maiden, and one unforgettable, rough-as-you-can-want-it breeding encounter.

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“Wh – what are you?” I said as his breath again caressed my prickling flesh and a sensation that I couldn’t, or didn’t want to, admit, washed down my belly, over my shoulders and down my back.

His response was another short laugh, and then a snort. I felt his face – or his snout – draw near me, the cool damp of his nose on my cheek. At first I thought he must just be a giant, as tall as he stood, but when I felt his bovine nose, I knew all the terrible stories I’d heard as a young girl and as a vestal virgin in training were true. I was in the clutches of the awful beast who made these underground tunnels his home.

He yanked me backwards again, against his muscled stomach that rumbled with another laugh. Through the clinging fabric, I felt something else, something hard and long and thick and sinful, stretching from near my knee to where my legs met.

“Mmm,” the beast groaned. He slid one of his fingers across my trembling lips that rubbed against the rough hood he’d thrown over me. I fought and lost a battle to keep my jaw from shaking in terror, and then I lost another one to keep my nipples from straining and aching when his hand brushed between them and his fingers curled on my belly.

Whatever this creature was, he had muscles so large and so powerful that I knew I’d never seen their equal. And if that weren’t enough to chill me to the bone, there was also the swelling thickness that I felt on the inside of my legs, moving between them as he pushed my thighs apart.
“Why are you doing this?” I said, somehow, through my chattering teeth.

He only stroked his sinful girth harder between my legs. As ashamed as I was, and as much as I hated to admit my feelings, the way he held me against his body and how his...cock...was hardening against my untouched sex made a terrible, pleasing heat bubble up from inside.

“Shh,” he whispered gently as he ran his hand down my leg to the knee and then back up underneath my clinging tunic.

The tips of his fingers slid along his warm length and along my gentlest, softest parts. He sniffed my hair again, and withdrew, leaving me with a sinful desire to push myself on him and urge him to continue. Shaking my head cleared the thoughts, though somewhere deep down, I wanted nothing more than for him to touch me again.

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