The Wolf's Kat (MF)

The Tundra Protectors 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,233
5 Ratings (3.4)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, shape-shifters, capture, HEA]
With impending doom shadowing the town of Hope, Alaska, Evan Tuttle returns home after a trip to Fairbanks to turn in some samples the geologist, Allison Dawson, had sent with him. While on the road, he comes across a stranded motorist that, as soon as he gets close to her, he knows is his mate. Thrown off a cliff as soon as they meet, Evan finds that Katrina Brooks is more than a woman as she changes into the most magnificent creature he has ever seen.  
A secret arrives with Katrina, one that surprises her as well, touching several lives in Hope. As Evan and Katrina begin their lives together, a threat arrives that can tear them apart forever along with the townsfolk. Greed and treachery has been revealed with the knowledge that no one in Hope is to be spared. Can Evan save Katrina from the clutches of a mad man? Will love survive?
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Wolf's Kat (MF)
5 Ratings (3.4)

The Wolf's Kat (MF)

The Tundra Protectors 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,233
5 Ratings (3.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Steamy, hot and sexy!! Loved it.




The tires smoked as Evan brought his big rig to a screeching halt on the narrow, two-lane road that led into Hope, Alaska from the south. It was a dangerous move, as on one side was a jagged rock face, on the other, a drop of about twenty feet. Something he didn’t want to have to try to get out of.

There wasn’t really a shoulder of the road, just about five feet of space between the solid white line and the drop. Since this area was unincorporated, there wasn’t a guard rail for protection. The state said that the people of Hope would need to be the ones to put one in, but so far, that wasn’t happening.

Not very many people traveled this road, as not many people visited Hope. Today, a small white pickup sat in the northbound lane, hood up. Knowing it could be days before someone came by to help, Evan stopped.

Climbing down from the cab, he slammed the door a bit harder than he wanted to. He hadn’t wanted to display his irritation, it just happened. Breathing in deeply to avoid scaring the stranded motorist, a sweet musky aroma drifted to him that he couldn’t fathom. As he approached the vehicle, his hackles rose and his wolf stirred.

After the events that had occurred in and around Hope in the past few weeks, Evan was leery of any stranger that arrived in the area. He was on guard, but something told him this was different than danger.

Adam and Zach had talked about this odd feeling they had when they had found their mate Allison, even though they were miles away from her. Was this it?

Purposefully kicking at the dirt and gravel that had fallen onto the roadway as to announce his getting closer, he stepped up to the cab of the small pickup. It was empty. Rounding the front end, he was met with most lusciously shaped ass in jeans, sticking up from under the hood. His cock did a stand at attention dance while the glands in his mouth salivated. His nose breathed in much deeper, and Evan knew without a doubt that this was his mate.

“You’re in my light!” the soft, feminine voice that belonged to the body said.

Nearly jumping at what her voice did to his body, Evan quickly moved to the other side of her, letting her have the late afternoon sun to see by.

“What’s the problem?” Evan asked as he peered at the engine. It looked clean, taken care of. Apparently, she knew how to treat a vehicle. He was lucky if he kept his engine half as clean.

“Looks like the tranny went out,” she said. “I swear you can’t trust anyone to do a decent job these days!”

“Did you just have it worked on?”

“I’ve been on the road for three days straight. Had a complete new tranny put in down in Seattle,” she nearly spat out. “So much for friends.”

“Sorry to hear that, ma’am. I know how disappointing that can be.” Evan tried to speak without his voice cracking, but no matter how hard he tried, it did. He felt like a pubescent boy.

A slight chuckle came from under the hood before he heard her deep intake of breath. Evan watched a shiver run through her body beneath her blue jeans and the light blue sweatshirt she wore. Was it possible she was breathing in his scent also?

If she was a shifter, then that would make her unique.


His mind was working a mile a minute. He was certain he hadn’t misinterpreted her body language, and he definitely wasn’t mistaken about the scent she was releasing. She was aroused.

The woman stepped down from the bumper of the truck in which she was standing, giving Evan a full look at her. His heart seemed to flip flop in his chest and he had to remind himself to breathe.

Standing about six inches shorter than his six foot two inches, she was a bit meaty, with curves in all the right places. Her hips were full, filling out the jeans she wore with a bit of extra filling in her thighs. Her breasts were generous, more than a handful, filling out the sweatshirt. She looked fit.

