The Warlord Claims His Bride (MF)

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 29,170
6 Ratings (3.8)

Bronson Lyon, Scottish leader and warlord of Clan Lyon, has seen enough death to last a lifetime. He has battle scars that would have killed a lesser man. After fighting for years to reclaim his territory, he is ready to settle down and create a family. But Bronson does not court or woo women. He takes what he wants, when he wants it, and makes no apologies for the carnage left behind in his wake.

When a buxom and untouched redhead is brought to him as a potential bride, he instantly wants to claim her. Genevieve's body was meant to bear him strong, fearsome sons, and he will show her what it means to be owned by a warlord.

But there is still an enemy that wants to hurt what Bronson holds most dear, and that is Genevieve, and the future Lyon clan leader she carries.

Be Warned: spanking, anal sex

The Warlord Claims His Bride (MF)
6 Ratings (3.8)

The Warlord Claims His Bride (MF)

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 29,170
6 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Sour Cherry Designs
Oh my god, hot! Jenika Snow writes alpha men just the way I like them. There was plenty of heat between the hero and heroine. I love the Scottish accent and how she changed a few words so I could actually hear the sexy brogue in my head. Just saying the person has such and such a language does nothing for me, but tweaking a few words like she did really makes the accent come alive for me. Well done! The epilogue was sweet and romantic.

She let her head fall back against the wall Bronson had her pressed up against, and sighed out as the fire in her body became a raging inferno. They were in one of the back hallways where anyone could see them if they came down this way, but that was an aphrodisiac all its own.

He pulled away, as if maybe he realized where they were as well.

“No, Bronson, donna stop.” She grabbed onto his arms and pulled him closer. He groaned against her neck and ran his tongue up the length of her throat until a shiver worked its way through her. “I need you to put out the fire inside of me.”

She grabbed his head, tangled her fingers in his hair and pulled his head back until she could look into his eyes. He flared his nostrils, and his eyes glazed over with lust. She glanced down at his mouth, and for the first time in her life she was the one that took the lead. Genevieve took control of the kiss and gave back just as forcefully. He groaned against her mouth and grabbed a chunk of her hair behind her head.

He broke the kiss, pulled her head back, and growled out, “I’m the one that takes control, lass.” He bared his teeth. “I’m the one that will dominate ye, that will have ye under me, in my bed, and with my cock deep inside of ye, love.”

She gasped out when he ran his tongue along her pulse and ground his hardness into her belly. He smoothed his hands over her bottom, down the back of her thighs, and gripped her behind the knees. Before she knew what was happening he had the layers of her gown pushed up, and had his hand between her thighs.

“Bared and slick just for me.”

A squeak left her when he lifted her easily off the ground. She wrapped her thighs around his waist, but he had his hand between their bodies, lifted his kilt, and freed his cock. The hot, hard length of him rubbed along her inner thigh, and she felt this gush of moisture left her. He claimed her mouth once more, and speared his tongue between her lips. He ran his hand up her rib cage, skimmed the sides of her breasts, and in one swift movement tore the material in two. Her breasts sprang free and shook back and forth, chilled from the air when it touched her nipples. He immediately took possession of one of the mounds with his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the already stiff peak, sucked it between his teeth, and gave it a little tug. She moaned and grabbed Bronson’s wide shoulders for support. His hot breath skimmed over her breasts, causing her to suck in a deep breath of air. He moved from her nipple and licked a path between her breasts and back up the column of her neck, lightly sucking and scraping his teeth over the skin below her ear. He whispered endearments and also a string of filthy things he was going to do to her in Gaelic.

“Ye’re so ready for me, lass, so primed tae take me into yer body.” He reached between them again and placed the tip of his shaft at the entrance of her pussy.

She shivered at the harsh deepness of his voice and looked at him from under her lashes. She took in the expanse of his wide, nude shoulders, of the scars that littered of his golden, hard flesh, and the air of power and dominance he emitted. She slowly gazed down at the length of his rippled abdomen. Every inch of him was smooth, golden skin. Her eyes drifted farther south, leading to what she wanted most at the moment. He was long and thick, and when he slowly started to push into her, parting her folds, she opened her mouth on a silent cry. She pulled her focus away from his shaft and looked into his face. He watched her with heavy-lidded eyes. He was pushing his way into her body, and the sensation of her being stretched was so powerful she curled her nails into his flesh.

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