The Werewolf's Reluctant Mate (Werewolf Menage Erotic Romance bundle)

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

Ménages, sweat, racing pulses, feral desperation, sweet submission, fated mates, scorching hot alphas and rough, rough love – does it get any better?

You’ll find all these tantalizing indulgences and more in this value bundle of three best-selling erotic werewolf romances by one of the hottest authors of paranormal erotic romance on the market. This bundle includes the full text of three stories – In the Alpha’s Den, The Alpha’s Reluctant Mate and The Pack’s Reluctant Mate – in one convenient location, and for one great price.

All three tales are standalone, and all three have happy endings, so you can pick which you want and read them in any order you want to slake your wildest, most untamed desires!

Contains the following stories:

-In the Alpha’s Den-

Lilah is an adventurous, fun-loving biologist who loves exploring the woods. One day, as she’s taking algae samples from a river, something crashes behind her in the trees, and, being sensible, she beats a hasty path back toward the nearest town.

But, to her shock, to her horror, a beast she thought existed only in books and movies chases her through the woods, and corners her in a clearing. Krot, the ancient werewolf, is unable to control himself, and slakes his lust before taking Lilah back to his alpha to see if she really is the prophesied woman who will lift the curse on his people.

Then, in the alpha’s den, Lilah must pass a test – she has to prove that she’s strong enough, passionate enough, and hardy enough to withstand Javen’s lovemaking. After all, if she can’t take that part, how can she possibly be the mother to the pack?

-The Alpha’s Reluctant Mate-

Wandering through the woods, Dana hears birds, smells the flowers, and hasn’t a care in the world, when out of nowhere, thunderous noise explodes around her. In an instant, Dana’s peaceful stroll is turned upside down by the appearance of savage wolves.

Terrified, and being sensible, she runs. But nothing will keep the monsters at her heels from having what they want, and what they want is Dana. Snarling, snapping, and roaring quickly gives way to a desperate fight for dominance...and for Dana.

The beautiful half-man creatures captivate her, dominate her, and take her back to their den where she must meet the Alpha’s approval if she has any hope of survival.

WARNING: this 9000 word, sizzling erotic story features rough domination, a feral ménage, a terrible curse, and an alpha wolf so lusty and powerful that nothing will stop him from getting what he needs.

-The Pack’s Reluctant Mate-

Innocent Fiona has heard legends of skinwalkers who can change shape at will, but thought they were simply old tales. On a peaceful walk through the woods, she learns maybe there is more to the Elders’ tales than she ever thought.

Cornered by a pack of wolves with eyes that she finds strangely human, and beautiful, she feels passion and lust bubble up from deep inside her – things she’s never felt before, but things she cannot deny. Will she escape the pack, or will she become the reluctant mate to the mighty Alpha who needs Fiona more than she knows.

Warning: This sizzling 9800 word erotic romance features a young woman getting what she’s always wanted, a passionate ménage, unhinged monsters with barely enough humanity left to control their most savage urges and a curse that can only be cured in one way, by one woman.

The Werewolf's Reluctant Mate (Werewolf Menage Erotic Romance bundle)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Werewolf's Reluctant Mate (Werewolf Menage Erotic Romance bundle)

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Excerpt from The Alpha’s Reluctant Mate

Behind me, whatever was stroking my back let out a shuddering, rumbling groan.

“You have done well, children.” The voice was so deep that I wasn’t sure if I’d really heard it or not. “I’m proud, my sons.”

That meant he’d been right beside me the whole time. Absolutely silent.

I turned to face whatever lurked in the shadows and when I did, a pearly, terrifying grin stretched across the monster’s lips. “You’ve come to me,” he said, curling his claws against the prickled skin of my belly. “You’ve come home.”

“H – home?” My lips were trembling so badly I could hardly speak. His eyes flashed red and I had to look upwards to see him as he stood two heads, maybe three taller than myself. “I don’t...know...” I gulped to try and calm myself. “I don’t know what you mean. What are you?”

“We are cursed. We are part-way between man and beast. You know us by a name we despise – werewolves.”

I tensed up from head to toe. “But...but no, werewolves aren’t real, they’re just storybook things. Monsters from fairytales.”

A pair of fingers grabbed my hand, squeezing so hard it hurt. “Ow!” I cried out. “You’re hurting!”

“Does this a fairytale?”

The elder beast’s cock was thick, hot, and soft under my hand. Lined with the same fur that was on the rest of him, it had a strange slickness to it. Without thinking about it, I closed my fingers around him and rubbed.

“She gives away her own eagerness,” he said, chuckling. “You are not ready for me, though. I’ll make you one of us, but not before my sons prepare you.”

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