Letting his gaze move upward, he looked upon the most beautiful face he had ever seen. Large, intense, azure-blue eyes rimmed with thick black lashes were her best facial feature. Her nose was typical, straight and narrow. Her lips were lush and full, made for kissing. Her cheeks were a bit fuller than most ladies would like, but on her, they were perfect. Long black hair with a thick white patch pulled back in a braid topped her head, and her ears were small but stuck out a bit but they were cute. The topping for Evan was the smudge of grease on her left cheek.

She was breathtakingly beautiful, and he knew by looking at her, she was his. But there was something more to her. He was certain she was a shifter.

Sticking out his hand expectantly, he introduced himself. “I’m Evan.”




“Evan, I have been alone for most of my life. I have gone from place to place, searching for something to ground me. There was always something out there calling me, but I didn’t know what it was until you found me on the road yesterday. Your wolf called out to me and I knew the reason I was supposed to be here. You are my mate. I feel it in my heart. I will never turn away from you, for now, you hold my heart and my life in your hands.”

The tightness in her belly seemed to twist within her. Her eyes glanced downward at his visibly throbbing cock and then back up to his eyes. “Now, please, make love to me. Make me yours forever.”

Evan grinned just a tad before his mouth came down and covered hers passionately. Opening to him, she let him control the kiss as she slipped her arms around his neck.

Their naked bodies touched for the first time, sending sparks throughout her body. Kat felt as if fire ran along her nerves, igniting her body.

Fine hair that covered Evan’s chest tickled her breasts as she moved against him. His cock, hard and hot, rubbed against her lower stomach, enticing her senses even further.

Their tongues dueled for control, although she knew he would win, she didn’t give in too easily. The battle was half the fun.

Evan’s hand moved down from her face where he had been cupping her cheek. His fingers grazed her neck and then feathered down over her clavicle. Fingers marred by calluses moved ever so slowly over the slope of her right breast, sending shivers through her and causing her nipples to harden into tight, hard buds. Breathing in deeply, Kat felt goose bumps appear on her body in anticipation.

Electricity shot through her when his fingers found her nipple. They circled the tip several times before capturing it between his thumb and forefinger. At first the pressure was light as he squeezed it, but then it became harder. Currents zipped along the invisible thread that seemed to be attached between her nipples and her cunt. A moan escaped her.

His other hand moved up to grasp her other breast, squeezing at it roughly. As both hands manipulated her globes, Kat and Evan still fought for supremacy with their mouths. Evan captured her tongue with his teeth and then sucked it into his mouth, Kat repositioning her lips trying to gain better control.

Lips smashed. Teeth clicked. Tongues tangoed. It felt as if there would be bruises when they were finished.

Evan finally pulled away from Kat’s breasts and mouth. His hands reached up to pull hers from around his neck and then pushed her backward to fall flat on the bed, to her astonishment. A squeal of delight escaped her.

His look was feral as he dragged his gaze down her body to stop at her cunt. Her legs were slightly parted and bent at the knee as she lay watching him.

Her belly seemed to do a somersault within her as Evan’s eyes enlarged and glowed. As he stared at the apex of her legs, drool seemed to drip from his canines. He was so close to changing that it drove her arousal. Liquid expelled from her pussy onto her thighs and she heard his sharp intake of breath. Licking his lips, he looked as if he could eat her.

In a motion too quick to calculate, Evan had used his arms to scoot his hands under her ass and lift her bottom from the bed. His head plunged between her legs and his mouth covered her wet pussy. Kat felt his canines trying to escape his mouth as his tongue plunged into her vaginal opening, causing her to cry out.

His stubbled chin grazed into her thighs and sensitive labia, but for Kat, that just heightened her arousal. Evan ate at the feast her pussy made, his nose nudging her swollen clit, setting off electrical currents.

Kat’s hand moved down and grasped Evan’s hair to hold him close to her. She found no objection from the man. His face remained where it was, giving her pleasure. She still held tight, not wanting to let him go, for fear of this being a dream.

Evan’s fingers dug into the flesh of her ass, and when Kat felt sharp pricks, she knew his claws were beginning to appear. He ate lavishly from her, the sounds he made obscene.

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